Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes break up

February 14th, 2006 // 94 Comments

cruise-holmes-split.jpgLife&Style Weekly is claiming that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have agreed to call off their wedding and ultimately split, although sources say they’re going to keep up the appearance of a relationship until their baby is born.

In the meantime, the couple will live in his Beverly Hills home – though sleeping in separate bedrooms – through the summer. Then, presumably, they’ll announce a separation – but Tom plans to buy Katie a home nearby so he can visit his child whenever he wishes. “They’ll share custody,” says the friend, who claims the couple are drawing up a legal document to provide for Katie


  1. deyanira_spain

    hohohoh, maybe she wasn’t that stupid at all! and she has now a neverending flow of money for the rest of her life. :P

    well done! :P

  2. Nice, they didn’t even make it till the baby was born. Nice, well at least she is free of his tyrany.

  3. Can someone say surrogacy?

  4. He probably dumped her because she was getting fat.

  5. HeeHaw

    #3 – Exactly.

    And same for #1. She’s set for the next 18 years. ;)

  6. LaydeeBug

    Toldja so, toldja so, toldja, toldja, toldja so!

  7. richelle

    wow. hahaha.

  8. Saucie

    Nicole Kidman’s black ops mission was accomplished. Saving women from Tom Cruise all over the world.

  9. Jayne her brain back?

  10. Sheva

    As much as I luv this site, I have to say, will this set the record for longest thread? What is the record?

    Anyway, this if true is too bizarre for words. I mean when was the last time you heard about a preganant girl dump a rich guy while she’s preganant.

    Maybe Tom will just slip her some RU86 or whatever that abortion drug is and be done with her. Or maybe it serves his purpose not to.

    Oh this is just cerrrrrraazy, boiiiyeeeee.

  11. nbk

    I bet they split after Tom Cruise invited John Travolta over for a threesome and Katie was told to participate by video taping them. Ha!

  12. always answer b


  13. eatyourfeedback

    I really, really, really hope this isn’t a joke.

  14. pixie-stix

    Gotta laugh at gossip rags that cite their source as ‘a friend’ (read:the writer pulled info out of their ass). Still, I hope it’s true that she got sick of Scientology and Tom’s insanity.

  15. LaydeeBug

    Beard. They never looked like they actually liked each other in pictures, ya know?

  16. HughJorganthethird

    The best part is that now, regardless of what K Holmes goes on to accomplish in her life, she will always be known as “The Woman Who Had Tom Cruise’s Crazy baby” (T.W.W.H.T.C.C.B)

    I’ve got $20 that says this kid is kidnapped at some point in it’s life by scientologists.

  17. ashleigh Nankivell

    aparently-her parents’ investment in a team of brainwashing-reversal specialistists payed off. thank god-it’s sad to see anyone chained in the basement as a baby-making machine. Xenu, however, will be mighty upset. Beware the wrath of Xenu.

  18. Saucie

    Now I am sure Mr. Little Diddly had plenty of warning. How long can a girl put up with her man banging “women” from other planets? Oh sure, he said it was a medical probe but I think not.

  19. manunited

    She must have been digging her way out of the cellar for months!

  20. HollyJ

    I hope he caught her lip leprosy, at least.

  21. I guess there are no more doubts about this being a publicity stunt in which Cruise paid her to be his gf and it’s a turkey baster pregnancy.

    That’s really sad. Paying for a girlfriend. This CANT be the guy from Top Gun. It’s not possible.

  22. Binky

    Anyone who has ever visited This Site won’t think this is too surprising.
    Good luck to them.

  23. NewGuy


    I thought this site was supposed to be funny. My bad.

    Please post something entertaining. Everyone hates this place and talks mad poop about it on other websites because it sucks so much.

  24. ESQ

    In response to comment #2 – I disagree with you. Unfortunately she will be under Tom’s wrath with or without him forever. He still will be controling due to Katie having his baby.

  25. Caught Dead In That Dress

    NewGuy, I think it says lots about you that you’re hanging out here if you hate it so much.

    And by lots I mean ‘You’re a choad’

  26. Caught Dead In That Dress

    PS ‘Mad poop’……?

  27. Allie D.

    I think this is pretty simple, really. Tom is gay. He wanted a child. He put up a front of a “relationship” by choosing a young girl to give him what he needs. Now suddenly the relationship is “over”.

    This is like the whole Michael Jackson/Debbie Rowe thing.

  28. Maybe it’s for the best, considering the baby is half-Cylon.

  29. Hohlraum

    I’ll bet that she thinks having the kid will stop that feeling of spiders crawling all over inside her. Too bad, thats never going to happen, she has been tainted by evile. the froo-its of the deveeel.

  30. CelebGossipAficionado


  31. antispace

    I really really hope he doesn’t get custody of the baby. How messed up would that kid be being raised by Tom Cruise? *shudders*

  32. pookiedoo

    Seven months pregnant and they split up. Hmmm, this sounds familiar. Has Tom been dancing back-up for Britney by any chance? Just pray to God that Tom doesn’t attempt a rap career.

