Tom Cruise puts Katie Holmes in her place

February 8th, 2006 // 96 Comments

*tom_katie_nuts.jpgThe buzz is that Tom Cruise wants Katie Holmes to focus on being a wife and a mother


  1. He gets crazier and I get madder when I read Toms comments. If her wants someone out of the spotlight then stop marrying actresses!! I mean what does he expect. He creates the media circus with PDA’s and then wonders why there are cameras in his face. He asked for it and poor young Katie is caught in the vortex of Tom and is over her head. I hope he family is there for her when this falls apart.

  2. You know, how come stuff like this can’t happen to Paris Hilton??

  3. playahater101

    I love it how HE’S made all these decisions. How it’s HIS child. HE’S decided she’s giving up her career. What happened, did those scientology freaks rip out her mouth? It really sounds more and more like she was brainwashed. Him saying she’s “tucked away” somewhere just sounds so controlling and psychotic. He’s going out all over town, but she is forced to stay home. The more I hear about him, the more I hate him. I can’t even watch any of his movies anymore without getting disgusted by him. I guess their baby’s birth is going to coincide with his Mission Impossible 3 opening. I love how every part of their relationship happens around the same time as their movie openings.

  4. Binky

    As I recall Holmes is actually quite a bit taller than MrC. – as the photo shows.
    But it you check the source pic – he’s taller than her. You got to wonder about a guy who still carries around an orange crate to stand on for posed pix. ( or are his heels in his purse?)

  5. playahater101

    In this picture she looks like she’s been tucked away in a basement.

  6. playahater101

    She looks horrible in this picture. Like she’s been in a basement for days.

  7. CoJo

    I bet his basement is like that movie “The People Under the Stairs”

    …the parents would keep having more and more kids and each time they disobeyed them, they were punished based on what they did wrong and forced to live in the basement.

    I bet he cut her tongue out all together!

  8. ranesing

    In the source picture she looks as though she has finally realized that she has sold her soul to the devil. Poor child. I feel downright sorry for her.

  9. LaydeeBug

    He doesn’t want her to turn into another Nicole. Does he mean talented, mature, independent….or more respected and successful than her husband? I think this who thing is a sham and he is going to take the kid away when he gets a chance. I don’t feel sorry for Katie. She’s with him for the same reasons girls from my generation would be. He was probably up on her wall when she was a kid, “Tiger Beat” posters on her bathroom mirror. Star struck is not a reason to get together with someone. Pair of Douches anyone?

  10. Ms. Dilligaff

    This is all starting to seem like the Scientologist version of Rosemary’s Baby. “He chose you, honey! From all the women in the world to be the mother of his only living son!” Creepy.

  11. LaydeeBug

    Binky, I almost just shit when I read your comment. Bwa ha ha ha…..Oh, he WISHES he was 5’9″.

  12. playahater101

    #10, you are so right!! That’s too funny.

  13. gossipmonger

    Regarding that source pic… EWWW, WHY OH WHY does she/he not take care of that cold sore/fungus on her upper lip!

  14. Koggi

    I 100% agree that he is an egomaniacal freak, but please consider the source – “Life and Style Weekly”? That’s even lower than US Weekly – kind of like the bugly sister to “In Touch” – and only $1.99 to boot! If you want real journalism, go to the source – like Fox News!! That’s where you can bow at the altar of King George as he performs a national jihad on those of us who don’t dwell in the top 2 percent of the tax bracket!! yeah this has nothing to do with Tom Cruise – except wouldn’t it be nice if he could “tuck away” this entire administration? And when they’re all done giving birth to their human animal hybrids, he and Xenu could send them all away to a barely inhabitable planet where no one can EVER make more than minimum wage. Now that’s Progress!!

  15. Realistic

    The next logical step is for Tom to start talking in third person. That’ll be fun. “Only Tom Cruise knows what’s good for Katie Holmes. Tom Cruise wants Katie Holmes to get a boy cut and start wearing Levi 501′s”

  16. PapaHotNuts

    My new screenplay:

    (Office setting, secretary with reading glasses on staring at a computer)
    -Phone rings-

    “Good Morning, Tom Cruise’s Office”

    -Caller speaks-
    “May I speak to Tom please?”

    “Sure, one second.” (presses intercom) “Mr. Cruise, OJ Simpson on line 1.”

    The End.

  17. Xanthia

    Loooooooooove the

  18. SuperSpence

    How sorry can you feel for Katie Holmes? She’s an adult. People are acting like she’s been hypnotized or brainwashed. It’s more likely she wanted access to all the things she tought a marriage to Tom Cruise could get her. If the deal turns out worse than she first imagined, well — whose fault is that?

    In the meantime, I intend to enjoy witnessing the public meltdown of Tom Cruise. I called it many years ago and the world should know by now that if SuperSpence predicts a Hollywood disaster, you better listen up.

