Tom Cruise speaks about Jett Travolta’s death

January 9th, 2009 // 59 Comments

Tom Cruise stopped by The View yesterday to promote his new film Valkyrie. He ended up speaking about the death of his fellow Scientologist John Travolta’s son Jett, according to People:

“I just don’t have the words for it,” says Cruise. “It’s just horrific. Here you have a man, both of them doting parents, they’re wonderful people and…”
As for speculation that the Travoltas did not seek medical help for Jett, who had a history of seizures, because of their Scientology beliefs, Cruise, also a Scientologist, says the religion does not discourage medical attention.
“That’s just not true,” he says. “They say, ‘Get your physical, get your medication, get your physical illnesses handled.’”

Okay, good. For a minute there I thought Tom Cruise might exploit a horrible tragedy to do PR for the Church of Scientology and openly defend their practices on a national venue. But, c’mon, no one’s that big of a dick.

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  1. p0nk

    is that Katie’s coat?


  2. Charlie Caligula

    Notice how he never mentions their “physicians” deny autism’s existence. Fucking dirtbag.

  3. Prancer

    Is he wearing Katie Holmes’ navy pea coat?

    He’s also wearing bronzer (makeup) on his forehead and cheekbones.

  4. Sugar Honeybiscuits

    Tom doesn’t have the right to comment on anyone’s death unless it’s someone in his own family. He only commented for more PR. Tom Cruise is a tool!

  5. lofty

    “get your physcial illnesses handled”… for mental illnesses……just study the teachings more and you can overcome it……total bullshit.

  6. my mama

    You are all peckerheads, especially the next poster

  7. Michelle

    I thought he said (back when he was out evangelizing for Scientology so hard and heavy) that the religion was against medications? I thought that was what his whole deal was against Brooke Shields and her taking medication for post-partum depression was all about? Am I remembering this all wrong? Now he’s saying, ‘no, no, take your medications and go to the doctor’? Does anyone remember his previous quotes for sure?

  8. AteIsEnough

    QUIT writing about this arrogant dick! The more I hear about him and the drizzle that exhudes from his gaping pie-hole – the more I can’t stand him.

  9. morga

    #7 – I believe that Scientologists are OK w/ using modern medicine for “physical” problems, just not “mental” ones.

    Even though it’s long been proven that many mental ailments have an underlying physical cause…..

  10. Alden Bugly

    Tom Bruise is irrelevant. He should DIAF.

  11. missywissy

    who cares? Opinions are like assholes- everybody has one.

    Why does this website uphold Tom Cruise as if he’s some kind of authority??

  12. Max Planck

    Wasn’t he in Risky Business? That was pretty good.

  13. He should grow a goatee to hide the stretch marks around his mouth.


  14. FAIL


    Are you retarded? It’s called sarcasm. Look it up.

  15. Vince Lombardi

    Who the fuck tailors their pea coat???

  16. People are angry and are mad at Tom Cruise for what???? The man said has no words to even explain how the Travolta’s must feel. I am not a fan of Scientology but I know one thing for sure. The Travolta’s took Jett to the doctors on a regular bases. Jett had been taking an anti-seizure medication, Depakote, but over time, the drug’s effectiveness had worn off. Fact, Jet also had Kawasaki syndrome. Kawasaki syndrome – Some of these symptoms may come and go during the course of the illness. If left untreated, the symptoms will eventually relent, but coronary artery aneurysms will not improve, resulting in a significant risk of death or disability due to myocardial infarction (heart attack). Approximately 2000-4000 cases are identified in the United States each year.

  17. Lisa Ragia

    This is a sad situation. A family just lost their child. For people to gossip and send hate messages when people are explaining the facts is just sick. Tom as anyone is choked up about it. How can anyone explain a father or mothers pain of loosing there child? In response to #4. Sugar Honeybiscuits, if you had watched The View, they asked him the question since he is a good friend of the Travolta’s. He responded very well might I say. Let’s prey for the Travolta’s and stop bashing Cruise.

  18. Ted from Auburn

    I’d like to see him jump on a couch again. And then, accidentally bounce through a window… from Frank from the 16th floor’s apartment.

  19. Ted from Hudson

    Sorry Lisa, but this is a site for making shit out of famous people. Of course we feel badly that their son died.

