Tom Cruise fired for being crazy

August 23rd, 2006 // 112 Comments

The Wall Street Journal reports that Paramount Pictures has ended its 14-year relationship with Tom Cruise’s production company because “his recent conduct has not been acceptable to Paramount.”

“As much as we like him personally,” the Viacom Inc. chairman told The Wall Street Journal, “we thought it was wrong to renew his deal.” Redstone estimated that Cruise’s off-screen behavior cost his latest movie, “Mission: Impossible III,” $100 million to $150 million in ticket sales, even as he praised the film as “the best of the three movies” in the action series. “It’s nothing to do with his acting ability, he’s a terrific actor,” Redstone said. “But we don’t think that someone who effectuates creative suicide and costs the company revenue should be on the lot.”

I can understand Lindsay Lohan getting scolded by the studio but Tom Cruise? Sure he’s loony, but he’s also Tom Fucking Cruise. He makes three phone calls and he owns half of Korea. He’s as big a celebrity as humanly possible so the fact that he lost his job means the entire world is finally going insane. It was a good run, but we might as well just pack up our stuff and move to the moon.


  1. Wanna Pet My Beaver?


  2. Kapuka

    ahh the pain of being seconddd

  3. DancingQueen

    They’re just finding this out??? Please! We’ve known he was a nutcase all along.


  4. Paramount will be sorry when Xenu shows up in his spaceship and kills everyone who is against Tom Cruise…

  5. Ashley

    Paramount is correct – MI III was a very good movie, but people didn’t come because of Tom Cruise. In hollywood you are only as hot as your last movie, which makes him lukewarm at best.

  6. m2k

    I wonder if Tom will be on Dancing With The Stars by this time next year. I hear the distinct sound of a career taking a nosedive off to the west.

  7. dmarie

    Remember the good old days of ‘Cocktail’ and ‘Risky Business’?
    It’s sad that he has wasted his talent. Another celebrity wash-up due to an enlarged ego and an equally big head.

  8. bigponie

    about fucking time, that’s right you beootch, give yourself a hand, all those bashing that we do around here is finally paying off.

  9. clown


  10. kiami

    sumner redstone isn’t a company, he’s the head of paramount, viacom, etc.

  11. beanncheese

    You mean my hopes of a “Days of Thunder 2″ are gone! Arghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. fblau

    TC may indeed LTC but TC sure doesn’t LTC.

  13. kiami

    sorry, he’s the head of viacom which owns paramount

  14. FredLobster


    Stupid ass post racers. Get a job.


    Interesting prespective take by the superificial poster…

    I actually agree, it’s hardly shocking MI3 wasn’t a blockbuster, neither was MI2 really. It’s not like they didn’t make enough money off it. They should’ve just renegotiated his contract-not cut him off entirely.

    How much did “Just My Luck” pull in? If Lohan and Looney Mel-Jewhater-Gibson can still work in Hollywood this seems overly drastic.I don’t like the egomanic but that’s the point I’m making.

  16. Drusilla

    People go to see a Tom Cruise movie, not a movie that happens to star Tom Cruise, so they’re not going to go if his charms (which are totally lost on me) don’t work any more.

    First Mel *spit* Gibson (who at least can act when he chooses to), then Tom Cruise (who can’t). Here’s hoping both careers remain in the toilet forever.

  17. Some other studio will pick him up again. Warners, Universal and Sony comes to mind.

  18. I think the Scientologists already have dibs on the moon. We’ll have to pick a new place from which to watch the apocalypse.

  19. Binky

    I think he’s a natural to replace Chef on South Park

  20. BriBri

    Yea..”As much as we like him…”…we think he’s nuttier than squirrel shit. ha

  21. biatcho

    Sumner Redstone is about 185 and I cannot even imagine that they still allow that man to make decisions, other than choosing soup or salad with a vanilla ensure drink for lunch.

  22. Even Tom’s over-compensating ego must receive this as a wake-up call. The only thing that could save him now is to renounce Scientology, claim to have been brainwashed, and beg forgiveness from us all. We all know that will never happen. I predict he will “move” behind the camera more, producing rather than starring. All kidding aside, how fucked up does this guy have to be to blow it (err, I meant his career). Fuck it – TCLTC.

  23. jrzmommy

    They just got creeped out too much when he’d drag Katie along with him everywhere and she’d just stare at them blankly the entire time. That and the fact that they discovered the 30 ft. phallus Tom worships in the moonlight. TCLTC

  24. Toonlite

    …First, I would like to clarify by saying

    T C L T C …..

    having said that…..the moon is not possible…Tom “TCLTC” Cruise already owns it. and I fully agree with #19 Binky…yes…he would be a splendid new Chef on South Park…but instead of being a ‘ladies man’ he can be a man’s man *wink wink*

    Having said ALL THAT…. I hope all the other studios NOT bank on him….cos he’s a moron and all his money is going toward brainwashing and propagating the ideology that is scientology…..he will swoop down and suck the souls of all of Hollywood’s startlets and make them his strange alien concubines…..

    Tom TCLTC Cruise is fucked and I will not invest one red cent by watching him or his movies to promote is *queer troll vision upon and unsuspecing free world….


