Tom Cruise needs a lift

May 8th, 2006 // 104 Comments

cruise-wears-lifts.jpgReports are going around that Tom Cruise has started wearing lifts in his shoes so as not to appear so much shorter than Katie Holmes. He’s 5’7″ and Katie is between 5’8″ and 5’9″, but when they walked the red carpet for the premiere of Mission: Impossible III they were the same height, and Katie was wearing three inch heels.

Cruise’s spokesman, Paul Bloch, insisted that nothing was out of the ordinary: “He had normal shoes on.”

After viewing photos of TomKat at the L.A. opening, where their knees were at the same level and Cruise’s trousers were pooling around his ankles, Manhattan podiatrist Rock Positano said: “If the pants are all the way down to the ankle, you really can’t see how much heel the person has. There’s a lot of ways you can camouflage lifts,” said Positano. “Occasionally we will see people who put lifts in their shoes for height, but we don’t do it and we don’t recommend it. Someone could hurt their knees or throw their backs out.”

Considering how insane he is, I guess we should just be glad Tom Cruise isn’t running around on stilts.



  1. This little fag, like wearing lifts is what will lead to his (broke)back problems.

  2. James

    At least he still meets the height restriction for midget-bowling. But that’s probably frowned upon by Scientology, too–like screaming during child birth: “Shut the hell up, Kat…hey, it’s a boy! No, wait. It’s a girl! No, wait…shut up!”

  3. sherry-co

    Never ceases to amaze me, the kind of sluttish whore you are Jacq, but each time you post it only affirms the fact that you probably fuck anything that walks. You have no class, your mouth is as filthy as your toilet, and most definitely you are so reamed out, you can take 12″ without blinking an eye….totally disgusting human being…if anyone got enjoyment from a gang bang it would be you Jacq.

    Your claim to fame is being crowned the most used whore BOTH online and offline…

    everyone applaud the whore, she sure has earned it… run along slut you have sooooo many ppl to infect with your array of STDS…busy girl you are..awww the glamorous life of a whore…

  4. gogoboots

    He totally does that, for his films he wants the leading actress to be shorter than him, if not, he wears boots with high heels. He’s a megalomaniacal freak…TCLTC!

  5. CruisingForCock

    53 If I had a cock, I would slap you in the face with it. Actually, I would like to use Tom Cruise’s cock, aka queen of the queens, to slap you in the face. You’re’s people not PPL.

  6. If Jacq is a sluttish whore, then she is my favorite kind. I hate those prudish whores.

    In other TCLTC news:

    Today’s (Monday) New York Times commented that Cruise “has evolved into a kind of cultural punch line.”

    Gee, ya think? The punch line being TCLTC. Only it doesn’t finish a joke, it is just a fact.

  7. msassassin

    the guy has fake marriages and pretends to be straight – does anyone care if he has lifts in his shoes?

  8. CruisingForCock

    56 Please let Osh out of the cage again. I miss that bitch.

  9. tsarinaamanda


    You’re just JEALOUS that Jacq, that SLIMY SLUG, is getting laid because she’s hot, funny, smart, and not totally brainwashed by a BS cult made up by a child molester. It really must suck knowing that nobody wants to touch your cheese filled folds of sweaty, hairy, acne-scarred skin. I’m sure you lie in your filthy, crumb-filled twin bed at night in the Scientology brainwashing center, where you take your picture of TC and “Kate” that you ripped out of a magazine and rub it between your thunder thighs onto your oozy, tunafish smelling cunt. Then you lick the smelly, crusty discharge off the picture and put it back under your pillow, to await the following night. Then, in the morning, you wake up and cry because your life is so pointless and pathetic, you’re a fat, gross , brainwashed lunatic that no man would ever desire. So you get up, pull on your muumuu , orthopedic shoes, tie on your plastic rain scarf and get ready for another day of stalking Tom and “Kate”, and violently defending their oh so sterling reputations on the internet, and showing your class and poor breeding by saying nasty things about Jacq, who is popular and well-liked, unlike you. Someone here is JEALOUS, and it isn’t any of us…! Scientology loves stupid fucking suckers like you, they can take your money , feed you some BS, and get you to defend a flaming homo and his beard. You are truly pathetic and sad.

