Tomi Lahren and Ray Rice are Speaking at an Evangelical College to “Inspire” the Kids

Despite the headline of this post looking like a MadLib from 2015, it’s actually true. Hypocritical conservative and wannabe gun magazine model Tomi Lahren, along with Ray “Punch My Girlfriend in an Elevator” Rice have been handpicked to speak at Liberty University’s winter convocation ceremony this year. Liberty University as you may recall, is the one where they seamlessly brainwash evangelical students into thinking that right wing politics are Jesus’ way of telling people you’re right. Trump even gave that speech from Legally Blonde there last year and it went over very well.

The upstanding folks at Liberty University seem to think that Tomi Lahren and her anti-anyone who isn’t white vitriol is going to make their students become more critical and accepting of opinions “outside traditional evangelical viewpoints.” On their website they defend their controversial choice in programming as such: “Learning how to disagree without being disrespectful is a vital tool for any world-changer who is truly more interested in winning people than winning an argument.” Hmm, have they ever heard Tomi speak?

Then there’s Ray Rice, who kind of makes sense as a speaker since he claimed he found Jesus on the same casino floor that he laid his girlfriend out on. I guess that’s just how god works sometimes, so if he wants to talk at a college that still pushes creationism in its biology department, fine.

The third speaker is former Trump campaign advisor Corey Lewandowski, who once bragged about the groupies he banged during Trump’s “rock star” campaign rallies.

It’s almost symmetry the way they programmed the yin and yang in this ceremony. On one hand you have a woman who hates black people and on the other you got a black dude who knocked the daylights out of a woman. It’s a match made in heaven!

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