Tom Cruise hitchhikes with hookers

April 25th, 2006 // 114 Comments

tom-cruise-hooker.jpgTo add to the growing list of crazy things Tom Cruise has said, he’s now claiming he used to hitchhike with prostitutes. He tells Britain’s Sunday Times newspaper that he used to hitch rides with men picking up hookers outside New York’s Holland Tunnel when he was a struggling actor.

“There were prostitutes, who used to be around the tunnel, who knew me. They’d see me and they’d go, ‘Look, I’ll pick up a john and you jump in’. So I’d ride through the tunnel to New Jersey. The driver’s a little like, ‘What’s this guy doing in the back seat?’ But he saw I’m just this 18-year-old kid. I didn’t look dangerous. And they didn’t do anything sexual in front of me. I’d get out in New Jersey and say, ‘Thank you very much’. Then I’d hitchhike home.”

Remember when Tom Cruise used to be an actor and not some crazy bastard who ate placenta and hitchhiked with sex workers? Those were simpler times. Better times.



  1. VeroMango

    NO WONDER!!! All of my questions are answered.

  2. Fisher55

    thank GOD, a new fucking thread

  3. Giggles

    No, I don’t remember Tom Cruise. Who is he?

  4. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    He forgot to mention how the hookers would let him double up on a trick for 30% of the profit. I guess it slipped his mind.

  5. sherry-co

    Before all you SLIMY SLUGS start spewing vile & hatred comments, just remember, at the end of the day, Tom will go home to Beautiful Katie, a brand new Beautiful little girl, in his own plane, to his own mansion, where skies the limit with anything, and all you have is your fithyly mouths, sitting in your trailer homes, scrounging enough change together for a pack of cigarettes, while waiting for payday to come around again, cuz your broke…TOM CRUISE will ALWAYS get the LAST LAUGH!! hahaha..SCIENTOLOGY RULES!!

  6. Qdarks

    Tom Cruise is giving Michael Jackson a run for his money in terms of weirdness.

  7. munchy

    Ooh, the “you jealous jerks” comment got here early!

  8. Chrystal03

    sherry cola, you’re really starting to get on my nerves. Would you get off this fucking site already.

    Tom Cruise Loves the Cock; he does however look somewhat descent in this pic tho…

  9. thegorgeous&thegrotesque

    Ya know, this may have seemed weird a few years ago, but at this point it seems quaint. Aww.

  10. maryaries

    … until one of his kids, “real” or adopted, write a tell-all about how Scientology doesn’t rule all that much at all and he goes down in horrible, horrible flames, the spell is broken and both Mimi and Nicole can finally have their say and Katie’s family rejoice about finally having her back and wail between tears about the “lost years”. Until then, pototoes may rule but you don’t hear me screaming about it.

    Oh, and TCLTC.

  11. daria405

    Muzzle…we need a muzzle on him, stat.

  12. canucthis

    #5 That is funny but not as funny as the whole Scientology Rules thing…..


    Katie is a high priced “call girl” herself which is why TC, who love the cock, mentioned the story. A light went off in his head….”hey I paid Katie to have a baby made from the gardners seed so I could promote my new movie and so she could get more acting roles….reminds me of the good ol days with the whores in the Holland Tunnel….I think I will tell that story.” That is how it came about….but I digress…TCLTC…..wait already said that ….oh well!

  13. fowler

    i don’t think i have a reason to see another one of his movies ever again.

  14. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I like sherry-co’s over-use of the term “slimy slugs”. It reminds me of something Strawberry Shortcake would say when the Peculiar Purple Pieman of Porcupine Peak would steal all the berries from her berry patch.
    P.S. Nobody loves the cock like Edna – so sweetly, so tenderly. So deep inside her anally.

  15. scarlett138

    Ohhhhh what fun tom, you’re one crazyyy lil man! well between Tommy Boy and K-Fed, I think my day has been made

  16. amelia

    He’s crazy, no doubt about that one. Btw when the heck is the forum going to be back??!

  17. Laffinmybuttoff

    Tom, Katie? who are they?

  18. cindybin2001

    Prostitutes spread disease’s and break up marriages. The police need to do more to stop these terrible people before more people die.

  19. junebug

    He use to “hitchhike” with men looking for hookers? Is that what he calls it?

  20. Jacq

    Sherryco, you may have heard this before, but shut the fuck up. Maybe you should have ALL HAILed TOM CRUISE A CAB.

    I sure that an abusive dad and hitch-hiking with hookers had nothing to do with turning him into a homosexual.

  21. junebug

    Maybe that’s how Cruise gave Sheen sphilius

  22. Pearly

    Sherry-co are you really Katie Holmes? I’m still stumped because you have to be a pretty special brand of moron to come on here and defend these assholes. Especially Tom (loves the cock) Cruise.
    He was getting “rides??” My ass…oh I mean HIS ass.
    I always knew he was a little whore.

  23. brewdick

    sherry baby, fithyly and payday aren’t words and it should be sky’s the limit and you’re broke. if you’re going to insult people about being ignorant you might wanna SPELL CHECK you whinny bitch!

  24. Trotter

    I just barfed up my percocet. I’ve come to realize that one time, at the Holland Tunnel, when I picked up that ONE hooker, well, I thought I felt some stubble against my massive man meat while we were hurtling through the tunnel at 70mph. I asked how much, and she said in an effeminate, crazy voice, “Just a used tampon for me to suck on, and you have to promise to read L. Ron Hubbard’s biography.”

    Tom Cruise sucked my cock. I am so dirty. Edna! Save me!

  25. Dr.Rokter


    Tom Cruise sounds like he has an idyllic life! The only thing he seems to need is a semicolon and a couple of periods.

