Tom Cruise duped by Heath Ledger’s dad impostor

January 29th, 2008 // 35 Comments

An impostor claiming to be Heath Ledger’s father Kim Ledger (above) was receiving emotional support over the phone from Tom Cruise. The con man also attempted to milk John Travolta for plane tickets to New York and had the funeral home where Heath’s body was being kept book him rooms at the Carlyle Hotel, according to the New York Post:

Over the next few days, he “had had a couple of conversations with” Cruise, asking for emotional support, said the source. But Cruise abruptly cut him off when he learned “he was an impostor,” the source said. “Heath’s reps found out there was this hoaxer and they called various celebs.” Sources close to Cruise confirmed the impostor contacted him.

This dude is definitely a sick son of a bitch, but I wonder why he picked Tom Cruise and John Travolta. According to the videos I watched on YouTube before the users got their pants sued off, Scientologists are the bee’s knees at picking out liars. And here I was just about to believe that aliens in B-52′s created life on Earth. But now, not so much. For shame Tom Cruise and John Travolta. For shame.

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  1. fergernauster

    *Tsk… tsk*. That was certainly a greasy gag if I’ve ever heard one.

    It’s also funny because Cruise et Travolta were sucked in.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!

  2. for real

    tom cruise propositioned me in a public restroom at a rest stop one time. I told him while he was the right height to gulp my manmeat, it would probably run all the way through him and come out his ass. and i don’t do the ass tom, i just dont.

  3. Wow, that is awe-inspiringly sleazy. Kudos, Weird Con Artist. Kudos.

  4. Mr.Poon

    Why do I get the feeling whoever did this is an avid superficial reader…

  5. What??? That’s pretty messed up

  6. kitty_kat

    Absolutely disgusting. What a creep!

  7. I wonder if TC, who by the way LTC, tried Scientologize him. No wait… that would involve him dropping his pants, grabbing his ankles, and couging…

  8. Hugh Jorgan

    Your not fooling anyone D. Richards, we all know this was you.

    Good work BTW.

  9. Gerald_Tarrant

    Is that Kevin Spacey? I think he was researching for a role. I hope he doesn’t get insomnia from getting so into the role.

  10. D. Richards (Heath's leach.)

    Fucking awesome! Man, what a genius. What balls, that guy! Just an insane shifter; chasing his gold and using death. I wanna suck his cock dry for that bit of bravado! God speed, self.

    The conman in this story is cool too.

    Thanks, #8. The only hard part was keeping a straight face.

  11. fergernauster

    There is a very powerful anti-$cientology group which has banded together to cleanse the earth of $cientology. Reports advise that it will not stop until entirely successful.

    My wild guess is that its leader masterminded this hoax.

  12. Ted from LA

    It was only a joke. Perhaps I went over the line this time, but I didn’t mean to hurt anyone.

  13. anonymous

    anonymous is watching.

    anonymous is collecting information.

    expect us.

  14. misery bunny

    i bet it was fun to talk to the imposter… *after* you found out he was an imposter. you could get him all worked up about his “son,” and then start making stuff up. sob, sob. “my son was my hero!” pause. “yeah. there was that time he stuffed those rolled dimes up his ass. horizontally,” pause, “i feel your loss.”

    anon, do you do children’s parties?

  15. The impostor knew what he was doing – he was trying to get tickets by offering Travolta 20 minutes alone with the body.

  16. Spongebob Gangsta

    Trying to pull the wool over Tom and Johns eyes, eh??

    Shame on you, Phil Hartman. Shame…

    Hey wait…aren’t you….??

  17. Auntie Kryst

    I’m guessing the conman is an aussie, so I’m calling him Bruce. Buy Bruce a tinny! Why? It’s because John and Tom know it’s a privilege to be scientologists. They have to help because as scientologists, only they know they can help. They don’t ask the authorities for permission because they are the authorities.

    Shit with that kind of mentality who wouldn’t be tempted to con such idiots out of their money.

  18. SexyV

    OMG A con man who can fool Tom and John?

    Well of course thats IMPOSSIBLE, I mean it’s not like they were conned into following Xenu. Theres NO WAY that Scientology is a brand new religion designed FOR THE PURPOSE of taking their followers money.

    Congrats Con man. Obviously E.T. forgot to come give Tom and John their instructions that night, or you wouldn’t have gotten away with it. But you have a real set.

  19. Katie Holmes’ secret first pregnancy
    Those who barely remember “American Pie” star Chris Klein, let alone that he dated the current Mrs. Cruise, will be nonetheless shocked to learn that he may have impregnated Katie Holmes long before she met Tom.
    “Shortly after his relationship with Katie ended, Chris and I had a heart-to-heart,” some guy claiming to be Chris’s friend recently told the National Enquirer. “We were having dinner at Cafeteria, a restaurant in New York’s Chelsea district, when Chris blurted out: ‘Dude, you know I got Katie preggers.’”
    “There was a long silence,” remembers the guy National Enquirer claims passed a polygraph test. “I realized Chris had said more than he had intended. My next thought was: What happened to the baby?”

  20. FRT

    I bet little, tiny, “Tom Thumb” was the one who was really peeved off at being duped…he probably had the guy all signed up to attend his first meeting of the people from outer-space…and was ready to put the vacuum cleaner to his life’s savings!

    Consider yourself saved Mr. Imposter!

  21. Koko

    I guess Tommy’s inner alien really can’t talk to other people’s inner aliens, or he’d have known immediately he was being lied to by the impost…

    Heeeeeyyy… Waitaminute!!

  22. CougarTexas

    This would not be funny had it happened to MY family, but haha. This is really kinda funny, because I don’t think the intention was for this guy to disrespect Heath and his death and his family’s pan (although it did). What he wanted to do was cast yet ANOTHER grey shadow on the fucking freak that’s known as Tom Holmes Cruise. That’s righteous.

  23. mamadough

    wait…didn’t tom saying something one time is some video about picking up on liars with his super-duper bullshit abilites? tickets and hotels rooms? come on man, i would have just asked for a sandwich….

  24. El-Coyote

    11 – Where do I sign up?

    13 – Two words. Sig Sauer.

  25. Love you-Tom Cruise! I am a fan of you! You are handsome.


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  26. Auto-Erotic-Asphixiation

    Duped by the man with the shiny metal hat ?
    Hmmm …………..

  27. AnonHatter

    This just proves the Scientology is real.

  28. SuppressivePerson

    The aliens came to earth in DC-8s, not B-52s. God, what kind of SP thetans are you?

  29. Assbestos

    Why not? We already know Scientologists are complete suckers.

  30. bob

    I saw Tom’s profile on millionaire dating site W e a l t h yR o m a n c last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship he is looking for on that site.

  31. Doomhammer

    All I know is that this kind of ingenuity should be rewarded !! This man clearly should have his own TV show at least, and be President of the USA at best !!

    Congrats on an excellent con job on two fools !! LMAO!!

    But seriously, these scientologists need to be train railed to a mustard gas facility at once. Just kidding!! Hahaha. But seriously, they need to be in mass graves asap.

  32. kirsten dunst

    you guys that orb to the right of his face is heath’s spirit. just thought you guys might want to know.

  33. matelot

    what a fucking shyster

  34. claire

    32 thats sooo sweet

  35. Got news for you buddy, for the originator of this slam against will and Scientology. You ARE Darth Vader.

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