Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes break up

February 14th, 2006 // 94 Comments

cruise-holmes-split.jpgLife&Style Weekly is claiming that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have agreed to call off their wedding and ultimately split, although sources say they’re going to keep up the appearance of a relationship until their baby is born.

In the meantime, the couple will live in his Beverly Hills home – though sleeping in separate bedrooms – through the summer. Then, presumably, they’ll announce a separation – but Tom plans to buy Katie a home nearby so he can visit his child whenever he wishes. “They’ll share custody,” says the friend, who claims the couple are drawing up a legal document to provide for Katie


  1. Belle

    “Don’t mean to jump off the bandwagon, but is this not the same magazine who said Jessica Simpson was pregnant the very week her and Nick announced their split? I mean it’s Life&Style. I don’t think they have had an accurate cover in … well … never!”

    Sorry, three comments all at once.. But that was Star.

  2. pixie-stix

    Belle, I was being facetious. I do think magazines make things up – with the help of publicists.

  3. azcoyote

    Already being denied….

    Hmm… Well, he is most assuredly gay…
    She most assuredly got knocked up by a turkey baster, and there is no doubt that her escape is emminent.

  4. PKClover

    No, it was Life&Style. Star is the one that did the story on Jennifer Aniston being pregnant when she and Brad Pitt had in fact spilt. I mean it’s not like it’s People or even US Weekly reporting on this crap story. And I am pretty sure “pal” means “TomKat rode in their cab once and didn’t leave a tip”.

  5. Binky

    Just read that new story – ” Now they’re together but not together. It’s a really weird situation.”
    Weird ? Sounds like most marriages !!
    (oops it’s Valentines – sorry)

  6. Jayne

    Tom Cruise kills Oprah

    ^^I typed that in as #35 suggested and I couldn’t stop laughing.
    Maybe it’s because I’ve drank my third mountain dew for the day.
    I really don’t know.

  7. They’re splitting up when she’s 7 months pregnant?

    They must really despise each other, although Tom Cruis has been rather ‘nutty’ lately.

  8. LoneWolf

    It won’t be long now before Katie’s jumping on Oprah’s couch screaming “Free at last! Free at last! Prasie L. Ron Hubbard, I’m free at last!”

    What a couple of complete tools. They, like Mr. & Mrs. Federline, totally deserve each other. It won’t be soon enough when the wheels come off that wagon as well.

  9. escapevelocity

    wow, i bet nobody ever saw this coming.

  10. If this is not a hoax, Tom Cruise has finally transformed into the new celebrity that everyone thinks is a off their rocker ala Michael Jackson (well minus the little boy preference.)

    The Mad Dater,
    “Because there’s a Bastard in all of us”

  11. playahater101

    Did anyone else notice the other headline?

    Brad and Angie’s birthday surprise for Jen?

  12. It wouldnt suprise me. I mean she was probably so freaked that she was actually dating and fucking Tom Cruise that she stayed with him…then once she relaized he was crazy she plit with him. Ultimately…who really cares.

  13. HughJorganthethird

    Now Tom can be free to marry his one true love, the mummified corpse of L. Ron Hubbard.

  14. such_a_person

    They’ve officially denied it.

    Would’ve been nice, though.

  15. DannyJames

    if this is true then it just proves without a doubt that this whole thing was a setup. She is just having his artificially implanted child and when its born they’ll split and she’ll take a check.

  16. OH. MY. GOD.

    Seriously, it’s almost like we didn’t see this coming.

  17. Iouliana

    who cares anymore. why are they even on this gossip site. are there any tom cruise or katie holmes movies coming out? whats the deal…

  18. not-one-of-you

    the only part that has me worried is the Life& Style is the so-called ‘source’….the same mag that had us Chiniston and Vaughn engaged, jess and nick with babies, brangelina broken up. is this too good to be true…..

  19. ir0ny!

    Awesome. Sure hope it’s true. Maybe Tom was trying to have a TALL kid.

  20. NJboy1967


  21. You heard it here first, Mission Impossible 3 will tank.

  22. Go Sip

    Tom Cruise is gayer than 9 guys blowing 8 guys. It was a matter of time before she realized he was a gay leprechaun. She must have found out he wears “lifts” in his shoes and that was the final straw.

  23. maiira

    Please someone tell me this isn’t a joke. Please god let it be real. Because then my faith in humanity will climb upward at least a notch or two.

    So if it’s real…YAY FOR WWEETY!!!

  24. Tracy

    I said from the very beginning, when Tom was jumping the couch, that it couldn’t last. When you’re in love for real, it makes you calm and blissful, not hyper and spastic.

  25. Tom may have jumped the couch…but now their relationship has jumped the shark.

  26. poos'n'wees'n'bumblebees

    yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay
    yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yayyay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yayyay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay!!!!!!! if it’s true…

  27. blackblackheart

    You’re an ass hat.
    Go away if you hate it so much.

  28. LickyLicky

    Happy Birthday, LayDee!

    Hee hee.. isn’t this the best gift ever, even if it’s not true? Just seeing it in print is enough.

  29. okiedoke

    #46 you hit the nail on the head. I bet this story is a plant. Doesn’t he have a movie coming out soon?

  30. Dan

    I wonder if they’re going to have a “miscarriage.”

  31. Sweet_cheeks

    #53, jessica and nick denied they were having troubles every day up until they announced their divorce.

    they’ll deny it up until they are ready to announce it.

  32. 80zLuvChild

    aww but they seemed like the perfect couple what with katie’s stroke-like crooked smile and tom’s chair leaping!!! cant say im surprised, theyre both dicks and now she’s stuck with some kid hahahaha SUCK

  33. I'm in the nude for love scoo ba di booo salami

    Wow, can I just say that I am the tiniest bit relieved? And that’s not just because I just relieved myself, but because now I get to see the rest of this horrific space alien drama play itself out. I would have hated it if fate had cheated me of seeing the galactic battle between Katie’s parents and lord Xenu for the mind of their princess daughter carrying the heir to the universe throne… or something similar.

  34. Dan

    #83: That just says they’re denying it though, right?

  35. Rylie

    Tom ya gotta come outta the closet man oh may gah!

  36. M.Gay

    WWEETIE — Now ditch the handlers, too, and you might finally feel like drinking some of your “escape” coffee. Or not.

  37. my first posting on, i don’t know what to say. hope she can live with herself. what the hell happened to katie? maybe her family will kidnap her back, and de brainwash her. i started a blog today myself. its about art.

  38. Evangelia

    #21 – I totally agree with you! So sadly obvious.

  39. Umm, hello. Anyone ever read the original script for Top Gun? Maverick is supposed to have Goose on the back of his motorcycle, not “Charlie” (convenient naming). It was supposed to be Brokeback Navy.

  40. Did you ever think maybe he had no choice BUT to use a turkey baster to impregnate her? You know what they say about short men. I bet giving Tom a blow job would be like trying to find a needle in a hay stack…a really hairy sweaty hay stack.

  41. So much for crazily in love.

  42. KissMyIS350

    Tom is going to look back at all of the crazy shit he’s done over the past year and say What The Hell Was I THINKING? People used to look up to him, but the scientology crap, the katie debacle, the post-partum depression fight with Brooke Shields and Matt Lauer, and his general goofiness have really brought him back to earth. See kids, this is what happens when an idolized celebrity becomes a cocktail party joke.

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