Tom Cruise apologizes to Brooke Shields

September 5th, 2006 // 15 Comments

During a Friday appearance on Jay Leno, Brooke Shields said Tom Cruise came over to her house and apologized for criticizing her use of antidepressants. She says:

“He came over to my house, and he gave me a heartfelt apology. And he apologized for bringing me into the whole thing and for everything that happened. And through it all, I was so impressed with how heartfelt it was. And I didn’t feel at any time that I had to defend myself, nor did I feel that he was trying to convince me of anything other than the fact that he was deeply sorry. And I accepted it.”

A rep for Cruise confirmed the apology, also noting that “he has not changed his position about antidepressants, which as evidenced by the black label warnings issued by the FDA on these types of drugs, are unhealthy.” But you know what position he did change? His sexual position. Because why give it in the ass when you can take it in the ass? Zing! He’s gay!


  1. jrzmommy

    The white suit, the sunglasses and that pose—he looks like Liberace and the Good Humor Man had a love child and it came out a screaming faggot named Tom.

  2. Tom Cruise’s favorite type of fish is trouser-trout.

  3. dupababy

    every morning when they hook tom up to the youngdoctorfrankenstein table at the center for sciencegynecology and shoot electic voltage through his brain is another day when drugs are evil and sickness is a state of your own imagination..

    the dude’s whack.. and gay.. and he has an alien baby.. and a fake wife.. and he’ll be the first one to tell you that his reality is better than yours.. much..

  4. Frankly, I think he apologized because he is beginning to realize that he is making an ass out of himself.

    I honestly don’t think up until now he has realized this. He seemed to be so defensive in his interviews that it was clear that all his energy was going into trying to make everyone else wrong.

    Maybe getting dismissed by his studio has finally been a wake up call to him. Who knows, regardless, I am glad that he is finally doing the right thing.

  5. At least we know he’s a good enough actor to fool brooke shields.

  6. That’s like pissing on the fire AFTER the house burned down. he’s gone to shit..his career in in the toilet and he thinks and so now he wants to look like a heartfelt good guy. It’ SEEMED heartfelt because he knows he’s fucked.

    It’s like when people don’t apologize or wouldn’t apologize to you unless they got caught.

    she should have kicked him in the balls.

  7. Cat

    Yeah, of course the apology seemed “heartfelt.” HE’S AN ACTOR. An actor who LTC.

  8. Yeah, of course the apology seemed “heartfelt.” HE’S AN ACTOR. An actor who LTC.

    LOL! LTC!

  9. hesboolala

    Tom Cruise LOVES- just LOVES- the cock.
    And by that I mean LOVES THE COCK.
    Brooke should have taken a pair of sissors to him, and fed his cock to her dog.
    That dog LOVES the cock too.

  10. RichPort

    TCLTC!!! Maybe all of his antics are just masking a deep-seated depression is massive need of medication. I hope Brooke slipped a crushed Percaset in his tea. Of course there is no cure for loving the cock.

  11. Ag229487


  12. Miss Muffin

    God I hate that guy. I didn’t like Scarlett Johansson until I recently heard where she told him to stick it in trying to convert her to scientology, class.

  13. breezydae317

    Tom Cruise is a faggot. How would he know how poat partum depression would feel.

  14. Another day, another outrage. Show must go on…

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