Tommy Hilfiger and Axl Rose fight to the death

May 22nd, 2006 // 52 Comments

hilfiger-punch-axl.jpgTommy Hilfiger and Axl Rose spent Thursday night at a new club called The Plumm in New York, but Hilfiger ended up punching Axl repeatedly after he moved his girlfriend’s drink.

“I moved his girlfriend’s drink so it wouldn’t spill,” Rose told the Los Angeles radio station KROQ on Friday. “It was the most surreal thing, I think, that’s ever happened to me in my life.” According to the 44-year-old singer, Hilfiger, 55, smacked him in the arm and told him to put the drink back. “He just kept smacking me,” Rose said. Rose was there to play a surprise set for “Rent” actress Rosario Dawson for her 27th birthday party. Rose did perform, and dedicated the song “You’re Crazy” to “my good friend Tommy Hilfiger.”

Yeah, I’d say being punched repeatedly by Tommy Hilfiger qualifies as surreal. It’d be like sharing a bathroom with Brad Pitt and catching him taking peaks over the urinal, occasionally complimenting you on how large and perfectly shaped your penis is. How are you supposed to react to that? I mean, I just punched him in the face and ran out the door sceaming, but there’s probably a more civilized way to deal with that knd of thing.



  1. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    HA! Celebrities are soooo amusing.

  2. lurkerx

    Methinks Tommy musta snorted some Ajax or something. At least Axl didn’t kick his head in. It’s wrong to hit a woman. Unless you’re another woman.

  3. reptilicus

    This should have been a pay-per-view fight.

    To the death.

  4. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    You’d think it’d be the other way around, wouldn’t you? Axl Rose, long-haired hard rocker. Tommy Hilfiger, WASPy clothes designer. Axl should’ve just wailed on his ass, while shrieking, Welcome to the jungle, we’ve got fun and games!

  5. Equalparts

    Is that a photo of Axl or Tommy?

  6. trophywife

    hmmmm, isn’t what’s left of GNR planning a come-back CD to released right about now? methinks somethin is strange…

    doesn’t matter… GNR SUCKS without Slash *bowing her whitetrash daisy-duked ass down to the gawd of geetar*

  7. Kristen

    Tommy Hilfiger is straight??

  8. bone_daddio

    wait a minute. Tommy Hilfiger has a girlfriend? I’m thinking there was some crotch tape involved there.

  9. Kristen

    Tommy Hilfiger is straight?

  10. bone_daddio

    …thinking of crotch tape makes me itchy.

  11. Iambananas

    I love Guns N’ Roses… so I want Axl Rose to win… do you know what Axl Rose is a annagram of? ha, I’m not telling!!

  12. Binky

    Welcome to the Jungle -
    Never trust a guy who wears his name on his shirt, or his underwear for that matter.


    How the hell did Tommy Hilfiger’s clothing become some popular?? Look who the designer is. What a freak! I’ll still with the beautiful Donatello anyday. lol.

  14. pinky_nip

    First of all, I don’t trust any designer who is “straight” like Tommy. Second, he smacked him in the arm? Okay, you’re straight Tommy.

    Reminds me of when Rick James slapped Charlie Murphy. No man slaps another man. Unless he was challenging him to a duo.

  15. BarbadoSlim

    See if this wasn’t bizarro world, Hillfag would be havin an emergency surgery to remove Axl’s boot from his upper rectum.

  16. trophywife

    #6 i agree…. to a duo of ball slapping…

  17. 86

    I think British guys slap each other. With white gloves across the cheek.

  18. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Tommy Hilfiger looks like he’s about to Hulk-out.

  19. 86

    By the way, if Tommy Hilfiger and Britney Spears had a baby, it would have a bigger forehead than Frankenstein.

  20. spatz

    i think you meant duel.

  21. IFuckingHateYou

    A lot of things bother me about this story, but two really stand out:
    #1 – Tommy StinkyFinger beats up Axl?? What the fuck is the world coming to?
    #2 – Tommy StinkyFinger has a girlfriend?!?!? what kind of self-respecting fag designer admits to having a girlfriend? Was it Tom Cruise dressed up in high heels, garter belt, stockings and a Victoria’s Secret Valentine’s Day special? That would make more sense.

  22. sikofdis

    I dunno…for me, the strangest part of this story is Axl saying that this was “the most surreal thing” he’d seen in his life…um…HELLO?!!? Has he ever witnessed his behavior from the late 80′s and early 90′s when he would repeatedly walk off stage, or show up hours late for gigs (singlehandedly causing a 30,000 person riot in one case)? Also, being around some of the junkies (Duff/Slash) and freaks (Buckethead) that have rotated through the G’n'R lineup over the years…and getting slapped by a man who’s obviously compensating for the fact that Tom Cruise loves his cock is the most surreal thing ever???? Gimme a fuckin’ break Axl!

  23. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Axl Rose has a small penis – that’s the reason Tommy Hilfiger smacked him. True story.

  24. tsarinaamanda


    I assume you’ve SEEN TH’s daughter, Ally? God, is that chick fugly. Brit and his kid COULDN’T POSSIBLY be worse than that trainwreck. It’s like she’s got a few extra teeth or something, but out of the two “Rich Girls”, Ally definitely had the looks, brains, and class. And that’s just sad. Jamie Gleicher, if you’re reading this, go shoot yourself, you whiny, manly, useless cunt.

  25. tsarinaamanda

    And Rosario Dawson? My God, that woman is monstrous. Just….monstrously ugly. She’s another “celebrity” with the gigantic, horsey mouth. Whatever happened to ATTRACTIVE people becoming famous? Or at the very least, normal looking people? Seriously, this shit has GOT to stop!

