Tom Cruise’s insanity is good for recruitment

The leaked Scientology recruitment videos starring Tom Cruise have apparently been a good thing for the followers of Xenu, according to Page Six:

“Having presented these selective and out-of-context excerpts with the intent of creating both controversy and ridicule resulted in people searching for Church of Scientology Web sites,” a rep for the faith told Page Six. Scientology turned up on the “most searched for” lists of various search engines.

Sorry, everyone, my bad. I was in one of those alien porn moods all last week and figured if anyone had some good links it’d be Scientologists. They, uh, actually had some freaky videos. Way freakier than what I was looking for. I won’t really get into it but I’ll never look at E.T. the same way again. Or Hot Pockets. *shudders*

Photo: Getty Images
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