Tom Cruise and Hillary Clinton talk sexy to each other

March 26th, 2008 // 16 Comments

I don’t really follow politics after I lost the election in ’04. Or at least my evil twin did. Anyway, a bunch of readers sent me this video which is a play on the Hillary Clinton 3 A.M. phone call ads by way of Rain Man. Apparently she’s talking to Tom Cruise and these two are getting freak-kay. This video is pretty NSFW because of the potty talk and Tom Cruise’s detailing of the things he’ll do to Hillary that would make David Beckham kick a soccer ball over the moon in a fit of joy.

Thanks to boombawx who I would totally hold over my head outside my true love’s window – but mostly to blare Quiet Riot until she gives me back my Gameboy.


  1. Mo

    What the SHIT is this?

    I’m not sure on who’s behalf I feel more disgusted. I have to vomit. Ew.

  2. That is gross.

  3. yourneighbour


  4. Oh wow, this is pretty funny.

  5. Rob

    This was not post worthy. Must be a slow day.

  6. nipolian

    This post makes me wonder how Simona Fusco Stratten is doing in Hawaii today.

  7. sushified

    One of the funniest movies Ive ever seen…Why wont they just let him fly the plane? =) good shit.

  8. RENEE

    meh, that was kinda lame. Only the end was kinda funny, but still not worth sitting thru the rest to see.

  9. Mississippi

    most disturbing thing I’ve seen in a long time! haha

  10. tizzle

    madd funny

  11. Oprah's gorilla Butthole

    Funny, but dragged on too long.

  12. Headah

    nice dane cook reference

  13. Colin

    OK, this is obviously fake…why the hell would you even post this?

  14. kati

    hahahaha of course it’s fake, that’s the point….i thought it was hilarious, props

  15. sandy

    Is that Demetri Martin’s voice?

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