  20. mega radical man

    Tom Cruise is an actor. Why do you all insist he makes sense in real life?

  21. Lisa Ragia

    Response to 19. Ted from Hudson, yeah but sometimes we should all stop and be intelligent and at least human. I know majority of us hate or dislike someone because of their actions. With that said no one is perfect including the people who comment saying they do not like Tom Cruise, but for once I have to say that Tom did a good job by explaining how he can not even imagine the pain the Travolta’s must feel. We as Americans love talking down about people. We even gossip in the work environments. Tom has been acting for 20 something years and his movie Valkyrie is in 4th place in the Box Office. Even if people say they hate him, you know they love him. Otherwise they would not talk about him. The media never cover people unless there is a interest.

  22. #21 – The sniveling Scientology support group is that way ———>

  23. Lisa Ragia

    #22 – I don’t understand your response “The sniveling Scientology support group is that way ———>”. If you are trying to call me a Scientologist your are dead wrong. I am a Baptist. AME Baptist at that. Might I ask what are you one of those cult groups that hang out in the cold at night in front of every Tom Cruise movie protesting against him? If so that is a said life style. I guess the world has turned up side down and anger and hate is the only response that we see.

  24. devilsrain

    15. Little people have to have things tailored otherwise the pea coat would look huge on him

  25. Davis

    Let’s talk facts instead of gossip. Here are the facts Jett had been taking an anti-seizure medication, Depakote, but over time, the drug’s effectiveness had worn off. Fact, Jet also had Kawasaki syndrome. Kawasaki syndrome – Some of these symptoms may come and go during the course of the illness. If left untreated, the symptoms will eventually relent, but coronary artery aneurysms will not improve, resulting in a significant risk of death or disability due to myocardial infarction (heart attack). Approximately 2000-4000 cases are identified in the United States each year.

    Check this “News” link for the facts:

  26. Sport

    Dude – you jumped the fucking shark a decade ago.

  27. angiekins

    I dont understand? Do you all just have nothing better to do besides bash Tom Cruise? I dont see how anything he said was offensive or idiotic in anyway. I think he was very respectful and I also think it is a waste of time to be saying negative things about an already horrible event.

  28. Choco Taco

    I think Scientology is only against mind altering medications like antidepressants and similar medication. I’m not sure if seizure medication really qualifies as that.

  29. Christine

    He’s just an old, wrinkled, shriveled-up, has been…….

  30. Ladyluv

    Way to go #29 Christine….. you just jumping the band wagon there. How about take it for what it is. Tom Cruise a very successful actor and producer that you probably never personally met. I’ve met the guy and his family including Conner Cruise. He is a nice guy and actually had a great conversation with him. To judge someone you have never met only makes you look small. Let’s deal with the real situation here people. We need to be concerned with more problems then wondering if Scientology is a cult. I don’t see Scientologist starting genocide wars or shooting innocent people on the Bart Train (see video) –

  31. meknow

    OK, Depakote lost it’s effect. SO LETS JUST LET HIM HAVE ! MILLION SEIZURES THEN. There are many MANY antiseizure meds more effective than Depakote. Oh ya, he got Kawasaki’s from carpet cleaner. What IDIOTS!

  32. Alicec Robertson

    31. meknow, do you really believe in the gossip news? You take the gossip sites for real news? Please pull up a actual news article, NOT A GOSSIP SITE OR A SOMEONES YOUTUBE VIDEO, but a actual news post quoting that the Travolta’s said he got Kawasaki’s from carpet cleaner or that they did not seek medical help for Jett seizures. If you can do that then I admit they I am a idiot, but if you can not then the idiots are the ones who follow gossip news instead of getting the facts.

  33. devilsrain

    30. Seeing someone on the street for 2 seconds and saying hi doesnt count as a conversation. Im sure he was nice to you but was thinking when is this dope going to leave me and my family alone.

  34. Ladyluv

    Actually 33. devilsrain, I wanted to talk to him and Conner more and actually loved the “dope” for even taking the time to even chat with us. We did not even talk about his movies or his celebrity status. We chatted about topics like Our new president, and why people in the world are not interested in talking about issues of racism and poverty. Why do you dislike this man so much devilsrain?

