Tom Cruise needs a lift

cruise-wears-lifts.jpgReports are going around that Tom Cruise has started wearing lifts in his shoes so as not to appear so much shorter than Katie Holmes. He’s 5’7″ and Katie is between 5’8″ and 5’9″, but when they walked the red carpet for the premiere of Mission: Impossible III they were the same height, and Katie was wearing three inch heels.

Cruise’s spokesman, Paul Bloch, insisted that nothing was out of the ordinary: “He had normal shoes on.”

After viewing photos of TomKat at the L.A. opening, where their knees were at the same level and Cruise’s trousers were pooling around his ankles, Manhattan podiatrist Rock Positano said: “If the pants are all the way down to the ankle, you really can’t see how much heel the person has. There’s a lot of ways you can camouflage lifts,” said Positano. “Occasionally we will see people who put lifts in their shoes for height, but we don’t do it and we don’t recommend it. Someone could hurt their knees or throw their backs out.”

Considering how insane he is, I guess we should just be glad Tom Cruise isn’t running around on stilts.