Tom Cruise hitchhikes with hookers

tom-cruise-hooker.jpgTo add to the growing list of crazy things Tom Cruise has said, he’s now claiming he used to hitchhike with prostitutes. He tells Britain’s Sunday Times newspaper that he used to hitch rides with men picking up hookers outside New York’s Holland Tunnel when he was a struggling actor.

“There were prostitutes, who used to be around the tunnel, who knew me. They’d see me and they’d go, ‘Look, I’ll pick up a john and you jump in’. So I’d ride through the tunnel to New Jersey. The driver’s a little like, ‘What’s this guy doing in the back seat?’ But he saw I’m just this 18-year-old kid. I didn’t look dangerous. And they didn’t do anything sexual in front of me. I’d get out in New Jersey and say, ‘Thank you very much’. Then I’d hitchhike home.”

Remember when Tom Cruise used to be an actor and not some crazy bastard who ate placenta and hitchhiked with sex workers? Those were simpler times. Better times.


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