Tom Sizemore’s awesomeness: No end in sight

March 19th, 2009 // 38 Comments

Tom Sizemore is being investigated by the LAPD for grand theft after he allegedly stole a shitload of cellphones from a Verizon store last week. TMZ reports:

Sources tell us Verizon’s security cameras clearly see a man who looks a helluva lot like Tom, along with another man, stealing a handful of phones — including one belonging to an employee. The man believed to be Tom was also busted reaching over the counter to pocket a pen and a highlighter.
Sizemore, who has multiple movies coming out in ’09, just completed the term of his parole in January from a prior drug bust.

I’m not saying this was drug related, but I’m pretty sure Tom Sizemore is at home dropping Nokias into a frying pan hoping they’ll magically melt into meth. Either way, can someone get him a spoon?

Photo: Getty

  1. first

    First!! hah not that i care

  2. yer face



    bah, who cares.

  3. Check out the security camera video of him stealing phones, what a jackass:

  4. Check out the security camera video of him stealing phones, what a jackass:

  5. Newcastle

    Really sad shit. Love him as an actor.

  6. GuyHolly

    Is he wearing deepends?

  7. Darth

    Holy crap! He doesn’t look like he’s eating frequently a healthy meal!

  8. Rhialto

    Is he almost falling forward!?

  9. Sauron

    Yeah i think i like him as an actor more.He’s not quilty ofcourse till it’s proven!

  10. LPB

    In spite of all the stuff like this he gets into, he still works a lot.

    And in spite of working a lot, he still gets into stuff like this.

  11. justifiable

    Man, this is sad. He was such a good actor and he’s turned into a complete crack zombie. I can’t even visualize what hitting bottom will be for him.

  12. le fag

    gawd he looks TERRIBLE! nancy regan needs to sit down and go over her “just say no” to drugs plan with him. he used to be cute a couple years ago. now he’s just sick-looking.

  13. This guy is a fucking disastrous douchebag who can’t dress himself and clearly has a serious, untreated mental condition.

    I bet the films will be great.

  14. Grobpilot

    #9: Letters “q” and “g” are separated by about four inches. How can you mistakenly misspell “guilty”? No need to thank me, I’m just trying to make the world a more literate place.

  15. me

    Anyone posting after me sucks on Tom Sizemore’s penis and gets high off his sizable manjuice

  16. Sheva

    Hate seeing this. The guy is so capable of good work and why can’t he just do it for his own life?

    Really hate seeing this. And the photo, how old is that? He’ looks terrible.

    Fucking guy has gone downhill since being near that biyatch Heidi Fleabag.

  17. xxxdeadgirlsuperstarxxx

    This is terrible. Tom is a awesome actor.

  18. Richport's Ghost

    #15 – RichPort’s Ghost here, reporting for duty…. mmmmmmm……………….

  19. goldenchopsticks

    Never thought he was anything special as an actor. What has he really done that people think he’s so great? It’s all pretty average crap, as far as his own performances go.

    Never understood how he got so many high-profile gigs, being so average.

  20. A Woman

    Those clothes are fug, and it looks like he took a major dump in his drawers!

  21. Lupo

    Looks like Jimmy Fallon after four months without sleep…

  22. ZCP

    “[A] man who looks a helluva lot like Tom”? Probably zombie Chris Penn.

  23. LivewireT

    I never knew a man could have cameltoe!?

  24. I like him as an actor. Probably he’s got Cleptomania.

  25. Cameltoe…that is funny!

  26. Alison

    Elizabeth Hurley had an affair with Sizemore when she was still with Hugh Grant. Actress Penelope Ann Miller told me this.

  27. Oh I see Tom trying to get arrested in Hollywood. again! What a disgrace…

  28. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Some people just have great Porn Star names. And TOM SIZEMORE is one of them!

  29. Jammy

    wow – he no longer looks like the misbegotten spawn of a tryst between Michael Madsen and Tom Arnold!

  30. nicemusic

    He is one of my favorite celebrities, well, he has a lot of devoted fans at ” R i c h S i n g l e . N e t ” too. It is a site for successful singles and admireres

  31. el ces

    Hehehe, Tom Sizmore is the man around here. Remember Strange Land?

  32. john stutz

    Hey Im the guy that was in the video with him in that Verizon Store. The bag of cellphones you see me going into was a bag of broken phones the employee said we could take any phones that we thought we could make work. Tom on the otherhand reached over the counter and stole the employees phone and a barage of pens and highlighters when i and the employee were not looking. Meth. FOR SURE He still smokes the stuff DAILY. Fakes all his drug tests….i should know i got the tape for him to tape the bag to his leg. He is a total pig and take that from someone who knows him first hand.

  33. aimee


  34. John Stutz

    The post from supposedly me ( the real John Stutz) Post number 32. was not me but a disgruntled ex-girlfriend taking yet another shot at Tom and his loyal friend John. How does one get posts removed. It makes me sad that it is so easy to post and slander someone without accountability and checking sources. For the record, Tom does not “use” and hasn’t for as long as Ive known him. Working for him and staying with him on and off I can honestly say I’ve never seen a man be so good, work so hard, and stand up for what he believes in. The few times I went out in public with him were trying times. That star-struck kid in the Verizon store did nothing less than set Tom up offering him phones, pointing them out and telling him he can take a whole bag filled with old broken phones and when Tom asked to borrow a pen he told him to just grab one over the counter! Then shortly after we left he created a NEWS STORY and sold it for cash! Give me a lie detector test to those that doubt me! Tom Sizemore, from where I stand, is an actor with a force to be reckoned with and despite some poorly researched news briefs and random money hungry desparate jerks like our verizon store employee
    he is back working again. No need to pray for him though Aimee. He is doing just fine.

  35. BFC - "Building Full Of Chicks"

    Tom can’t even keep his hands off of people, what would make you think he could keep his hands off of things that where not his. Kleptomaniac is an understatement for this bullshit artist.


    TS, is a SNITCH. How would one do so little time with a court record as his? What’s TS know about Operation Jetway.

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