  10. tsarinaamanda


    Why don’t you join the Sea Org? They are always in search of desperate, pathetic social misfits to sail around on the oceans with. Maybe you could get laid there, after all, I’m sure those guys are truly desperate for some non-anal intercourse with a “female”. Bottoms up, it’s time to swab the poop decks. Hehe, anal.

  11. Tsarinaamanda-I think I love you.

  12. Edna Bambrick

    I cannot believe that Tom Cruise and Kate Holmes are not married! Do they realize they have had a bastard child? Where are their morals? I cannot believe people condone and celebrate this kind of behavior. Do they have no shame? I will pray for them and their bastard child. In God we trust!

  13. Italian Stallion

    Sherry-Co are we jealous of how funny and hot Jacq is, your ugly is showing you stupid fucking fat pig……I hope you get caught in the crossfire of one of the gangsta rapper battles in Cali at one of the Sherry-called (so-called) shows your always talking about in your meth world you trailer trash piece of shit……….

  14. sherry-co

    Thank you tsarinaamanda for proving my case, that you are nothing more than a classless parasite, who’s mouth is as filthy as your toilet, and that you do fuck anything that walks. You are a whore. You cant even manage to be a classy whore.

    As for me being jealous. Please tell me you have something better than me being jealous over a website, where anonymous ppl hide behind some alias name, spew untruths and trash other ppl’s lives to fill there pathetic day with what you ppl call “fun” Please tell me you are not accusing me of being jealous because I am not “popular and well-liked” by a bunch of slime buckets, who know nothing about one another…please tell me you have something better than that..because that is so laughable, and Im actually embarrassed FOR you.

    You and Jacq must be working together..Im sorry, you BOTH deserve the award for the most used whores BOTH online and offline…

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    this is just an observation, but I think you two would make a whole lot more money if you would actually take a bath and use soap, maybe comb your hair once a week, and good grief, shave those arm pits, the parasites would have to find a new home, As for that itching problem, Im afraid to tell you, its crab lice…also, if you invested abit of money into some toothpaste, you may be able to attempt to get that grimy yellow gunk off them, but if you dont brush between tricks, well…we all know truly what that yellow gunk in your cum smelling mouth is..

    simple hygiene..try it..who knows you may just like please step away from me, you both reek like sweaty whores who’s last bath was 47 tricks ago.

  15. sherry-co

    all that coming from a man who needs to over compensate where he is lacking between the legs by calling himself “Italian Stallion”

    dont worry, one day you will find that special someone who doesn’t mind not feeling anything when she gets laid…shes out there I know it you big stud..just keep your chin up, and when you least expect it, there she will be…

  16. sherry-co

    or…you could ask one of your “hot” friends from SF, to do you a favor…after all you are one big (disgusting as you all are) happy family…that clearly does not have anything more in there life, than a celebrity bashing website to keep them company…me jealous of all that?? i think not…

  17. Sorry Sherry, Amanda bathes. That and the fact that she is ridiculously hot, oh yes, she is, doesn’t help your case. Really hot chicks like Amanda don’t have to be whores, they choose to be, which is even hotter.

    So, in summation, Tom Cruise loves pole smoking, cuddling cock while cupping balls, and taking it from behind. Scientology is for people of obvious low intelligence. Sure the book was a decent read, but come on, people actually believe that shit like its true?

  18. sherry-co

    and how exactly do you know this Gerald? do you live with her? have you “paid” her in exchange for “anything” goes sex acts? Im real curious to know, how it is you can vouch for someone you have never met, hell for all you know her name probably isnt even amanda….so you and along with the rest of the filthy vile men,(and girls if thats your taste) can go stick your pencil neck heads up there festering mud flaps, and dine on many of mens left overs…yummy…

  19. How is it you think that I haven’t met her? For that matter how is it that you think I haven’t met you, and how is it that you think I don’t know your secret. No, not the “I’m still a virgin and probably will be for life” one. The other one. The “I’m not really this psychotic, I just play one on the internet” one.

