Tony Parker Banged His Teammate’s Wife

November 17th, 2010 // 63 Comments

Now that it’s been established Eva Longoria really is getting a divorce, but didn’t want to ruin today’s Us Weekly exclusive she negotiated in advance, we can get down to who stuck what in who. Namely Tony Parker nailing one his teammate’s wife because he’s French and that’s what they do. Extra reports:

“Extra” confirmed the actress found hundreds of text messages from another woman on Parker’s phone, who turned out to be the wife of one of the NBA player’s teammates.
Longoria’s estranged husband also cheated on her earlier in the marriage with yet another woman, with whom he kept in touch via Facebook, sources say.
“She is devastated, she wants us all to know that,” said good friend, Mario Lopez. “But she’s strong.”

Wait. Is Mario Lopez her spokesperson now? Way to defuse those rumors. Anyway, Eva has issued the following statement to Us Weekly per all that stuff I said up top about giving them the story:

“It is with great sadness that after 7 years together, Tony and I have decided to divorce,” she said in a statement Wednesday afternoon. “We love each other deeply and pray for each other’s happiness.”

And by pray for each other’s happiness, she means sue him for spousal support and launch a media blitzkrieg liken the world has never seen. On that note, I look forward to the audio tapes of Tony Parker disarmingly saying, “Oui oui, you shall blow me, mademoiselle, lest I set these crepes on fire, no?”

UPDATE: Sports Illustrated’s Bryan Graham is reporting it was former Spur Brent Barry’s wife. Let’s assume alliteration played a role.

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  1. GravyLeg

    Props for the Mel reference Fish… Had me rolling…

  2. Wow… you mean a black basketball player cheated on his wife?
    Fucking Nostradamus couldn’t have seen such a thing coming!

    • Payment Due

      Yea, no white men cheat on their wives (ahem) Eliot Spitzer, Sen. Roy Ashburn, & Gov. Mark Sanford… etc, etc! White guys (and women for that matter) can cheat with the best of them! The difference is they usually spend thousands of dollars trying keep their shit from stinking, until they tap the wrong guy’s foot in a stall or police find the severed hooker head in their SUV.

    • White BASKETBALL players don’t cheat on their wives. Something to do with them not being able to jump. White Politicians do it all the time. In fact, Senators and Congressmen can get pretty kinky in their extra marital affairs!!!

  3. GravyLeg

    Yes that spousal support thing in light of a pre-nup existing and her being insanely rich herself says it all.

    The Elfin Vag thou has scorned demands retribution…

    I expect, being French, Tony will surrender easily…

  4. Raf

    I honestly thought this was going to work out. Eva is beautiful and I don’t see why Tony had to do that to her. She doesn’t deserve that. How could he cheat on one of the most beautiful women ever? I hope Eva will pull through.

    • GravyLeg

      It has been said before… it will be said again…

      For every beautiful woman, there is a man who is tired of banging her….

      Not to mention many married women stop giving up the good stuff after marriage…. BJs are right out… Ass play probably not any more… The other woman was probably a freak in bed….

      • Obsidiana

        “for every beautiful woman, there is a man who is tired of banging her…”

        -you made my day, in a ‘i guess i hate myself’ sorta way. kudos.

      • Jamal

        Holy shit. Nail in the coffin. Ass play out .. BJ’s out. haha

    • ppl

      News Alert…. 26 year old man cheat on 35 year old hag.. how surprising… check out the chick he was banging and you see why.

    • Why did Tony Parker Cheat on his wife? Lemme see ….

      He’s 25, RICH AS ALL HELL, a celebrity, an athlete, FRENCH, and most importantly male.

      Why do men climb mountains? Why do men go on Safari? Why do men go fishing? Because we are men. We are idiots. We do stupid things like this. It’s in our nature. I could meet the hottest most delicious woman in the world and she could fall head over heels in love with me (not likely) and we could get married and I could be on cloud 9, but when I go to the mall or walk on a beach and I see a hot chick, I’m going to think ‘hmmmmmm, i wonder what it would be like to tag that.’

      I’m just being honest. I wouldn’t cheat more than likely, but it’s also why I’ve never married. I know myself very well. The problem here is he married in the first place. If you want to be a dog, be a dog. Just don’t get married and commit to a relationship if you know eventually your eyes mind and body are going to wander and stray.

  5. richard

    He looks like a really upstanding guy. I’m totally shocked.

  6. Cock Dr

    Oui, oui, Tony Parker is such a dumbass.
    Such a dumbass to get married.
    Such a dumbass to cheat.
    Such a dumbass to get caught.

  7. Well its not as akward as when delonte west was supposedly bangin king james’ mom..

  8. GravyLeg

    Allow me to explain how this happened….

  9. Moriam

    That’s what happens when you don’t put out….

  10. anon

    interesting how eva longoria used to talk about her sex life with Tony every chance she got a couple years ago is now divorcing because Tony’s sex life. LOL

    Sounds like Tony hasn’t changed he’s just doing it with people other than her.

  11. CptCreep

    The penis wants what the penis wants… It can’t be explained… Oh wait! yes it can! New stuff is better than old stuff.

  12. Rough! The kink of comedy

    She’s such a baby. “Oh oui, oh oui” in a text message doesn’t equate cheating. And the suspected wife is not even french. Further proof the man is innocent…

  13. frunken

    I preferred Brent Barrys betrothed

  14. JesseJimmy

    Eva looks like an annuity for an enterprising laser hair removal center. I bet that cooter is like a steel wool brush.

