Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are fighting

May 24th, 2006 // 124 Comments

holmes-cruise-fight.jpgLife & Style Weekly reports Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got into a big fight which resulted in Holmes leaving Cruise behind and heading to Ohio to introduce baby Suri to family and friends.


  1. Dee

    Katie Holmes is a dummy. She’s so in awe of that fucktard that she’s given up what little personality she had in the first place. Pathetic. Even if she does dump him she’s still a moron.

  2. nichole


  3. guest1234567

    To #5, her name IS Katie. Not Kate. It is the name her mother put on her birth certificate. Xenu will just have to get over it.

  4. @27-I’m with you on the Oatmeal Chunk – at first i was suspicious – but it is ‘eat the whole pint at once’ good.

  5. pagebetty

    ====SO NOw she has decided that maybe she doesn’t want to be with Tom. ok. She’s an idiot. And it’s not Tom’s fault that she is an idiot. She’s a grown woman. She knew from the start what she was getting into. She could have protested a long time ago about the Scientology thing, too!

  6. TrannyGranny

    The Zenu has hit the fan. Run awa

  7. TrannyGranny

    The Zenu has hit the fan. Run awa

  8. TrannyGranny

    Fuck, sorry about the double post..That was run away.

  9. Italian Stallion

    I can’t really think of anything about the breakup because I don’t give a shit but if I did I guess I would say “Me so Suri”…….

  10. bigponie

    Good going Katie, come back to the human race, don’t let Xenu mind melt you again.

    Leave TCLTC and take all his money and donate it to some christian church

  11. delicious_dysfunktion

    Knock it off Superfish guy,you know wishes don’t come true.And just when I was thinking it’ll be a good day.Post something we know is like some unfortunate Greek zillionaire disapearing into Paris’ Infernotwat of No Return.Hm…could be a new ride at Universal Studios…

  12. Jeremy1Esq

    Suri is a really dumb name and it fits well with that dumb couple. Just because you have money does not mean you arent a loser.

  13. Jacq

    #54 – I ABSOLUTELY eat the whole pint! If they didn’t want me to, they should have made the containers smaller. I make fun of my boyfriend for doing the same thing, but that’s because Bluebell Butter Pecan is nasty and he’s fat – fat and nasty. But that’s what turns me on about him. I could melt ice cream right now, I’m all hot. I digress…

    Anyone see war of the worlds? The part where he’s driving the minivan all crazy and trying to get away? I think that’s how he would really act if we put him in a gymnasium full of people like us.

  14. Fa Cube Itches

    I’m actually hoping they stay together. She’s pretty clearly a dimwit and she’s already ruined herself – probably not much in the way of career options left other than Skinemax if she goes solo. A tell-all book would probably get her some press and another 15 mins or so, but she’ll forever be a punchline.

    Besides, if they separate, some other poor ‘tard with dreams of stardom will just get suckered in. Come on, Katie – just take one for the team and fulfill your contractual obligations. How bad can it be? It’s not like you’ve got to fuck him or anything.

  15. jrzmommy

    I would rather eat lint than have to sit in the same room as Tom Cruise.

  16. Italian Stallion

    How about Tom Cruise singing Sublime:

    ” I won’t cry if Katie runs away, I don’t get angry when the Superficial says I’m gay, I don’t get angry because I love the Cock, hit the backside and it’s back to the cock, fuck it, suck it, it’s all the same, my name’s Tom Cruise and I’ll always be gay, I don’t care if Katie even comes back to me”

    “Tom Cruise, loves the cock” “I said remember that”
    “Tom Cruise, he loves the cock” “I said remember that”

  17. melody

    is anyone else as tired as i am if hearing about these two?
    together, apart…who cares?
    this seemed like a very strange union from the start
    side note-anyone else think its weird how he had two wives before katie and he couldn’t manage to get either of them pregnant?? strange….

  18. BigJim

    You know Catholicism is kinda fucked up, but it’s a far cry better than scientology, so I think the RCC should get some of their badass Davinci Code albino commandos to go kick the shit out of Tom Cruise and rescue a good little Catholic girl from the evil clutches of Hubbard’s cult.

  19. Stephani Hagood

    Is it me, or do y’all think they’re keepin’ their baby under wraps til they can find a doctor licensed in infant plastic surgery? Somethin’ tells me that child is gonna be a disappointment in the ‘cute’ department, much like Bobbi Christina was to Whitney and what’s his face *lol*

  20. KatnMowse

    Katie desperately needs to be fucked out of submission by a man who a. doesn’t own the original cast recording of Hairspray, b. doesn’t regularly have high colonics to flush out the semen, and c. doesn’t LTC. Someone save this poor, vapid shell of a person before she loses everything that made her human!

  21. frenchtoaststix

    I’m shocked–shocked!–by this turn of events in the TomKat relationship. Their love was so special, so wonderful, so amazing, so unbelievably-not-conjured-up-with-the-aid-of-a-$15-mil contract! And now they’ve had a spat. Somehow, I think this involved Tom murmuring “maintain low tones” while Katie jumped on the couch screaming “Tom Cruise Loves the Cock” and pelted him with vitamins. I don’t think this “Suri” even exists. Perhaps something cobbled together at the Scientology Center, but not a human baby. That’s why there’s no pictures; she’s not out of the L.Ron Hubbard incubation machine yet.

