Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are fighting

May 24th, 2006 // 124 Comments

holmes-cruise-fight.jpgLife & Style Weekly reports Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got into a big fight which resulted in Holmes leaving Cruise behind and heading to Ohio to introduce baby Suri to family and friends.


  1. Geno

    The clock is ticking on the relationship. Thank God. Katie come back to the real world!

  2. 86

    Wasn’t it said MONTHS ago that Katie & Tom were already broken up, they were just ‘staying together’ until after the baby was born?

  3. CruisingForCock

    This can’t be true. There is no way that Tom missed giving Katie her “medication”.

  4. DonLes91

    Funny how the word “Kate” only appears once on this page…and it’s in this post! Everyone still calls her Katie. TCLTC

  5. boobiezmagee

    Run, Katie run!

    Take the baby and your soul and head for the Ohio hills!


  6. GeannaSparrow

    Stupid people are taking over the world.

    And they’re all ruled by Tom Cruise.

    And by ‘stupid people’, I also meant ‘people who love the cock’.

    Yes, because, as we all know… TCLTC.

  7. trulymadlydeeplytori

    Am i the only surprised by this development? I mean I really, really, really , really thought they’d last. it seemed their love was more special than any love any of us could have.

  8. hurley

    but katie said they’d “always be in their honeymoon phase.” i guess some couples fight on honeymoons.

  9. Jacq

    #8 – Ummmm, yes. You must really be that stupid fuck that married Tori.

    That guy is such an effen lunatic, who cares? One day he’s going to just rip her esophagus from her body during a rare public outburst, probably at a Starbucks. He’s just acting really weird because Katie stole his virginity one night when he was experimenting. Tricky bitch. Tee-hee-hee. And TCLTC – bring on the sherry-co’s. Seriously, I’m in a BA-A-AD mood today.

  10. 86

    I’ll be in a bad mood with you Jacq.

  11. Dr.Rokter

    I have trouble imagining what Tom Cruise is like during a “big fight”. Somehow I see a lot of weak arm slapping, hissing, and talk about “respecting emotional boundaries”.

  12. Gene Parmigiana

    #3 – yes this was predicted months ago by In Touch (i think). However, it was also predicted that the world is round, so I don’t know how much these vague predictions are worth. Might as well go see a palm reader

  13. Robin

    You cannot know how my heart warms with each and every disagreement between this couple that is reported. Almost like Ben & Jerry’s The Gobfather ice cream. MMMMmmmMMMMM Good!!!

  14. 86

    14 Everything but the… is even better!

  15. eatmyass_sherry-co

    Hooray! More cock loving Tom! We all know she was paid in the first place to be with him, this is the beginning of the ploy to get away from him. Have we even verified yet that the baby isn’t alien?
    Tom should be happy she is leaving town for a bit, more cock worshipping for him at home with haven’t to change a diaper in between BJs.

    Run Kate!

  16. gas_up_the_hrududu

    Now we need “Save Suri” T-shirts. The poor little squirt doesn’t have a chance, with that cock-loving freakshow of a father.

  17. I hope she makes a holy show of him. I’d love to see her wear a TCLTC t-shirt holding the baby. GO HOME AND STAY HOME KATIE!

  18. Fisher55

    #14 is the Gobfather really good? I’ve been eyeing it suspiciously at 7-11, but then I always opt for the Oatmeal Chunk, which is by far the best ice cream I have *EVER* had…yum

    (btw, i throw it up right after though, except on my birthday)

  19. spatz

    how come nobodys ever seen said baby? youd think that with all the craziness surrounding her pregnancy they’d at least release a picture. i guess none of them have any movies to promote.

    besides everybody know they were never together. nore are they together now. its all a charade.

  20. Mr.K

    Oh qua tanzian wahn, qua-ansa laji wahn.

    Don’t fight with a Theten bitch!!

  21. 86

    Yeah the baby is really Chris Kline’s. Katie realized she was pregnant, and that was about the time Tom interviewed her to be his wife. She figured, “What the hell! Being with Tom could really further my career.” So she convinced him that the baby was his. Tom would have already had a kid with Nicole if it was possible for him to have any.

  22. Linnea

    20: Of course there’s not a picture. Because it’s a special alien messiah baby with super homosexual Cruise sperm.

  23. Feed_Me_Chocolate


    That’s because Xenu’s child looks like this:

    It would be bad for publicity.