  35. looks like the scientologists have come in here to defend their bullshit business scam, i mean religion, and their bullshit saviors, i mean tom cruise and the revoltas.

    why don’t you cult members go throw your money in a fire then die in it. at least your money would be going to a good cause then.

    ALL HAIL XENU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  36. BobbyBigDogMalone

    I have to agree with Ladyluv… Why all the hate for this guy? What did he ever do to you? I met him once a couple years ago and he was great. We talked for a few minutes before heading over behind the dumpster at the Scientology center in LA. With all the uppity types in hollywood these days, it’s nice to find someone that doesn’t insist on condoms during anal sex. and the ATM… I mean WOW!

  37. Mary

    I just don’t get it.

    Tom Cruise is a entertainer.
    That is his job.
    We pay for his services every time we go to the movies, rent one or watch him on cable tv.
    His private life? His opinions?
    ‘Why do I care’??
    It seems the only relevant thing he could say to me is “Thank you for paying to see my movie”..
    And the only relevant thing I can say to him is “great job acting”..

  38. STINK


    On Christmas??

  39. Richard McBeef

    @37 – You forgot that last word – straight.

    “great job acting straight”

  40. This tiny scientology-dwarf DID IT, folks!!
    anywat: I DON’T GIVE A SHIT!!

  41. sebastianudo

    por que la gente opina sobre las creencias religiosas de Tom Cruise ? por que opinan sobre lo que opina Tom sobre la tragedia de un colega o amigo ? inexplicable por lo menos para mi.
    me parece peligroso que la gente se meta con el porque cree en otra religion diferente a las suyas.


  42. Britsarebest

    He is actually looking really hot again!

  43. Tom's Cruising for Cock

    To the douchebags defending TC: Why do you think he’s such a “great actor” (cough)? Because he’s been doing it since he can remember. He’s had to deny his natural homosexual urges from birth and “act straight”, as well as his natural tendencies of being a fucking sociopathic robot, and learn to mimic the normal range of human emotions to “act normal”, and justify his penchant for off the wall behaviors (unprovoked couch jumping, etc.) and beliefs (Lord God Xenu). Thankfully the more intellegent section of the public can see through the charade and they know without a doubt that TCLTC everyday, all day, unequivically, all sizes, all shapes, all colors, all ages, all morning, all night, always and forever.

    # 41 Leer en Inglés, pero responder en español? Eres un maldito idiota.

  44. Scientology sucks ass

    @34 yeah the cult of scientology’s Office Of Special Affairs (OSA) drones are rolling through the comments where ever they are opened on these articles and post their lame bullshit. The brainwashed slaves that are part of the Sea Org are just tools who’s lives are being consumed in the pursuit of this bullshit cults agenda. No time, no pay, no family, no future. NO LIFE for the Sea Org…

    To the tune of LOLdon Bridges.

    Old Sea Org die alone…die alone..die alone…old sea org die alone…of mesothelioma

    … and tom cruise sucks donkey dicks

  45. Scientology sucks ass

    Ooops @35

    The cult of scientology is needs to be obliterated

  46. Shannon

    “get your medication” ????? He’s so full of it!

  47. friendlystoner

    to all those defending tom cruise as a nice guy and that you shouldnt judge him from the bad media he gets:

    why dont you look for that scientology video he made. in that he bascially implied if you drove past an acident only a scientologist would stop to help. this is outrageously arrogant and presumptuous.

    he also went on to rant about how he would love to force people to change there views so that they follow his and scientology`s. which is a clear sign of how intolerant he is of other beliefs.

    He has also publically declared medicine shouldnt be used to help those with mental problems. so basically, he is so delusional that be reckons he knows more than a hundred years worth of development in modern western medicine. he might have well as said chinese herbal medicines are better than chemotherapy for treating cancer.

    so basically he is arrogant, presumptuous, intolerant and delusional. but as ladyluv (30) says he is a nice guy, so that makes it all better.

    yeah right, FUCK YOU CRUISE!!!!!

  48. So go get your yearly physical is not the same as Scientologists should go to the doctor when something is wrong. He is fumbles his words horribly when he is trying to explain it.

  49. authorego

    People! People! The Fish is right. His dick is not that big.

  50. You are all pathetic

    I cant believe how much time people have to talk about shit.
    First and last time commenting on a site like this.


    Good night!

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