Tom Cruise arrives at The Late Show with David Letterman

May 3rd, 2006 // 127 Comments

Tom Cruise has fallen so far off the sanity map that the little white thing he’s chewing in his mouth could be his baby’s thumb and nobody would be surprised.


  1. Iambananas

    95… that was uncalled for and classless

  2. PapaHotNuts

    @ 99

    They only touched my hand as they ripped the hamburger from my grasp. It was a really good burger too. Fat bitches, ugly fat bitches… Great now I’m crying. Damn you Trotter.

  3. netsurfer

    TC is the new spokesman of hair club for men. You can tell it’s definitely not real.

  4. Fisher55

    95, u fuckin rule

  5. I’d slap myself if I was at a LSU game. Unless I was busy banging all the chick cheerleaders and other various Sorostitutes and Horority girls.

  6. PapaHotNuts

    @ 105- Why would you do that? I’m sure I could find hundreds of people to slap you. I’ll go first so the rest won’t feel near as bad.

  7. Nick took the good out of LSU and lost it on his way to Miami.

  8. Trotter

    Sorry, man. But that’s what I do. Make grown ups cry over stolen meat.

  9. PapaHotNuts

    Yea, those two losses and a top ten ranking last year are horrible. Fucking idiot.

  10. Fa Cube Itches

    109 – Sorry about the spanking we gave you in the title game. Payback! :)

    LSU has a pretty good program though. That new coach should do well for you.

  11. radio4play

    FIRST ya mofo’s FIRST

  12. krisdylee

    weren’t we talking about me and my hot pussy?????

  13. Trotter

    How hot is it? Can it melt metal?

  14. You guys are Retarded. Not you guys, you guys are cool. They know who they are.

  15. Have you seen this website?

    This chick is crazy and one of the first people I met in Hollywood. I don’t know how but she was. And I still see her at my gym but I run and hide usually.

  16. edna3

    Tom Cruise Loves The Cock

  17. gogoboots

    TCLTC!!!!! See how wide he opens his mouth for the HUGE ass cocks he so adores!

  18. krisdylee


    PapaHotNuts Loves KrisDylee’s Pussy

  19. krisdylee

    I Love My Pussy.

  20. Fa Cube Itches

    119 – You bare it, we’ll share it?

  21. Fa Cube Itches

    What’s the over/under on him finally growing a cock-duster mustache?

  22. LickyLicky

    Looks like Papa finally managed to chew through the ropes. FUCK.

    That being said…

    Tom Cruise Looks Totally Crazy
    Tom Cruise Licked Thirty Cocks
    Tom Cruise Launched Tiny Crazies (spermies)
    Tom Can’t Lick That Cooch

    What a horrid website. I don’t have the perfect bod, but I never understood these women who get so grossly overweight that they can’t even function in normal society, then band together to convince themselves that they are sooooooo happy being fat, life is good being fat, and it’s okay to screw around with medical insurance plans that we all pay for by leaving themselves open for diabetes, heart disease, ruined knees and hips, and all the other shit that goes along with being morbidly obese. Goes for men, too, but sadly, men don’t have to make excuses for being fat slobs.

    Go run around the fucking block or something. Put down the ice cream and pick up an apple.

  23. slinkhard

    Men might not have to make excuses, 122, (although trying get laid out there, fat guys, and see how picky women can also be about bodies) but you pay for their insurance just the same.

  24. LickyLicky

    Which is why I said, “Goes for men, too…”

  25. Faye Valentine

    ugh. why does anyone think that man is attractive??

  26. junebug

    Johnny Depp is a fag.

  27. Astriastar

    hey loser, Kanye called. He wants his glasses back.

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