  24. IFuckingHateYou

    Sounds a LOT like the whole Micheal Jackson “marriage” to me, where Whacko & that nurse had a few kids so he could molest his own kids for a change.
    I heard that the real reason Tom is mad is because Katie had a girl – no Mini-Me for Tom Cruise. He had it all worked up in his head that loving the Mini-Me cock would be as clsoe as he would ever get to fucking himself, and now it won’t happen. I’ll try to help him out:


  25. She’s been paid, he got a kid, contract complete, relationship over.

  26. Jacq

    #19 – I, too, recently discovered the Oatmeal Cookie Chunk – heaven! I am also a big fan of the Dave Matthew’s Band Magic Brownie Ice Cream, which I sometimes make “magic” myself.
    They should make a TCLTC flavor. It could have little chocolate penises, be loaded with protein (semen) and a fudge swirl.

    #12 – First laugh of the day! I think I cracked my scowl.

    #11 – Let’s rawr together.

    Tom is just doing this to Katie because he likes to learn his lessons the “hard” way. *snicker* I bet he likes everything the hard way. *double snicker*

  27. PapaHotNuts

    I would like to see Tom and Katie get on that game show “Deal or No Deal”. The right in the middle of the show, Howie Mandel, unprovoked, kills them with a swift blow to the head with a metal briefcase containing an unspecified dollar amount.

  28. gogoboots

    Why did it take her this long to realize that Tom Cruise is psychotic? She must have been in denial, or maybe the brainwashing drugs are starting to wear off…

  29. PL

    First comes Kate’s $15 million ‘pre-nup’ and second comes the big ‘fight’ ~ she’s almost free and paid for all of her pain and suffering.

    Maybe Kate will also soon realize she can change her name back to Katie.

  30. MystressJade

    Papa, even if the unspecified dollar amount was $1,000,000, I think bludeoning them to death on national TV would be the better end of that deal.

  31. MystressJade

    *bludgeoning* is that right?

  32. kaileykat

    My favorite B&J’s flavor is also “Everything But The . . . ” Has anyone tried the “Vermonty Python” with the fudge cows?

    Oh, wait . . . was I supposed to say something about Tom Cruise? I’ve heard the loves the cock.

  33. kaileykat

    *He not the.


  34. Phoenix

    I actually don’t believe this story. I want to, GOD I want to, but I don’t.

  35. JP

    Tom is definitely a loon. Cruise is an egomaniac. Loves himself more than his alien baby. The time is ticking. Cock lover or not.

    Hey, look at the first word of each sentence of what I just wrote above. What does it say?? You got it baby. TCLTC

  36. Katie- sorry, Kate-she’s-a-child-bearing-woman-now is upset because Tommy won’t go with her to visit her parents? That’s a crimp in the relationship? I guess she has no problem with her man’s breath reeking of cock, or his reliance on Depends due to a “run-in with some Pamplona bulls”. TCLTC… and Kate has no qualms about it.

  37. mamacita

    tom cruise is crazy.

  38. Edna Bambrick

    jesus saves.

  39. PocketRocket

    Where are the baby pictures?

    I think Tom mistook Suri for the placenta and ate her. Katie has been nursing an afterbirth for a month!

  40. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    Edna kills.

    With her dragon breath.

  41. 86

    Tom wants to give it a few months before he releases baby pictures of his daughter in case she’s just not pretty enough.

  42. Shelley Bonnechance

    Yes, Katie, go back home to Ohio with the baby and go to confession and get back to church and listen to your parents and about fifty bazillion other people in this world who can see quite clearly that Tom Cruise is a complete lunatic and a bad person to be in a relationship with, let alone raise a defenseless child with.

    Even Oprah thinks he’s a freakshow, girl. MOVE ON.

  43. sweetcheeks

    I had a fight with Tom Cruise last week at the mall. He cut in front of me in line at Victoria’s Secret and had the balls to open up an instant “Angel Card.” It took, like, ten extra minutes. And he got a “notify by mail,” so it was a complete waste of time for everyone. He just wanted the free panties.

  44. playahater101

    #39, Jesus saves who, Katie Holmes?

    #12, that was hysterical.

    It seriously took her long enough to realize he’s insane. I think the auditing and the believing alien souls travel the Earth would have been a red flag. Not to mention the ankle chains and the cot he had her tied to in his basement. I hope she stays in Ohiop and never goes back. It’s not too late Katie!! RUN!!!!!!!!!!

  45. sweetcheeks

    So I kicked him in the knees and strangled him with a g-string I found on a nearby table. He was pretty pissed.

    I know it was Tom Cruise, too, because there was this weird brunette next to him smiling vacantly the whole time. And she didn’t even blink once.

  46. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    Tom and Katie’s story would make a great Lifetime movie.

  47. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Tom Cruise should dress Katie up like a penis and Tom should dress himself up like a bucket of chum and then they could eat eachother (P.S. because Katie looks like a shark-woman).

  48. Don’t you worry, another dose of mind control will put Katie in her place.

    Read about how Scientology is really a Satanic cult and how they target celebrities:

  49. 86

    sweetcheeks you crack my shit up

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