Tom Cruise totally wants David Beckham

October 23rd, 2007 // 63 Comments

David Beckham’s soccer season ended on Sunday. He’s been pretty bummed that he hasn’t been able to play due to an injury. So guess who wants to cheer David up? His old buddy Tom Cruise. People reports:

“We will go out and fly some airplanes or race some cars or something like that,” Cruise told BBC Radio 5 Live as he hit the red carpet for the London Film Festival premiere of his new flick, Lions for Lambs, which opens Nov. 9.
Cruise, 45, admitted that any thrilling exploits would first have to get the go-ahead from Beckham’s wife.
“I’ll talk to Victoria and see if she’s all right with that. But we’ll have some fun.”

Tom’s got but nothing for love for David. Pure heterosexual love. I think:

“I know what a competitor he is and I have great admiration for him as an athlete, as a father, and as a husband,” he said. “The guy works so hard – I know personally how dedicated this guy is, and how committed.”

Nothing out of the ordinary here. Just two guys hanging out. Sure, maybe one’s a world-famous actor and the other’s a huge soccer star. And, yeah, maybe one of them wants to have butt sex at 30,000 feet. But, all that aside, it’s just two regular Joes racing cars and flying expensive jets – while possibly naked.

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  1. jrzmommy


  2. Shallow Val

    He’s a Faaaa-aaaag!

    Faegele! Pato! and a pato loco at that.

    What’s with the stupid hair. He needs a tiny black moustache to complete the pic.

  3. D. Richards

    So, it’s Tom Cruises shit on the end of Beckham’s dick. In people magazine there was an article about this. Seems that Bekham was spotted washing his limp (used) genitals in a men’s room sink at the Staple’s Center in LA.

    Cruise-O asks Victoria if he can play with Beckham. Hilarious.

  4. yo

    i saw david beckham on sunday at the fire game.

    he’s sexy. i drooled.

  5. bosendorfer

    i can’t wait until the unauthorized biographies of mapother come out. of course, he’ll sue anyone while he’s alive and perhaps his estate will once he’s gone so it’ll be a while, but the truth will someday emerge about just how tweaked this deluded little controller is.

    who really gives two shits about david beckham? i don’t believe he registers in any way in the united states. were it not for his freakishly vain wife and his agency representation, no one would even know he lives in the u.s.

    the union of/any word of these four is beyond meaningless.

  6. nicole

    well actually his haircut is for that hitler movie he’s doing at the moment

  7. heheh

    why is tom getting uglier and uglier? very appropriate for the hitler movie, looks just like hitler. and now probably acts like hitler too.
    he is creepy, and ugly. not ugly sexy, just plain ugly.

  8. 30 Rock

    Why, how fun to see a story about the NBC Page from 30 Rock!

  9. Gloria

    Tom is always so hamesome, i like his film. he has a account on a millionaire &celebrities site called, i saw it . his photos there are also very nice.

  10. Xenu


    XENU see’s all. XENU see’s Tommy’s legs wrapped around David’s waist. A few months later, And, through “Advanced Technology” XENU foresee’s a new ‘essence’ on planet earth…it is to be named TODA in honor of TOm & DAvid. TODA will grow up to rule planet earth. TODA is not to be confused with TOTO, a dog of much theatrical success. TODA will become the newest member of the ARC and KRC triangles. Once this has occured, TODA will have crossed “The Bridge to Total Freedom,” and will rule all the galaxies eternally.

  11. Derek

    He has ALWAYS been ugly but this haircut just proves it even more. He looks like a 1989 New kid on the Block who went prostie on Santa Monica Blvd. And when he smiles?? YUCK, looks retarded.

  12. keen

    i don’t like that hair for TC..
    oh come on people, what’s wrong with praising someone ??
    it’s just pretty obvious that these people(commenting) aren’t civilized yet..
    if tom was issued a “gay” then why everything he does are all for gay reason..
    why don’t you look yourself in the mirror and ask, “am i a beautiful person?” “am i perfect to judge someone?” just ask that to yourself, ARE YOU???

  13. Tony_1989

    Tom Cruise wants David Beckham? For what?. David Beckham has been an over-rated soccer player, and most of his sports career he has been injured. Thanks to Bitchoria Bekham he also has been elevated to Fashion icon. David Beckham is just a money making machine, not a sportsperson. Come on! But he is definitively a good candidate for the Scientology Church

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