    * peace out, not homophobic…just Cruise-aphobic BIG DIFFERENCE

  25. krisdylee

    Ah, sweet, delectable schadenfraude….

    I love letting it linger, like chocolate melting on my tongue….

  26. magickal


    It’s about fucking time Hollywood stopped kissing this douchebag’s ass. Unfortunately, Tom has more money than God so can just start his own production company and hire himself, just like Mel Jewson. It won’t change the fact that people still won’t come out to see his “work”, it’s just too hard to suspend your imagination THAT far when watching any of his films. He could make the best movie in the world, and I would not be able to watch it because TCLTC. I can’t “suspend” my disgust for him long enough to watch anything he’s in, not even the old stuff. Fucking dickhead.

  27. Verbal Osmosis

    Sumner Redstone, keep your cornhole tight, Xenu is coming.

  28. outrageous.opinion

    he not only insulted the anti depressant popping public, but he chose to do it WHILE he was promoting his film. And then he is so vane to think that splashing his stupid “made up” personal life all over the tabloids would get the numbers for the movie. Somthing wrong with that picture? duh, how stupid is he?

    Best news I have heard all week. Its about time he get knocked off his high horse. I hope it sends out the message that even Tom Cruise has some responsibilty when it comes to public relations.

  29. hollywood is notorious for being unfair to gay midgets….

  30. Italian Stallion

    @11 We may not be able to see “Gays Of Thunder 2″ (not that I would want to see any of his movies) but they are coming out with a “Rain Man” sequel. It’s gonna be called “It’s Raining Men” and Dustin Hoffman is replaced with Knight Riders own “The Hoff”…………..

  31. 86

    Of course TC is saying that he & some investors left Paramount to fund their own company. Hm I wonder who is lying here. I vote TC!!!

  32. 86

    31 that’s funny

  33. beckyb

    I bet there’s a lot more weirdness going on than the general public knows about. TC has made almost 1 billion dollars collectively for Paramount. There has to be some really, really weird shit going on that extends beyond jumping on couches for them to drop him. Good for Paramount for drawing a line.

    I know he’s gotten weird, but does anyone think TC has a legitimate mental health issue? Really, all jokes aside, something is not right.

  34. Tha-Flash

    Haha weird scientologist

  35. In related news, to combat the current bad press Tom has announced the formation of his own production company and two exciting new projects. The production company will purportedly be titled Tom Cruise Loves The Cinema, or TCLTC for short, and is a partnership between Mr. Cruise and every other practicing Scientologist in Hollywood. The first film from this studio is sure to court controversy, as it is tentatively entitled “The Passion of the Xenu” and involves volcanic prisons, the evil spirits of dead alien crimelords, and possessed cavemen. The other project is a reality show that’s certain to be a winner. Set to air on the Oxygen network, Cruise Control features cameras following Tom and Kate as they struggle to find success in life, love and work while raising L. Ron Hubbard’s long dreamt antichrist.

  36. 86

    35 I am in total agreement.

    37 I love it.

  37. 86

    I feel bad for him. It must suck to have such bad approval ratings after all those years of success. Not that I care or anything, I think he needs mental help. Poor Katie!

  38. justme

    What celebrity isn’t wacko?

  39. i think its a smart move. Cruise is only going to get weirder and his pictures have been on the decline, both artistically and financially, and he costs too fucking much, let him finance his own shit.

  40. jrzmommy

    Now’s Katie’s chance to say, You got FIRED? You fucking loser. I’m outta here! And pack up that empty bassinette and all the unused layette sets and haul her zombie ass back to Ohio. RUN KATIE! RUN!!!!!

  41. SuperShallow

    Seriously, they finally figured it out, I don’t care how popular, rich or what country he owns, TOME CRUISE SUCKS…
    He’s ugly and has a big nose…

  42. Tom is becoming like crazy Gary Busey and look what happened to his career.

  43. commissioner

    He’s not a gay midgit, he’s a vertically challenged mysogynist. And his strangeness is only eclipsed by Michael Jackson’s.

  44. HughJorganthethird

    Well now they’ve gone and done it. Hollywood has angered Xenu for the last time. Prepare to perish in a scientology nighmare of pain and agony you godless sodomites!

  45. stevie is a girls name

    FINALLY. I fucking hate Tom Cruise with a passion. I mean he was ok in his youth… but now hes just a tiny impotent nutcase. And he loves the cock, so that pretty much settles it.

  46. Jacq

    Cruise and Wagner ended all negotiation when it was discovered that Redstone does not TLC – don’t forget TCLTC.

    Finally, a better version of the “we think you’re weird” slap in the face. Really Tom, it’s not us – it’s you.

    Where’s that Sherryco? I feel cunty today.

  47. sillyrabbit

    ahhhhhhh VINDICATION for all of us!

    37 you are briliant :)

  48. I Will Eat Your Children

    You’re mocking TC for being fired? dude is worth quarter of a billion $$$s.

    Don’t get me wrong he is fond of the cock but when you got that much money you can be as gay as you like. (no Lance Bass)

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