Tom Cruise duped by Heath Ledger’s dad impostor

An impostor claiming to be Heath Ledger’s father Kim Ledger (above) was receiving emotional support over the phone from Tom Cruise. The con man also attempted to milk John Travolta for plane tickets to New York and had the funeral home where Heath’s body was being kept book him rooms at the Carlyle Hotel, according to the New York Post:

Over the next few days, he “had had a couple of conversations with” Cruise, asking for emotional support, said the source. But Cruise abruptly cut him off when he learned “he was an impostor,” the source said. “Heath’s reps found out there was this hoaxer and they called various celebs.” Sources close to Cruise confirmed the impostor contacted him.

This dude is definitely a sick son of a bitch, but I wonder why he picked Tom Cruise and John Travolta. According to the videos I watched on YouTube before the users got their pants sued off, Scientologists are the bee’s knees at picking out liars. And here I was just about to believe that aliens in B-52’s created life on Earth. But now, not so much. For shame Tom Cruise and John Travolta. For shame.

Photo: Splash News