Tom Cruise wants to rough it

Tom Cruise wants to see how we, the little people, live and is taking the family on a “no-frills” camping trip across the US, according to the Daily Mirror:

An insider told us: “They’ll be accompanied by a friend from the church of Scientology, as Tom never likes to be too far away from his religion. They will also have security camped down the road to keep any unwelcome people at bay.”
Well, the smell of Tom’s carbonara will have people – and wildlife – flocking from miles around… “They are certainly likely to cause a bit of a frenzy,” agreed our source. “But the whole point of them moving away from luxury holidays is to do things as a normal family.’ Suri will be three next month and Tom and Katie want her to experience as much normality as possible.

The Superficial has obtained the full itinerary for “Big Tom’s Wilderness Romp”:

1. Catskill Mountains.
2. Truck stop.
3. Truck stop.
4. Truck stop.
5. Jim’s All-Leather Emporium.
6. Truck stop.
7. Mt. Rushmore.
8. Truck stop.
9. Truck stop.
10. Truck stop.
11. Grand Canyon.
12. Truck stop.
13. Burning Man.
14. Pants-Free Campground U.S.A.
15. Truck stop.
16. Truck stop.
17. San Francisco.
18. David Beckham’s Backyard.
19. Prison.
20. Disneyland.

I sense a lot of bonding here. Happy Trails, Cruises!