Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes use their sham marriage to ward off protesters at film premiere

August 12th, 2008 // 59 Comments

Tom Cruise and the lovely, yet lobotomized, Katie Holmes attended the premiere of Tropic Thunder last night. Protesters from several mental disability groups picketed the event at Mann’s Bruin Theater because of the use of the word “retard” in the film. Fortunately, none of these people can read, so I’m off the hook. The AP reports:

The groups are outraged over scenes featuring the liberal usage of a disparaging term used to describe the mentally disabled. In the movie, director and co-star Ben Stiller plays a fame-hungry actor cast in a war movie who previously had a role as a mentally disabled character named Simple Jack.
“If you want to pick on people, as the old playground saying goes, pick on people your own size,” said Timothy Shriver, chairman of the Special Olympics, who is calling for a boycott of “Tropic Thunder” along with the other groups. “This population struggles too much with the basics to have to struggle against Hollywood. We’re sending a message that this hate speech is no longer acceptable.”

I couldn’t agree more, Tim: Hate speech is gay.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Kate

    These two are gross.

  2. Kate

    So glad I was first if only to shut up the FIRST geeks.

  3. TCLTC

    #2 = Douche

  4. literarycritic

    I am ashamed to have ever found Tom Cruise even remotely attractive. He has this perpetually smug, self-satisfied, shitsucking look on his face all the time now. Ugh.

  5. zsa

    Well, I think she looks pretty, but that hair is definitely too short on her. Makes you wonder if he is trying to make her more “manly” looking.

    Ugh, can’t stand him…



  6. Kate

    #3 = FIRST geek

  7. RicoSuave

    Did Stiller make any disparaging comments about Scientology in the film ? Something tells me that he probably didn’t.

  8. Jamie


  9. Boston Guy

    Those protestahs ah a buncha RETAHDS

  10. Garv

    Goddamn fascists trying to tell us what we CAN say and what we CAN’T say.

    Political correctness is the most dangerous fascism around nowadays… and it’s disguised in the color-coated shell of supposed “liberalism.”

  11. Black Mambazo

    “If you want to pick on people, as the old playground saying goes, pick on people your own size”

    Well, I’m pretty sure Ben Stiller is retarded…

  12. Raj

    Katie Holmes is so pretty and her daughter Suri Cruise looks Asian but looks so cute and adorable as well.

  13. lmao

    liberalism is a mental illness that leads to = fascism

  14. DT


  15. Cash

    Anyone else think it’s a little ironic that Tim Shriver, the guy who is leading the protest, was an executive producer on that piece of shit Johnny Knoxville-pretends-to-be-retarded-so-he-can-compete-in-the-special-olympics movie The Ringer?


  16. OKIE

    It’s funny how they are so upset about “Tropic Thunder” and using the word retard but nothing was ever said about the movie “The Ringer” with Johnny Knoxville. All that movie did was make fun of the mentally disabled.

  17. rough daddy

    those well to do retards, who are protesting the movie are truly retarded…

  18. OKIE

    Ha! Agreed 15!

    People seems to always just need something to gripe about!

  19. Langdon

    lol. 13 just said liberalism is a mental illness that leads to conservatism.

  20. Rich

    Please. Hate speech is the lifeblood of the Superfish. Everybody gets their turn – n’iggers, spics, gooks, towelheads, kikes, dykes, rectum raiders, you name it. Each time, somebody in that group (or one of their self-anointed protectors) goes into a righteous fury. Then it’s time for the next story. Right now, Napoleonic closeted gay cult leaders are the target, flanked by retards and pod-replacement android women. And possibly Christ-killers, if you want to drag Ben Stiller into it. Have at it, then move on – and don’t fucking moan about it.

  21. alex

    #2: Not so much.

    #4: He is trying to make her look more “manly?” Very original and groundbreaking thought. I haven’t seen every single gossip blog, including this one, make that same joke for the past 2 years.

    #8: Your and You are not interchangeable.

    #10: What color is it coated?

    #12: Is the implication that Asians don’t normally look cute or adorable? Also, very original observation – perhaps you and #4 should start a blog entitled “Witty Observations You Heard A Year Ago”

    #17: Very clever.

  22. NastyBedazzler

    Wow #20 I have no idea what you are even rambling on about…

    …I am so sick of Americans (and others as well) having this weird belief that they have an inherent right to not be offended. That’s life fuckheads, deal with it.

