Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are fighting

May 24th, 2006 // 124 Comments

holmes-cruise-fight.jpgLife & Style Weekly reports Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got into a big fight which resulted in Holmes leaving Cruise behind and heading to Ohio to introduce baby Suri to family and friends.


  1. herbiefrog

    71 yes you can come back now :)
    what are we going to with all
    that lovery money :)

    lol lover :)

  2. herbiefrog

    85 that is best handled in another place
    not everything

    “do you really want to talk about tha

  3. herbiefrog

    88 no wait…
    didnt i pupate in the big head or something ?

    lol guys :)

  4. herbiefrog


  5. herbiefrog

    one last message
    from d





    pain can be pleasure
    you have until my birthday
    which is tomrrow
    so until midnight today my time
    its 1117 here

    so today is judgement day
    make it better
    i dont need another bithrthday
    good luck)

  6. poopscoop

    Poor ole Tom, left at home in his cock shaped slippers, sipping a placenta smoothie and pining for his invisible spawn baby. Wheres the love?

  7. herbiefrog

    ps i didnt take the blue pill
    so this time
    its real
    the last human dolphin
    try your best

  8. aims_25

    Why does this not surprise me? Although the fact that they were even “together” in the first place was surprising.

  9. poopscoop

    Jeezus Herbiefrog take a break.

  10. Toonlite

    *prancing in with a ballet tu-tu and executing a a jump and hopping on sofa several times*
    IS IT TRUE KATIE IS FINALLY GROWING BALLS *and not the balls Tom craves* AND LEAVING TOM!?!?!?

    I guess being impregegnated with a turkey baster is not Katie’s idea of love as Tom has attempted to convince her is love….Xenu style. DAMN ENGRAMS!!!!

    Okay I have to go and take this tu tu and dance mat back to Tom’s closet…before he relizes I took them.. NA-NU NA-NU!!!!

  11. blueballs

    Tomm And Katie’s Marriage: Mission Impossible 4…in theaters soon.

  12. MystressJade

    Would you pretty please kill herbiefrog for me? I will heart you forever!

    Your bestest admirer,

  13. parishaswarts

    #107 herbie

    you said something about “ps i didnt take the blue pill”

    my recommendation to you is to always remember to take your crazy pills so u dont turn into a human dolphin. schizophrenia is a very wicked disease.

  14. Sunny

    I don’t know.

    If he can make her do a silent birth, he could make her do anything.


  15. maylenemaire

    What on earth is a sane person like katie involved with psycho like tom anyways?

  16. maylenemaire

    kidman should have warned her

  17. Lord Absu

    116. No, Nic is laughing, laughing hard and enjoying herself from far FAR away in Australia where she’s shacked up with Mr. Urban, who is a) not 10 years older than her, b)not demanding she become his slave, c) change her religion, d) is hotter than Tom and e) isn’t TCLTC. She knew all Tom wants is a little slave girl to be dazzled and awed by his brilliance and do every little thing he asks her and not have any thoughts but his own in his head. (Is that so wrong?) Also Katie shoud know better than to date weirdoes that are old enogh to be her daddy. One daddy is enough.

  18. parishaswarts

    THIS IS HUGE. i found an a letter written by L. Ron Hubbard on 15 October 1947. In it, he BEGS for psychiatric help. Hmmmm. 21 years later he denounces it. HYPOCRIT!

  19. DaNiGuRl

    Ok, i might be a little slow here but i see the “TCLTC” thing everyone always writes in and well….i don’t get it?!? I see it everywhere, can someone tell me what that is or what it means??? Sorry for the slowness if its obvious or if it’s something everyone is supposed to know…my biological sister is Jessica Simpson and well you can figure the rest……: D

    I had to crack one on Jess……sorry!

  20. PleistoceneAvifauna

    119. DaNiGuRi, obviously TCLTC stands for “Tom Cruise likes to cook!”

  21. kharan

    Thank you. Welcome back Katie. Think about the baby…if he has a father but not a good one then it’s much better to have none. I hope you will soon realize that being with Tom is a curse. Think again. To marry or not?

  22. I will believe it when I see it. Until she has moved into a place with HER family securely around her, I won’t hold my breath. I can not see Tom and the cult giving up without a fight.

    I fear for Katie more now than I did when she was under the spell of these charmers.

    Pray for her, she is going to need it.

  23. Hey, knock it off, Scientologists are people, too.

    Just kidding.

  24. I didn’t know Katie had the backbone to take on Tom about anything. Good for her. No matter what she yelled at him about, no matter how minor, there has got to be an avalanche of repressed rage she has against him. Maybe he only allows her to bitch at him about the small things. Off limits has got to be everything major in her life that he has already decided for her or that she has already sacrificed. I wouldn’t change places with her for anything.

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