  33. PapaHotNuts

    Now I can have him all to myself. And the Lord Xenu can join in for a little menage-a-toligist.

  34. PKClover

    Don’t mean to jump off the bandwagon, but is this not the same magazine who said Jessica Simpson was pregnant the very week her and Nick announced their split? I mean it’s Life&Style. I don’t think they have had an accurate cover in … well … never!

  35. twodollartricks

    At last. I can now sleep at night knowing that Katie will soon be away from Tom’s evil twistedness.

    (Type in “Tom Cruise kills Oprah” on Google – hilarious!)

  36. al rarow

    “Anyway, this if true is too bizarre for words. I mean when was the last time you heard about a preganant girl dump a rich guy while she’s preganant.”

    Recently — Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen!

  37. I think they gave up because polls in magazines like “People” were saying that most people thought their relationship was B.S. from the beginning, even the press was starting to joke about how they had 5 poses. “Backward Katie which was her hugging him from behinde, swooning Katie, which was him bending her back to kiss her, running Katie which was him walking holding her hand and her running behinde looking like she was trying to catch up etc… all of those poses by the way hide the fact that he is 3 feet shorter than her. The sad thing is, he’s exposed his craziness so publicly now that I doubt he could even land a date with Leif Garrett (or if he’s still playing straight, with Janice Dickenson) And one more thing, To comment #23. So let me get this straight, you actually took the time to post, to say that this site sucks? If I hate a website, I NEVER take the time to post, I just leave, you must really have a great amazing fun filled life if you waste time posting on websites you hate. (Snicker)

  38. HAIL XENU!

    Katie Holmes was not an operating Thetan. She is unclean.

  39. LaydeeBug

    I’d hit it!

  40. playahater101

    I hope she starts to look young and pretty again instead of old and ill now that Tom has stopped sucking the life outta her. Those scientologists will be after that kid for life. The son/daughter of the beloved Tom Cruise

    This story is eerily similar to both Michael Jackson’s life and Rosemary’s Baby.

    #11 LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Sara=hater

    1. Hmm, wonder who dumped who?
    She was probably sick of hearing about his homosexual tendancies during their religious “audits”. And wearing coveralls to bed. And him referncing how Nicole Kidman “Never gained a pound when they adopted”. Or maybe she’s a little depressed and he threw vitamins at her and she flipped.
    It’s all supposition at this point.
    2.So he can see HIS baby whenever he wants. His, not thiers. I bet there’s gonna be a struggle over custody.

  42. Sheva

    Ladyebug, you make me laugh.
    But on the preganant woman front, Denise Richard was married to the Charlie Sheen before she got pregnant no?
    And wasn’t she pregnant with number two when she threw in the towel on a reconcilliation?

    She also had some money from her short lived whoring career no?

    Okay, don’t answer all these questions: it’s on with the pregger Katie and Tom from Xenu show.

  43. woohoogirl

    Best…. Valentine’s Day Gift…. Ever!!!

    Yay ! Yay ! Yay ! Yay ! Yay !

    Now I can believe in love again! ;)

  44. Zed

    Maybe now her cold sore will clear up. Finally.

  45. jka

    I bet that, despite the break-up, he will still keep her “tucked away” for months, or at least until he and his sister can find a newborn baby to adopt and pretend it came out of Katie. And by “tucked away,” I mean captive, at the bottom of a deep hole in a cellar underneath the Scientology Celebrity Center; no more coffee runs either.

  46. Belle

    “Gotta laugh at gossip rags that cite their source as ‘a friend’ (read:the writer pulled info out of their ass). Still, I hope it’s true that she got sick of Scientology and Tom’s insanity.” ~pixie-stix (#14)

    “Friend” often times can mean “publicist”… Nothing appears in celebrity gossip magazines on accident, it’s all about giving the scoop and getting your client maximum publicity. It may not be true, but most likely the friend was someone close to Tom like a publicist who wants to create hype. Friend means more than you think!

  47. Belle

    Oh, and my guess is this was the plan all along.. Pretend that they are in love, have baby with famous mom, and break up- Tom gets the baby he wanted and doesn’t have to do any of that gross stuff like kiss a girl anymore.

    You had to have seen this coming.. why else would they not have gotten married yet? They don’t have to deal with divorce issues, no pre-nup or anything to deal with.. So they split custody, he pays her money, and he gets to get rid of the girl and keep the baby.

    This is like watching a bad movie, you could predict where it was going from day one.

  48. asenath7766

    This must be proof Tom Cruise is gay. The benefit of having progeny to appear “straight”, without having to commit to someone he’s not attracted to. Katie Holmes probably became privy to his real preferences and perhaps did indeed come to her senses about Scientology.

  49. Saucie

    I have it from a reliable “source” that the reason for the breakup was that Katie was on the Superficial this morning and recognized the shade of lipstick on Tommy Lee as the exact shade on Tom’s teeny tiny weenie. Pucker up Tommy boys.

  50. chewgees

    I never saw this coming…..

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