Tom Sizemore’s awesomeness: No end in sight

Tom Sizemore is being investigated by the LAPD for grand theft after he allegedly stole a shitload of cellphones from a Verizon store last week. TMZ reports:

Sources tell us Verizon’s security cameras clearly see a man who looks a helluva lot like Tom, along with another man, stealing a handful of phones — including one belonging to an employee. The man believed to be Tom was also busted reaching over the counter to pocket a pen and a highlighter.
Sizemore, who has multiple movies coming out in ’09, just completed the term of his parole in January from a prior drug bust.

I’m not saying this was drug related, but I’m pretty sure Tom Sizemore is at home dropping Nokias into a frying pan hoping they’ll magically melt into meth. Either way, can someone get him a spoon?

Photo: Getty