  19. Hey Cindy Adams would name names, but she said right before these two hooked up that a major star was auditioning people to be his girlfriend and then wife, the girl got 10 million and he got at least 5 years of a relationship and a child. Gee, she probably wasn’t talking about Tom and Kaite though, could have been lots of people. But that being said, why shouldn’t he call it “My Child” He paid for it. (Grin)

  20. maiira

    Ugh. The more I read about this uptight prick, the more he disgusts me. And she disgusts me, too…why the hell can’t she stand up for herself?

    Oh, right, the Scientology thing. Which apparently stole not only Katie’s soul, but her ability to speak.

  21. SMF121490

    Who in the hell does he think he is? This is not the 1800′s. Men can no longer go around telling women what they can and cannot do. Although, if Katie allows this type of behavior and lets Tom treat her this way. Then she only has herself to blame when she has had enough of his controlling ways.

  22. pookiedoo

    Darn, now why can’t I find me a man like that?

  23. Sheva

    Men can sure tell women what to do. I do it all the time.
    If she ain’t listening, she ain’t sticking around.

    But in Tom’s case, it’s not about the leadership and trust issue. It’s about his needs and his baby and his control.
    Little different.

  24. HeeHaw

    In that above posted picture link of Katie and Tom, look at their body language. His arm around the top of her shoulder…hand around the side of neck. The way they’re standing / posturing and how their bodies are spaced. The facial expressions. That’s not a real relationship, that’s more like friends / business deal.

    Tom didn’t want another Nicole – Nicole wouldn’t convert to Scientology, didn’t want to raise the kids as Scient. He wants a Stepford wife who agrees with all his beliefs, converts to his religion, obeys without question, is submissive, pops out babies, and the whole nine yards. And hey, he’s rich enough to buy it. And she agreed to it. What can we say? Whatever works for them. She gets money and security and can finally be “TOM CRUISE’S WIFE!”, he gets a public beard and friendship companion who’s completely under his 100% control. Everybody wins! :P

  25. Siren

    I’m not saying the aforementioned Cindy Adams take on this whole relationship is true, but it certainly would explain the pregnancy-before-marriage aspect. He wanted to be sure she could “perform.” What if she couldn’t have gotten pregnant? Then he’d give her a parting gift (a second DVD collection of his movies, perhaps)? Does she get more money if it’s a boy? If she has two? What if it were twins – does she get to keep one?

  26. Zed

    If this is a sham marriage backed by lots of $$$, Katie Holmes should have held out for at least $100 million.

    After all, in return for the $$$, during 5 long years she’s required to:

    1. give birth to Tom’s child (Human? time will tell.)
    2. use the term “amazing man” whenever she refers to Tom
    3. sport a large, ugly lip sore
    4. wear flats and stoop a lot
    5. walk down the street with her underwear and belly in full view to prove she really is pregnant

    And now she’s being “tucked away” in a basement in chains until the “baby” is born–so the doctors can make sure she is completely silent during childbirth.

    Whew! Surely the lip sore thing alone is worth $100 million. I think she needs to renegotiate. Seriously.

  27. Hey! In the picture that was linked in Comment #7. Look, She is Taller than Tom, yet in that pic it’s been staged for her to look SHORTER!!! Got he is pathetic!

  28. Devil Is Chrome

    Re: The MSN picture – I’m just wondering what the hell is going on with her lip…look at the size of that sore!

  29. ShanDourdan

    I have to say Superficial’s post and the the ones thereafter have been some of the funniest I’ve read on here.

    Unfortunately I have nothing witty or funny to say as I’m too busy being disgusted by the cretin that is Tom Cruise, the one man ticket to hell. Whoever questioned whether this baby would be human has it spot on for me cus surely Tom’s got a deal going on with someone downstairs right…?

  30. ReadyAimFire

    Awwwww, come now, folks… What’s wrong with a traditional marriage? It’s not like your mamas had life any different and nobody ate YOU as an infant (sadly) now did they?

  31. ESQ

    This whole story reminds of “Silence of the Lambs” when Clarice was searching for James “Buffalo Bill” Gumb. He had that girl tied-up in that hole in his house. He tucked in his shit, wearing make-up and human skin from the people he killed while staring in the mirror saying, “Do you want to fuck me?” I’m sexy don’t cha think?” While the helpless girl is just waiting to be his next victim.

    Totally the scenario with “TomKat.”

  32. ESQ

    I just saw the picture from the link that #5 and #6 provided. She looks like she is being held for ransom. The way Tom has a tight grip on her shoulder and muttering on one side of his mouth, “Smile and look pretty.” That is no cold sore on her lip, that is a mark that Tom left when he back-handed saying, “Get back in your hole bitch! The baby isn’t due yet!”

  33. bunnyeyes

    Hm …interesting , but how come everybody forgot that in the 90′s Cruis had a low sperm count problem and him and Nicole Kidman couldn’t have kids? It was plastered all over tv “o poor Tom” LOL LOL LOL then all of a sudden he knocks this girl up. Very Strange.

