Tom Cruise wants Katie Holmes to play the villain in MI: 4

November 16th, 2009 // 50 Comments

In a completely opposite twist on reality, Tom Cruise wants Katie Holmes to play the villain in the next Mission: Impossible movie, according to

A source said: “Tom is very excited about taking ‘Mission: Impossible’ in a new direction and he sees Katie as a big part of that.
“They have wanted to work together for a while now but the idea of being a couple on screen in a romantic comedy is a bit dull. This might give them a chance to have some fun both as a couple and as hero and villainess.”

And by “dull” they of course mean entirely unbelievable. Tom keeping Katie in a suitcase aside, this villain thing might actually work. Mostly because I guarantee Tom Cruise does all kinds of insane stunts whenever he’s exposed to her vagina. “That’s not a penis!” *rappels down heating duct*

Photos: Splash News

  1. the old guy

    My God!! What happened?

  2. Georgeo

    Man, she looks haggard.

  3. DRIGO


  4. Nella

    I understand that celebs shouldn’t have to dress up all the time, but seriously? I don’t go out looking this rough, so why the heck is she?

  5. Fourth?


  6. Irene Barcelo

    My gosh, what had to Tom done to her?

  7. Isabel

    She is just passive agressively acting out the victim, like she has done many, many times for the past three years. I’m guessing this is a strategy for more money (her contract is up for renewal per november 18th), since she always manages to clean up nicely for glamourous events, smug smirk and all. May I recommend everybody save their compassion for the real victim, her daughter?

  8. GeneralEmergency

    Play the Villian?? In these photos, she can’t even play -awake-.

    To her credit, her skin is stiil pink so we know there’s at least a pulse.

    Maybe Tom is counting on an infusion of body Thetans to ‘nasty’ her up. There must be a special room in the “Celebrity Center” for that stuff, ya think?

  9. Superfan

    Great article fish!!

  10. bigpapi

    Wow! What the Fuck happend to this bitch? She is butt!

  11. Dave

    Who’s the villain?


  12. Ruby

    This is what happens when a straight woman marries a gay midget: her vadge shrivels up and the aging process takes a turn for the worst. Basically, Katie Holmes has entered menopauze. Poor gal.

  13. Madden

    The stress of being with Tom control freak Cruise has taken a heavy toll on her, can’t blame her.

  14. yeah...

    #8 hahahahah
    freakin’ hilarious-nicely phrased.

  15. Willravel

    Has anyone else noticed that, in the Mission Impossible movies, the bad guy is ALWAYS part of the Impossible Mission Foundation? Wouldn’t you think they’d wise up and disband or something?

  16. havoc

    Her next role should be in a zombie flick. No preparation needed…..


  17. IKE

    He just wants an excuse to kick her ass!

  18. Mr.Mr.

    wait Wait WAIT….

    MI4? really???

  19. p0nk


    c’mon people, you’re slipping.

  20. Crabby Old Guy

    Well, let’s assume that Katie is being photographed while in character and is on the set of a film See, it’s a movie, and she’s all haggard-looking and stuff. But she’s got a heart of gold and Mr. Dreamboat wakes up in inner confidence and she becomes the beautiful swan.

    ‘Cause, otherwise, I mean. Damn girl. Damn, what happened?

    Oh, and as #19 so correctly pointed out: TCLTC

  21. EIn

    Hurry, get Seal to fuck her so she can revert to her old self!!!!

  22. Xenu's Crotchless Panties

    Dear god, she looks like a Saint Bernard.

  23. Enough with Cruise and his plain wife/beards. We still have to look at Nicole Kidman.

  24. Turd the third

    She looks seriously hung over, must have been lots of couch hopping at yesterday’s scientology meeting..

  25. Miz m

    If I had saw her in the streets I would have never known or believe that she is a wealthy woman. Married to a movie star no matter whether he is gay or what ever religion he belongs to. Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise. Cuckoo or not. How sad.

  26. Hotmom

    Katie and Lohan have both went from 10′s to 2′s in less than 5 years.

  27. Joyahappy

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  28. Joe

    Life with Tommy just can not be that hard. What did she think when she married him? That it was a big love fest? She’s got it good and is just a big whiner.

  29. The Deal

    Bill Murray is looking pretty rough here…

  30. ppl

    she looks lifeless, like the spirit have been drain slowly…

  31. Um

    When you have money there is no reason to look like this. She looks like an absolute piece of shit.

  32. The Laughing G-D

    Remember when all those people lost their homes in that flood? Stick this pic in with a slideshow of them and I wouldn’t know the difference.

  33. MI I was fantastic, the other 2, not so much. If you’re going to make a 4th, could you please find a new leading man??

  34. Huh

    Tabloid bullsh*t and so much whining of haters!

    And what’s with that pic?
    It’s just a moment of paparazzi shots!

  35. VandaL

    She looks like she’s brushed her hair with a towel.

    Still would though.

  36. My God!! What happened?

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  38. 1moreidiotintheworld

    What an excellent idea! A movie where the villain prevails…. I’d pay money to see her beating the shit out of her alien midget faggot husband…. all that repressed hatred exploding onto the screen as she reduces him to a giant wet puddle of green blood and guts… I smell an Academy Award………..Somewhere, deep behind those tired defeated eyes, I see that rage just waiting to come out…………………

  39. Dawson Leery


  40. Rosie

    More like victim. Remember when movies were well made and didn’t need to capitalize on crap sequels?

  41. EricLR

    Hey, YOU try staying chained up in the basement 23 hours a day and see how good YOU look after a few years, buckos!

  42. dave

    Sexy !!!

  43. hard boiled pegg

    …. that’s gotta be one dank, stinky early morning funky pussy under those leggings.

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  45. Hi,
    She looks like she’s brushed her hair with a towel.

  46. She aint lookin to happy

  47. Thanks guys… this is awesome…
    Umm,my first project will be launching soon and I’ll be sure to write up a quick post when it does.

  48. Thanks for enjoying this article.

  49. hmm

    How could anyone know if Tom is a controll freak? Or anything else that people say, No one realy knows him, but i agree on one thing, why katie as a villain in MI: 4? She don fit to it…. Get som realy bad ass actresses insted. but keep Tom cruis. Atlast give Cruis The benefit of the doubt

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