  22. aivilo

    Tom Cruise is disgusting. I hope Katie’s family eats him alive for soiling their pretty, young, pleasant relative. Plus, he eats PLACENTA. If someone doesn’t kill him, my belief in natural selection will surely die.

  23. BarbadoSlim

    I heard he’s been keeping Suri firmly nestled up his ass, won’t even let Katie’s (it’s katie dammit!)parents see her.

    So, these are excellent news, Thomas Mapother aka Tom Cruise is a tool and a douchebag. He’s a disgrace to closeted Homos the world over.

    I’m not even gonna try to think something funny to say, I’m sick of this cockjockey.

  24. adamxny

    #13 – the pending breakup was reported not by In Touch but by Life & Style Weekly, the same magazine reporting the pending breakup again here. They reported that Tom & Katie would have the baby and then break up sometime this summer.

    I’ve got my eye on the bastards. Come September, that magazine will be on my shitlist if the dynamic duo is still together.

  25. Jacq

    #36 – Back to the Solid Gold Stallion for you… *tapping foor, snapping fingers, bobbing head*

    #74 – Just give the glossies their time. They broke-up Nick and Jess, Jen and Brad, Bennifer, Paris and Paris – they’re always right. Trust in them, they will show you.

  26. andrewthezeppo

    Yes 76th!

    Thank the lord, please give me my Joey Potter back.


  27. huhwah

    Run Katie run! Go back to the Creek and be with Pacey forever!

    Dont worry about Tom, he’s got John Travolta, Kirstie Ally and Oprah! None of them has to wear a strap-on like he made you do.

    Makes me think of a new insult: “I wouldnt fuck her with Oprah’s dick”

  28. Ari

    Barbado– I want to be the cockjockey!! I have the riding crop and everything.

    (and apparently a fresh influx of hormones, dear God…)

  29. Pay attention to the alimony Tom!!

  30. Sheva

    Tom needs to go back for his weekend of auditing because he paid all that money and he’s suppose to be some superior being now or can communicate with animals and people with his mind but for some reason everything is all messed up and he lost control of Katie.

    Now how the fuck did that happen?

    What a dick. Or at least that’s what I read from people who’ve had to work as his subjects on movies.

    Katie, here’s your chance. Run ‘wayyyyyyyyyy.

  31. Iambananas

    This story obviously isn’t true… it makes no sense.

  32. Zed

    Dear Katie,
    Was the final breaking point when Tom hired that photographer to stooped down and take pictures of your stomach and stretchmarks to prove you gave birth?

    Yeah. Thought so.


  33. CruisingForCock

    Dear Stallion, Excellent Sublime lyrics. Bravo.

  34. stevie is a girls name

    I HATE TOM CRUISE I HATE KATIE HOLMES. I hope they live unhappily ever after because thats what they deserve, they are FUCKED.
    PS: I pray the child is taken from tom before he has the chance to turn her into the perfect woman / some sort of scientology messiah or some crackhead shit like that because he would probably try to have sex with her to create devine scientology incest babies, it would not suprise me hes a fucking twisted bitch.

  35. Lord Xenu

    Ide like to remind Tom and his friends that Scientology’s mortal villan I Lord Xenu has been freed from this suspended animation force field prison. I find Suri will make the perfect infant bride for me.

  36. lurkerx

    “No, no, Kate, it’s the engrams, the ENGRAMS! Don’t let it get to you!”

    “No, Tom, you’re just an @sshole. I’m leaving now. I would say don’t try to stop me, but it’s pointless since I know you’re not going to let go of that cock anyway.”


  37. sara1beth2



  38. what up, ya'll

    There’s another story this week that says they got into a huge fight and she fled to Ohio with Suri. But somehow I don’t believe the gay midget of intimidation would let her (or especially the “baby”) out of his sight for a minute. Zenu’s watching, don’t you know?

  39. what up, ya'll

    Oh, I ‘m sorry, I meant Xenu. And don’t forget:


  40. herbiefrog

    15 know what ?
    [you're doing fine]

    i dont see you anything
    meant to say in anything
    [if you know what he means]
    [nudge nudge, wink wink]

    ok truth
    you got a free pass in et
    so its just your fear
    holding you back
    what is your deepest fear
    or would …
    should we just post it?

  41. herbiefrog

    19 depends of what your scared of
    should have put an asd poiler

  42. herbiefrog

    21 lol :)
    well done
    but dont take the piss



  43. herbiefrog

    30 i think we said 75 mil

  44. herbiefrog

    30 i think we said 75 mil

    actually now i remember

    75 mil
    give threst t


  45. herbiefrog

    52 hey babe,
    ok lets meditate
    deep calm
    kay :)

  46. herbiefrog

    49 lol you guys
    funnily enough
    my father wrote science fiction :))

  47. herbiefrog

    52 hey babe,
    ok lets meditate
    deep calm
    kay :)

    what he meant was
    rolling around on the floor like that
    you showed me yours
    seemed only fair to show you mine :))

  48. herbiefrog

    64 so you like your money too
    do ya bitch ? :)

  49. herbiefrog

    i think he got it
    swap he she
    the last switch
    welcome :)

  50. herbiefrog

    70 noted, been a busy day
    swwetheart :)

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