  20. 43 – You mean Land-Man has a large Vietnamese person?

  21. 69 – Gotta disagree with you that Sherry’s a virgin. She’s kinda familiar with the hooker’s lexicon, dropping words like “trick” a few posts ago. I suspect her conversion to Scientology followed a desparate call to a suicide hotline following a real knock-down, drag-out with her last pimp.

    Where’s Captain Rex Kramer when you need him?

    “Excuse me, we’d like you to have this flower…” *push*

    “Excuse me sir, would you…” *push*

    “Donation to the Reverend Moon?” *punch*

    “Jews for Jesus?” *kick*

    “Read about Jehovah’s Witness? How about Bhuddism?” *punch*

    “Scientologyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” *judo hip thow*

  22. Also, something I feel I should get off my chest. A while back, I was waiting in Oprah’s green room with Tom Cruise. We got to talking, and I said that I felt he had always been a little too aloof as a person, that he needed to open up to the world, show everyone he’s a normal guy, and just – you know – “let his freak flag fly” a little bit. He got all excited and said that he would.

    I would like to officially apologize to the world. I am so [expletive deleted] sorry. I had NO idea he would go to these extremes.

  23. Moriarty

    This isn’t news — he’s always worn lifts.

  24. SoupaSarah

    This guy needs to let go of his male ego, he needs to start letting Katie be her own woman and stop feeling the need to control her every move just because it makes him feel better. You’re a short arse tom, get over it. Stop trying to masculinise urself, build a bridge mate and get over it.

    ps, he loves the cock.

  25. BarbadoSlim

    Oh my, Sherry-co was one busy gal last night, I mean, it must be tough to post using her blacberry while servicing her Johns. She’s a pro.
    Hats off to you madam.

  26. Conductor71

    “Im real curious to know, how it is you can vouch for someone you have never met”

    “where anonymous ppl hide behind some alias name, spew untruths and trash other ppl’s lives to fill there pathetic day with what you ppl call “fun”"

    You did both in your posts , you hypocrite.

    And Sherry-Co is an alias, is it not? Your posts are looking more and more like the posts of the people that you are bitching about, so cut the bullshit and admit that you’re as much of a bitter, suspicious, vindictive bastard as the rest of us.

  27. sweetcheeks

    It’s like middle school 4th period lunch in here.

  28. Trotter


    Let’s not lump Sherry-cunt in with the rest of us, ‘K?

    Sherry-co is an abbreviation of Sherry County, Arkansas which has the highest incest-related abortion rate in the country. Sherry-co is a morbidly obese, pedophilic, incestuous abortionist.

  29. Trotter


    You mean lots of little budding boobies?

  30. sweetcheeks

    #79 — mostly, that I just wish I could take a dump in a KFC box and leave it in Sherry-co’s locker. Ah, the glory days of junior high!

  31. sweetcheeks

    P.S. I stole that line from PeteMcLochness.

  32. Trotter

    Its a line worth stealing and a concept worty passing on…

  33. Italian Stallion

    @65 Wow, you really got me…….your so right Stallion penis very small but I was told I’m a grower……I hear you get laid alot, so tell me, How mad did your boss get at the Funeral Home when he walked in on you sleeping with the dead…….your a sick bitch I’ll give you that.

    Everybody ignore this dumb cunt so she won’t have the fuel to feed the fire and will hopefully leave us the fuck alone……..

  34. Tracy

    Katie looks exhausted and depressed. In the last few pics I’ve seen, she has that sunken-eyed weary smile on her face. I’ve had two kids, and although I was pretty wiped out, pics of me after they were born don’t look like that. She needs a vitamin-B shot and a vacation… from Tom.

  35. Jacq

    #83 – I’m with you on that. That whore thing really hurt my feelings, but it hurts the worst when it’s being said by my own father. At church. I agree, not even worthy of response.
    I was pleasantly surprised and SOM this morning to see this thread. Thanks to everybody who came to my defense, I’ve never seen anyone stick up for Sherrycunt. At all. That point is dually noted. You bitches are the shizz and that’s why I luuuuuuuuve it here. Dry humps for everyone! I will do my best to be a slut to the dirtiest degree and come up with sick shit whenever I get off my mattress-back.