  26. brewdick

    ok payday is a word…and a candybar but you’re still a whinny bitch

  27. Chrystal03

    yeah and can I be a creepy crawler instead of a slimy slug…???

  28. Why not hitch a ride on say…THE SUBWAY. This is how it starts. Tom wil keep adding more details until it becomes obvious to everyone that he was turning tricks. He wants to tell everyone he loves the cock and this is his way of hinting at it.

  29. Pearly

    26 it’s whiney not whinny (like a horse)
    and Sherryco loves Tom Cruises Scientology psychobabble because she is a fag hag,

  30. Dr.Rokter


    Hee, hee.

    It’s worth pointing out that Strawberry Shortcake *was* a Scientologist. Until her unfortunate murder in a Kansas City bordello in 1988.

  31. nortex001

    #12 – “Katie is a high priced “call girl” herself”

    You are a foul bastard. You should be shot.

  32. Tha-Flash

    Gotta be pretty dumb to fall for Scientology.

  33. Pez_D_Spencer

    Ok, so he worked the Holland Tunnel. Does that make him gay? No, probably not. The fact that he always requested to get dropped off at 53rd & 3rd? Well, maybe. The fact that the NSC has extensive records of him calling Rod Stewart and asking about stomach pumps? *ding ding ding* We have a winner!

  34. “The driver’s a little like, ‘What’s this guy doing in the back seat?’ But he saw I’m just this 18-year-old kid. I didn’t look dangerous”

    I think I’ve seen a movie that started with that same dialogue….

  35. junebug

    So I guess that means, because I’m rich It’s ok for me to cast stones. Right sherry-co?

    Posted by sherry-co on April 25, 2006 04:50 PM

    Hes so grimy and gross looking, look at the big gut he’s getting, he must be eating the same things as Britney…..I sure wish Britney would visit…

    I guess this makes you a slimy slug.

  36. azcoyote

    Kevin Smith should have given George Carlin’s part in “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” to TOm Cruise!!!

    I guarantee Tom has pleasured a truck driver or two in his quest to get to NY. Because Tom Cruise Loves The Cock…

  37. sherry-co

    All you ppl are pathetic..You all wish you were half the kind, generous, amazing person that Tom is..and along with that jealousy, you wish you had a little pinch of his $550 million fortune..And the ONLY SLIMY SLUGS HERE ARE ALL OF YOU…Go crawl back under your trailer homes..SCIENTOLOGY RULES!!!..Oh and JACQ is ready for another 12″ he is sooooo REAMED OUT! Whew..its disgusting & SMELLS real bad!!

  38. Tom Cruise has been ridiculous. I don’t know why he is admitting to such things now. It is like new age celebrity promotion.

    On to a much more important topic, I love how he said the baby cant be with Katie for a week, but it hasnt even been a week yet, and he already admitted that Katie has breast fed the baby.

    Also, he recently proclaimed his love for “Diapers and Feces,” which I think would be interested for the superficial to write about.

    Here are some pictures of Tom Cruise at the Mission Impossible 3 promotion in Rome on I think Monday –

  39. Let’s toast to not watching Mission Impossible 3…

  40. biatcho

    I have said this before and I’ll say it again: Why in god’s good name would anyone intentionally try to go to New Jersey when they were already in New York? And with hookers nonetheless? And gay wannabe actors?
    Jersey should have kept the quir.

  41. Dear Sherry-co,
    Bitch you crazy. Really. I almost certain you are either a) stalking Tom Cruise, or b)Tom Cruise.

  42. Iambananas

    I love Tom Cruise! I wish people would stop trying to make him look so crazy. When it gets right down to it, his job is as an actor… and he is a REALLY good actor! Plus, hes a really nioce guy, and if you don’t like him, you’re just not invited to the party… as Tom said.

  43. crazylittledancer

    Hey Edna… you sure are quiet all of a sudden.

    I’m trying to find you… hee hee… I’ve seen your yearbook picture and I know where your home state is. I’m gonna getcha ha ha ha

    Name: Edna Bambrick
    State: Arkansas
    Email Address:
    Signed: Friday February 24th 2006, 01:35 PM

    This bitch is EVERYWHERE.

  44. Kayla

    #18 said:

    “Johns spread diseases and break up marriages. The police need to do more to stop these terrible people before more people die.”


  45. HotstufLuvmuffin

    Dear Sherry, Your idiot comments were enough to drive me to post for the first time.
    Scientology does rule…if you consider ruling to men that it steals money from mom and pop businesses, drives people to suicide, and kidnaps members who try to leave and lock them in rooms without food and water…yes! Get on with Bad Self Scientology.

  46. pepper brooks

    “But he saw I’m just this 18-year-old kid. I didn’t look dangerous”

    By “I didn’t look dangerous” I’m pretty sure he actually meant “I would suck his dick like a squealing catholic choirboy”. Stupid journalists, always misquoting.

    Jacq, so glad to see you on this thread, and you sound kind of drunk which is awesome
    TCLTC 4ever

  47. sherry-co

    Go Figure..another IGNORANT person trying there hardest to “get” what Scientology stands for, and what it provides you with. With a name like HotstufLuvmuffin did you really seriously think your comment held any weight? Another SLIMY SLUG..please go crawl back under your trailer know that dark, wet, moldy disgusting place all you ppl call home…SCIENTOLOGY RULES!!! TOM CRUISE is #1!!

  48. michelle101

    i found edna’s profile

  49. crazylittledancer

    #48 Nice find! Let’s flood her with dirty IMs, shall we?


  50. crazylittledancer

    Oh shit! And she’s wearing a pearl necklace.

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