  26. Ari

    I never realized how much Tommy Hilfiger looked like Martina Navratolova (yes, I realize it’s probably spelled wrong).

  27. Star Maker Machinery

    Sounds like Tommy and Axl were having a super-fabulous slap fight.

  28. gogoboots

    Tommy Hilfinger looks crazed…does he always look like that? His clothes suck, Axl Rose should have let him know that…actually…aside from moving his girlfriends drink. In fact, maybe he should have asked permission to move his girlfriend’s drink…no wait, that does sound crazy!

  29. Aimtrue

    I take it that, “moving her drink” means slipping some ruffies in it- I am pretty sure this is how axehole gets any women these days- Can you imagine-
    Hey Baby, I’m Axel Rose
    Hot Babe; So…
    Axel: From Guns and Roses!
    Hot Babe: Do you have a delivery for me I love roses.
    Axel: No the band Guns and Roses
    Hot Babe: Are they on American Idol?
    Axel: No, it was a great band back in the 80′s
    Hot Babe: Oh shut up, am I being punked- eww why are you wearing biking shorts with a cocktail sausage stuffed in it? Eww.

  30. Spacedog

    Chinese Democracy is coming out soon! Ohfuckyeah Axel you are a prophet! GnR forever! Oh yeah!

  31. Jedi Kevin

    It was the battle of the scary face-lifts.

  32. sexymixer

    I was at Plumm that night sitting at a baguette with some friends 10 feet away. Saw what happened, we thought Hilfiger was kidding around. He just kept slapping his arm over and over. I wanted to see what was going to happen, but Security was right on top of it in seconds! I’ve seen Axl out and about about 5 times in NYC at Stereo. He usually keeps to himself. Very quiet guy..never has groupies around him.

  33. Jacq

    Is he about to shoot icicles out of his eyes? I would think that Tommy would be more inclined to use his Go-Go Gadget teeth to do something to Axl.

    They want to know about
    Printin’ lies startin’ controversy
    You wanta antagonize me?!
    Antagonize me motherfucker!!
    Get in the ring motherfucker!!
    And I’ll kick your bitchy little ass -

  34. Italian Stallion

    Motherfucker looks like the missing link on the caveman chart………..

  35. Sodomy_is_for_Girls

    Not that it’s really related to this particular gem of a story, but I once met a guy back in the early nineties at the Meadow in Central Park who was trying to sell people Tommy Hilfigger’s silverware.
    Apparently this dude broke into Tommy’s mansion on Long Island and the only thing he could steal was a bunch of monogrammed flatware. That and two robes.
    Fucking weird. I mean, if you were going to steal some shit from Tommy Hilfigger’s house, why would it be the flatware?
    It was really ugly.
    I suppose that makes about as much sense as him bitch-slapping Axl.
    Fucking tool.

  36. 86

    In other news, have you seen this guy’s forehead??

  37. BarbadoSlim

    So Tommy is from now on to be known as T-Bone, he’s gonna put the smack down on yo’ ass nigga, that’s how he rolls.

  38. TaftHartley

    Just cause he looks like Chuck Norris’s walking zombie corpse doesn’t mean he has to get all tough and shit.

  39. Yoda a Green Schlong Has

    When you say, TH “hit” Axl on the “arm”, did you mean to say he “cock-slapped” him “across the face?”

    By his “girlfriend”, did you mean to say “TC?”

    By “surreal”, did Axl mean to say “hot, in a homo-erotic way?”

    Thought so, … it makes so much more sense now.

    TH is as straight as TC, and they both LTC.

  40. krisdylee

    axl rose… man, spent alooooooot of time listening to you and the other fuckers back in the 80′s. When my hair was large, black leather tassled (oh, yeah) jacket adorned my back… high heeled Fuck-Me boots on my feet… good times..

    good times…..

  41. krisdylee

    huh.. sounds like that’s all I wore… jacket and boots…


  42. benni2874

    Ref #25. I know what you mean by the celebs with the huge mouths. i.e. Rosario Dawson, Janice Dickyadowndickison, Steve Tyler, Naomi Campbell, etc etc. I think they are all part of a super plan to take over the world by the ancient race of reptilians. Trust me, one day, someone is going to go to the Cannes Film Festival and peek behind one of the booth curtains, and interrupt a reptilian with their jaw dislocated and in the process of swallowing Tom Cruise-Mangina whole. It will almost be worth the coming world domination just to see those pictures here.

  43. dirt chicken

    I’m confused. Did Timmy repeatedly “smack” his ARM ? Definitely a homo.

  44. LRonHoover

    In other news… Tom Cruise loves the cock

  45. Jacq

    #42 – What do you mean? That’s all I wear – STILL. You really can’t see the tassles though, since I spend most of my time on my back.
    I’m glad you at least had your boots on your feet, I normally have a boot in my patoot.

  46. Ugh, I’m glad I wasn’t there, with both of those guys sweating the smell of Botox was probably overpowering.

  47. bored@work

    Spindoc! Hahahaha, that was great!

    I expected more of Tommy Hillfinger. He looks like a grown up version of the little kid on Eight is Enough.

  48. jona100

    Hilfiger must be suicidal to pick a fight with Axl Rose, I mean Axl has always been seriously tough; since then Axl has learnt kickboxing. Hilfiger would like a traffic accident if Axl took his ‘slapping’ seriously.

  49. ummm what? they should commit suicide together.

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