  36. Iambananas

    They are a cute couple.

  37. Tom Cruise don’t wear no stinkin’ lifts.

    Considering how insane he is, I’m betting Tom had Katie’s legs shortened! And she wasn’t allowed to make any noise as the took the two inches out o her shins…

  38. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Sherry-Co is a corporation that designs anal beads for the discriminating anal-afficianado.
    And Katie Holmes looks like Delta Burke with shark teeth. Rawr.

  39. Conductor71


    Whoa!! Dry humps? Can I have mine now? I’ll be there as fast as my wheelchair can carry me!!

  40. pagebetty

    The same Height? Not in that picture. THEY STILL LOOK GOOD TOGETHER.

  41. Conductor71


    “Sherry-co is a morbidly obese, pedophilic, incestuous abortionist.”

    aah shit….I think I might have slept with her on Friday night. Hope you can forgive me Trotter, but it IS hard to see with my balaclava on and graveyards get kinda dark at night

  42. Jacq

    #89 – Wheelchair? You can have a lap dance. When I’m done you can just lay on me.

    #88 – Delta Burke? Damn you’re awesome.

  43. Trotter

    There’s more than enough to go around. Her corpse could feed half of sub-saharan africa. Oops. Did I forget to capitalize that?

  44. Hi, I’m the brain of Katie Holmes and I feel sad, trapped, and lonely.

    TOM CRUISE: Hi, I’m in charge of Katie Holmes’ brain and I say she’s fine, DAMMIT!

    Now whip out that milking device and feed my Scientinfant!

  45. tsarinaamanda

    Hey Sherry-cunt:

    One last thing before I ignore you forever. I find it amusing that you would presume to know whether or not I’m a whore. Does Xenu dish the dirt on all of us, or is TC’s private detective now wiretapping all of us? Oh, and just so you know, my name IS Amanda, and I bathe at least once a day. You are a sad, pathetic, socially retarded, twisted loser that has no friends, so you have to talk shit about people that are better than you. You can call us what you like, but in your heart you know that nobody really loves/likes/gives a fuck about you and the only people who put up with you are the Scientwatology people because they want your money! Nobody can stand you, the sooner you get that, then maybe the quicker you’ll go jump off a bridge or something. YOU MEAN NOTHING TO EVERYONE. And you just WISH men liked you as much as they like Jacq and I. I would be willing to be that men run screaming in terror from you, and run directly into our arms for some sweet, sweet lovin. Whore or not, at least Jacq and I know we are attractive to the opposite (and possibly the same) sex, which is a joy you will never be able to have. I pity you and your sad, miserable, cult-dominated life. You are a loser, now and forever, and you know it. I will be ignoring you from now on, and I ask everyone else to do the same, because I have come to the conclusion that you are a troll. So take your shitty ass trolling somewhere else, nobody here cares anymore.

    Mr Tarrant-
    I think I love you too. Thanks for all your support, it’s nice to know that I’m one of the cool people on this site!! :)

  46. Jacq

    #96 – Women want us and men want to be in us. It’s a tough life. You know, being dead sexy and all.

  47. That does it, I’m moving to Virginia for vagina. Tell your hubby to take a hike.

  48. Getitstraight

    Sherryco..Sherryco….you have issues, but this isn’t the place for them,it’s a place to read comments about the stories and LOL! And may I ask, why do some people’s comments have to be so piggish?? Tom Cruise has been wearing lifts for years and years, this is not new news. Will someone let me know why most of you think TC is gay? Call me nieve, I don’t get it. By the way #40, ten gold stars for your comments. So funny if it weren’t so true!!!

  49. Getitstraight

    Why do I have so much trouble signing in and what happened to my last (1st)comment????

  50. St.Minutia

    I will call you NIEVE, because you asked me to (why didn’t you just choose that as your screen name?)

    You are very NAIVE for thinking Tom Cruise is anything but a tiny closeted homosexual with an oversized ego.

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