Tom Cruise not making Scientology movie

December 19th, 2006 // 5 Comments

Tom Cruise’s rep is denying rumors he’s making a Scientology movie called “The Thetan” and has cast Victoria Beckham in it. Which is too bad because I was really looking forward to two hours of mind-bending science fiction madness. I picture Star Wars, but slightly less believable.


  1. blueman


  2. Truthseeker013



    Now, can we get him sent to Iraq for a goodwill tour-slash-missionary service?

  3. licklick

    Cruise is a closet fag without balls.

    Who the fuck cares what he does?

  4. lol, aliens, spaceships…it might be better than his last movies…

  5. WakeUpWorld

    I’m a Scientologist and I’ll tell you that this crazy story about Xenu is total crap. Some people in the press keep saying that this Xenu story is what Scientologists believe. This is such garbage and it’s a story repeated over and over and is intended to keep people from looking into what Scientology actually is. So why would some in the media intentionally try and keep people away from Scientology you ask? Because most media is well paid by the pharmaceutical industry. They see Scientology as a threat to their profits because it is. Scientology has many, many answers that work and are practical. Let’s look at 1 example of how the psychiatric drugging industry is hurt by Scientology technology… Let’s assume you know someone who has been depressed for several months or even years. Did you know that with Scientology you can literally snap him out of his dark days and make him feel happy again, sometimes in less than five minutes. How could this be? Because Scientology helps and works like nothing else before it. There is no need to be on a psychiatric drug everyday for the rest of your life. This is just one of thousands of solutions Scientology has and it would take literally books to tell you all it has to offer and can do. Give a Scientologist just a few minutes of your time and you’ll quickly realize what a sham psychiatry and the psychiatric drugging business is. It’s OK to be skeptical about Scientology, but don’t assume that what you’ve been told about it is actually true. Just ask yourself would all these celebrities be involved in it if didn’t help them and others tremendously?


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