  34. playahater101

    I think if I were her the minute I heard “Women cannot make noise during delivery of the baby” and “You cannot speak to the child for 7 days after it is born” I would have been running as fast as possible out the door.

    I agree with you, #31. I invision her in a hole in the basement “It rubs the lotion on or it gets the hose again.” HAHAHA!!!

    She DID have a mind of her own until he got ahold of her. Now she’s pathetic. And it’s her own fault. I htink she got caught up in the whole “Tom Cruise’s wife” thing. Not realizing Tom was crazy.

  35. antispace

    Tom Cruise is a complete waste of space.
    Katie Holmes is going to need some intense psychiatry after this is all over… presuming he didn’t make her sign her soul away and she’s stuck with him for the rest of his life.

  36. veeveeveevee

    “Tucked away” for a while?

    The obvious reason is that she has already had “his child”…thereby proving the whole $10 million for a kid contract.

    Giving birth now shows they fertilized her last April, before they even “came out” as a couple. He wouldn’t have risked all that media hype if he hadn’t known there was already a bun in the oven.

  37. LaydeeBug

    I started to Hate Tom Cruise a little after Top Gun and definitely during “A Few Good Men” aka “A Few Good Head Shots.” He and Demi Moore sharing a screen made me want to puke. Then you add Kiefer Sutherland and Gack Nicholson being the only character he knows how to be, himself. But my point is I hate Tom Cruise and now I know why. His inflated ego finally exploded and leaked the evil within and now we are left with Satan, the Overactor. Watch, he’s going to try to run for office and his opponent will Ben Affleck. Fucking Tom Cruise and his big-assed tombstone teeth.

  38. LaydeeBug

    Wanna bet she dies during childbirth? Any takers…?

  39. antispace

    Anyway, I think Katie Holmes could make 10 million dollars over the period of 5 years herself, without Tom’s help, don’t you think?
    Pretty sure any good actress could.. oh wait.

  40. Jayne

    this is so fucking creepy.

    Her parents and the FBI need to team up and rescue this girl…if they did for Elian Gonzalez than God help it, they can do it for Katie.

    Or better yet..
    I’ll turn the Bat-signal on.

  41. popcornsuite

    Nobody can be that dumb to let this go on forever- can they, Katie?

    She already has a connection to him with the kid, but I only hope she gets tired of this possessiveness and kicks Tom to the curb.

  42. bunnyeyes

    Looks like Cruise is wishing to go into history as a new Jesus-type figure, thus the ego. Ha Ha Ha the prophet of new religion or some nonesence like that.And the hate for psych , please he is clearly in denial of some serious mental illness. The men should be banned and forgotten! Better yet, locked up in a mental facility forever! Save all those poor dump people that actually eat up all his propoganda crap.
    And yes Katie looks like she’s been kidnepped.

  43. bjpack

    Tom’s claims that his recent meeting with Robert Blake was research for a future “Baretta project” sound suspicious…especially after his claims that his meetings with OJ were research for his future starring role in the “The OJ Simpson Story.”

  44. sara1beth2

    When Tom and Nicole were divorcing, all he would say is, “Nic knows why”. Clearly, it was because she dared to think for herself. Makes me wonder if her doing The Stepford Wives (specially updated with a gay couple-Tom!) was a private fuck you to him.

  45. megana

    does anyone remember the smurfs and their evil nemesis, gargamel?
    well, this whole scenario reeks of when gargamel kept the girl smurf in his castle, away from all the other smurfs.

    but in this case, it’s a smurf doing evil.
    Tom the smurf. Katie (or “Kate”) the dumb smurf with hair. And a blob of herpes that just won’t quit.

  46. In a f’ed up way – they actually make Britney and K-Fed seem normal. White trash is funny, but this is just plain scary.

  47. mia

    Did anybody read “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood, or see the movie? Katie just needs to put on a red dress and veil, and after she has given birth they will pass her on to Lance Armstrong to see if she can miraculously produce his baby.

  48. SoupaSarah

    I agree with all of you, the more i hear about this NUTTER the more I hate him! He obviously has a deep seeded complex about his inadeqacies (sp) cos hes such a short arse bloke and prob has a tiny willy! He needs to get a life and stop controlling her! If he needs to PAY people to get with him, how sad is he!? Nicole has done so much more since breaking up with that loser!!

    Its getting to a point where i would possibly say i like KFed more than Tom cruise!


  49. Manderoni

    So funny…all she dreamed about her whole life was marrying Tom Cruise, now she’s got her dream come true!! She looks miserable in that MSN picture – but yet, he’s still got that evil little grin on his face….yeah, this is the beginning of the end but the stupid bitch went and got knocked up and now she is stuck with that fuck-wad forever!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  50. Tracy

    I’m sure she thought this was going to be a good thing for her personally and professionally. She may still believe that. However, I think in a few years, when she has time to look back on this period in her life, she’ll realize how bizarre this whole situation was and regret her role in it.

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