  23. Erica

    Just tell the retards that the movie uses “retard” as a compliment, and they’ll be fine. What do they know, they’re retards.

  24. LaraCroftsmole

    Who do this pair of retards think they are fooling??

  25. Blah

    fuckin retards ain’t nothin’ but trouble (…I mean Tom & Katie, of course;)

  26. Dr. Phil

    Yeah sure. Let’s be very respectful to the retards. Hey, you know what? With women trying to have children at much older ages, there’s TONS more prenatal testing. What for? Oh, mostly Down Syndrome, along with a handful of other much more rare chromosomal disorders. Why test? Oh yeah, so you can kill the fetus (abort), because who the fuck wants a retard kid. If all the testing works well enough, one day in the future we’ll have to hold the Special Olympics competitions by rolling aborted fetuses down a hill. The winner will be scooped up with a gold spatula.

    Kind of a hypocritical country we live in, what-what?

  27. Alex came by and pwned everybody

    Take it easy alex, the people posting comments here really are retarded. You’re shooting fish in a barrel. Pace yourself.

  28. Reilly

    Wow, that’s retarded.

  29. JimiJam

    Ewe are sofa king we taw did.

  30. Thumperchica

    @#21- I believe you must be a “Tropic Thunder” protester… and before you get mad and throw the computer in frustration – I’m calling YOU a RETARD

  31. Thumperchica

    @#21- I believe you must be a “Tropic Thunder” protester… and before you get mad and throw the computer in frustration – I’m calling YOU a RETARD

  32. Mike

    #21….douchebag, #4 comment you’re referring to is in #5, so get your shit straight before jumping on somebody else.

    Katie looks very cute in these pics. Tom is a freak.

  33. VSin

    i feel for her, im trapped in something like this.
    hes closeted

  34. Dozer

    Holy crap Tom let Katie be taller than he is. TCLTC

  35. Matthew

    RUN Katie RUN in the next movie premire and also TCLTC

  36. p0nk

    that is all.

  37. sla

    # 4 — I am ashamed to have ever found Tom Cruise even remotely attractive.

    Amen to that. He was hot in Risky Business and Top Gun (although he did look totally gay in The Outsiders). Now he makes me cringe and he looks like he sucked the blood out of someone.

    At least Katie isn’t wearing those damn jeans.

    I have mixed feelings for Suri: adorable toddler or evil demon-child? Only time will tell.

  38. Crystal

    This is some of the funniest banter I’ve heard on here in a long time…y’all crack me up!

  39. Holyfuck

    I bet at least some of these retard protesters have the Black Eyed Peas in their ipods…


  40. wtafuc

    I definitely wouldn’t want to pick on a retard my own size, it would be way too strong. Nope, maybe a third of normal man size would have the right level of disproportionate strength to brawl with.

  41. Alli

    37. I have mixed feelings for Suri: adorable toddler or evil demon-child? Only time will tell.

    Suri was like as close to natural genetic engineering as you can get. I think he was trying to find the woman who is the most like him to gaurantee the kid looks like him. Ew…. She is such a sheep. She could do better. Katie is a sham wife, kinda like Michael Jackson’s baby momma. But she was obviously star struck and fell for him, or else he’s paying her off in the pre-nup if she sticks it out say… oh, longer than he made it with Nicole… So whatev. Do you know he has his sister and I think his mom living with them? Tell me they have a normal marriage. She is like another one of his employees if you ask me, she has a job. And yes it is sad, that at one point in history Tom Cruise was every ladies dream man. Now I wanna slap the wacky out of him.

  42. Alli

    Oh and PS.. he picked a woman taller than him to genetically engineer the next generation of Cruise’s, kind of like his own personal evolution. haha just my theory!

  43. sameshitdifferentyear

    She’s purrty.

    Stop going to Tom’s hair-stylist Kate

  44. Nige bEN

    I agree hate speech is retarded

  45. ben

    I feel sorry for poor kate. I saw Tom’s ad is still available at What happend to this couple?

  46. CJ

    Has any one bothered to ask the retards if they want this kind of publicity or these kinds of idiots speaking for them? Retards are notorious for letting just about any one speak up for them.

  47. wet newspaper

    Thom mutht be a hummerthethual, he’th wearing a purple jumper.

  48. cady

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  49. you are so very funny and i prefer your writing over any other celebrity gossip site out there. swear.

  50. camel toe

    What a world class Fucktard. Man,he sucks balls.
    I would like to use the pile driver on Katie,though.She just looks in need.

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