Tommy Lee And His GF Bang Everywhere? No Way!

Tommy Lee and his girlfriend Brittany Furlan (who I guess was really big on Vine?) were caught on video leaving an airplane bathroom together… like professionals. Considering the dump truck of porn stars that Tommy Lee has been inside, I highly doubt this was his first time scoring a little extra in-flight entertainment. I’m also pretty positive that his penis has it’s own entry in Encyclopedia Brittanica as it puts Jon Hamm’s to shame. On top of that, Furlan has a title on her IMDB page called How to Have Sex on a Plane, so we’re really getting the cream of the crop in this video.

You’ll notice a couple of things…

First: The flight attendant, who’s name is probably Spencer (trust me, they’re all named Spencer), is definitely listening in on what’s been going down and enjoying every second of it.
Second: Tom leaves first, not because he’s a misogynist who wants to get back to his kindle, but because he’s old and Brittany respects her elders.
Third: Brittany Furlan has boobs. Two of them, actually, and they bounce around a little when she walks – HEYYOO!!

Who is the person filming this? Why can’t you amateur paps just let people do their thing? You’re coming back from the Bahamas for chrissake, you should be in a zen hangover not worrying about whatever Tommy Lee is doing in the shitter – get a life, JEEEZ… you also suck for not getting better audio…