Tom Cruise wants you back, ladies

Tom Cruise is on a media blitzkrieg to win back his female fans who he alienated after his public criticism of Brooke Shields taking medication for postpartum depression. Here are the bad habits Tom’s PR people are hoping he’ll kick to reel in the vagina crowd, according to Star:

- No talking about Scientology.
– No wearing sunglasses on the red carpet.
– No showing up to premieres in fancy cars.
– Appear on women-friendly shows like The View. “It’s all very calculated.”
– No man-handling the Katie. At least in public. “Tom needs to quit grabbing her arm and pulling her around. The idea is to make him the kinder, gentler Tom, not a controlling husband with a Stepford wife.”

Ladies, be honest with me. If Tom Cruise played beach volleyball topless on a jet while showering you with Tiffany jewelry, would you believe he’s not going to chain you to the dishwasher then hit on your brother after a free E-Meter reading? Of course not. Which is why the career Hail Mary, Top Gun 2, better have a T-Rex fight an F-16. I rest my case.

Photos: WENN