That’s Toni Braxton’s Butt

August 19th, 2013 // 10 Comments
Toni Braxton Butt Wardrobe Malfunction
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I don’t know why any of you are reading the words down here because up top is Toni Braxton‘s butt which would look amazing on anyone of any age, let alone a 45-year-old woman. It’s not like I’m going write something that even comes close to that and, trust me, I’ve been experimenting with font sizes. So far all I have is this and it does almost next to nothing for me:


And by almost I mean would you like to watch a movie, two O’s next to each other? Just a movie, I swear. *crosses fingers behind back*

Video: TMZ


  1. alex

    Speaking of amazing middle aged butts, where has Kate Bekinsale been hiding? Must we wait until Halloween every year?

  2. that is a must eat ass.

  3. she’s wearing a body suit under the dress…why is this a big deal?

    • anonymous

      Exactly… having a censorship star over it considering the other swimsuits shown on this sight without one is stupid.

  4. What’s a ‘Toni Braxton’?

  5. malaka

    sure that might have been embarrassing. but its nothing to be ashamed of.

  6. To ALL middle-aged women out there, black, white, whatever. Take a page out of her book. The end.

  7. Toni Braxton is and always was very sexy. I love her music too. I totally would.

  8. tlmck

    After she covered up, everybody left.

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