Tom Cruise on Oprah – As It Should’ve Been

February 16th, 2006 // 31 Comments

Best Week Ever put together a nice mashup of Oprah’s Tom Cruise interview and the one where she tears into James Frey for lying in his book.



  1. debs

    Oprah’s stupid for giving him couch time in the first place. She jumped the shark when she had that ridiculous author on to give him a bitchslap. Enough Oprah!

  2. PKClover

    I <3 Oprah. And if any of you say otherwise you are liars. And if you are a man, you are allowed to say otherwise, but have to admit you have also slept with someone who loves Oprah.

  3. PKClover

    PS Debs is a man

  4. debs

    PKClover is really Katie Holmes.

  5. ESQ

    Oh, woulda, shoulda, coulda…damn if only it was really the truth.

  6. LaydeeBug

    Who’s Oprah?

  7. stevie511

    I just pray she brings Tom back (once his “relationship” wth Katie is over and the lies are revealed)and pays him the same respect she did James Frey. Now THAT would be great tv.

  8. Akapee

    This is some funny shit. There must be guys out there with a lot of time on their hands to put together this creative piece of work. Funny!!

  9. pookiedoo

    They cut out the part where Oprah starts beating Tom with a shovel.

  10. LaydeeBug

    Idnit though?

  11. dimestoredetective

    Dick Cheyne should hit O’s couch to come clean on drinkin’ n’ shootin’

  12. They didn’t show what happened during the break

  13. lmao freakin hilarious

  14. LaydeeBug

    #12, I saw the long drawn-out version before but yours is shorter, and much funnier. I LOVE it!

  15. cj14mommy

    it hurts to watch them painfully act out their so called “love” for one another, i’m embarassed for them

    poor nicole…

  16. downshine

    i didn’t think oprah interviewed religious fanatics who lock their wives up and make them breed. daytime television just got better

  17. Jayne

    dewd, that was perfection

    I wanted Frey to take Oprah by the head and smash his knee in her eye.
    I <3 you Frey.
    I won’t let a cow get in the way of your lovely writing.

  18. HollyJ

    #12 LOL!! That is FCKNG HILARIOUS!! HA HA!!

  19. speechless

    i don’t get it…

  20. MadDater

    Great find! Thank you I needed to laugh today. I agree with debs- Oprah has jumped the shark.

    Keep up the great work. In a short time this has become one of my favorite Mental Break destination websites.

    The Mad Dater
    “Because there’s a Bastard in all of us”

  21. Toby

    Great editing! Tom still looks hot!

  22. LaydeeBug

    POOR NICOLE? She got the LOOOOOONG end of the stick. She got away!

  23. LickyLicky

    So, some of these comments are so much funnier if you interpret the <3 as a teabagging instead of heart/love.

    Then, who teabags Oprah, and wouldn’t it be funny to see Tom say he <3s Xenu?

  24. Jacq

    Too bad she didn’t call James Frey out for lying about using a turkey baster. Edit THAT shit together!!

  25. Lavinia the Vainglorious

    OMIG, Tom Kills Oprah! That is the fitness! They should show that to depressed people, it could eliminate the need for anti-depressants. Even Tom would be happy about that.

  26. Hara

    Haters!! Oprah rules. I want to see her Really rip Tom a new one. . .

    but that Star Wars Zap thing was still hilarious.

  27. A Nobody

    Tom is a douche. Oprah is a bag. Perfect match.

  28. shinygood

    in that clip, doesn’t oprah look like this photo of michael jackson?
    structured velvet jacket, sleek pageboy, short nose, big wide-set eyes, too much eyeliner…. um, i’m getting uncomfortable in my pants area.

  29. LOL Poster # 27.

    Tom Cruise must have been scolded for that interview after he went home.

  30. gogoboots

    Oprah needs to realize that even famous people can get lied to and fooled just like us normal people. How does it feel to be a peon HUH, OPRAH, HUH? That’s right suck it up and just focus on your stupid diets and God!

  31. It just shows how stupid he is!

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