  15. oermens

    I guess she won’t be reprising her guest spot on the next season of The Marriage Ref.

  16. sobrietyisacrutch

    Is Tony Parker even slightly worried that Brent Barry is going to completely demolish his ass?
    Or, being French, looking forward to it?

  17. nes

    Shes beautiful why would he cheat

    • GravyLeg

      Well, if I give you a pretty car, let’s say a Cadillac, but I never let you drive it, what would you….

      OK. Screw the metaphor… My bet is that Eva stopped putting out. The other girl was available and willing…. Like I said before…. Until you bruise a goddamn kidney….

  18. Assholes, all

    “Now that it’s been established Eva Longoria really is getting a divorce, but didn’t want to ruin today’s Us Weekly exclusive she negotiated in advance…”

    This is exactly why I hate all hollywood fucktards. At a time that she should be mourning the death of her marriage & working out details of the split, she instead denies it’s existence on day 1, then on day 2 orchestrates the press release so that it’ll get the maximum publicity possible, and sells her side of the story to a tabloid to coincide with her announcement. Fucking hollywood assholes have absolutely no soul; they should all die in car accidents…

    • Crabby Old Guy

      Oh Hell to the yes on that!

    • James

      They live in a universe of their own. It probably doesn’t even occur to them, that they could be thinking “hey! what if I didn’t spread my private issues all over the tabloids this time? what if I didn’t sell these wedding/baby/vacation photos to a tabloid this time?”

  19. Jennny

    she’s uuugly

  20. lux

    “We love each other deeply and pray for each other’s happiness.”

    You’re going to pray for his penis to enter in another woman’s vagina when your back’s turned? Reeeeeeeeeallly?

  21. Idiots

    The thing I don’t understand is, these actors (ex – Charlie Sheen) & pro athletes (ex – Tiger Woods, Tony Parker) are used to having hot chicks whenever they want. They snap their fingers, and hotties get in line to rip off their panties & spread their legs. Why would a dude like that, who gets it for basically free whenever he wants it, want to get married? You know he’s not going to stop knocking boots with his side whores. He should just keep doing what he’s doing or have a side piece meet him at certain times; it’ll cost him a LOT less in the long run…

    • devilsrain

      Theres only one explanation. Theyre idiots

      Painfully obvious from day one that this was not going to work

    • James

      Charlie Sheen isn’t the best example, since he prefers hookers. Even the latest broad was one. But yeah, I get your point.

      Maybe he thought they had a “connection”. lol

  22. Tony Parker Eva Longoria
    Commented on this photo:

    look at that sneaky face

  23. J

    “pray for each other’s happiness.” ??? Lorena Bobbit is very disappointed in you Eva. Very disappointed.

  24. Mama Pinkus

    HA HA HA.d……thank you Tony; it will be nice to see that preening be-yatch taken down a notch.

  25. Xtina

    Alliteration really does make everything way more awesome–”I’m Boning Brent Barry’s Bitch,” is way better than,”I’m sleeping with my wife.” If he had only thought of it as, “Laying pipe with my lovely lady-for-life,” those two kids may have made it….

  26. Ricks_Daddy

    Eva was starting to look homely any damn way..getting used to NOT being single. Made Eva a dull Mexican.

  27. Ash Bones


  28. ddawatson

    The old adage – “Somewhere, somehow, someone is sick of her shit… ” – Quote from ddawatson about beautiful women and in particular Halle Berry…

  29. Katherine Mason

    She filed in CA so you know she’s trying to rob him blind. Hollywood tried so hard to make them interesting, but no go. He look like somebody’s grandma and she has not talent. I really don’t know why they felt the need to get married in a castle when it was obvious from jump that he only married her because she WAS famous. NBA players have been known to do that. He never drooled over her the way she did over him. It was all for the attention…oh well

  30. wim


  31. Jasmin

    Tony Parker looks like Will Smith with Downs Syndrome….

    (at least in the first pic!!!)

  32. I’d love to hear that conversation:

    Parker: Man, I love New York, they have the best fuckin whores in the entire eastern conference.

    Barry: Yeah man, I had so many snatches on my face I was gettin dizzy. For a second there I thought I saw my wife walkin around but I was like, no fuckin way.

  33. K, Parker is a Dog, but you know what pisses me off? Longoria is filthy rich herself!!! Why the alimony? She doesn’t need the money so what’s with the “I’m suing him for everything he has?” For her own personal vindication? If she wanted to get back at Parker, she should go fuck Brent Barry. Let Barry do everything she wouldn’t let Parker do to her, tape it, and send it to Parker. Have a french translator voice dub so he could understand all the nasty things she is saying to Brent Barry.

    Like I said, what he did wasn’t right, but her going after him financially? Gold digger bullshit if you ask me. I don’t care if it’s her right, if she wins the alimony the money should go to a charity or something, not to her greedy pockets.

  34. Anne Carol

    I think I know why he betrayed Eve when he saw her without makeup. She is really ugly without the layers of blush.E also appears to be shallow and superficial.

  35. Burt

    “Sports Illustrated’s Bryan Graham is reporting it was former Spur Brent Barry’s wife. Let’s assume alliteration played a role.

    That’s gotta hurt if it’s true. She’s like a hotter version of Eva.

  36. Sixft4

    There goes the myth that WW do not screw around on WM with BM, just the tip of the iceberg

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