Tom Cruise almost kills interviewer

April 18th, 2006 // 60 Comments

Tom Cruise recently walked out of an interview with Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet S


  1. rmeno

    Another crazy story…

  2. mamacita

    Dude, I bet that reporter, Knifebladet Sundawg almost shit his Swedish pants. I wonder if, when Swedish people get really scared, do they start babbling like the Swedish Chef. Verdy, verdy, verdungen.

  3. mamacita

    Wow. That’s the most times I’ve ever said “Swedish” in a 30-second period.

  4. jugsgirl

    tom’s publicist needs to get him under control. i can only handle so many wacko cruise stories a day.

  5. BarbadoSlim

    God I hope he goes all Tom Cruise on some reporter’s ass, and that he gets arrested and then he’ll be raped…with penises, by large men.

  6. Grphdesi23

    The fact that Tom Cruise said ‘hocus pocus’ proves that Scientology is not a religion, but a cult.

  7. Land-Man

    Derrrr. HAHA mamacita, you stupid bastard.

  8. Tom Cruise = Cult Puppet

    I heard the actual disagreement happened when the reporter wouldn’t consent to Tom giving him the Dirty Sanchez.

    Oh yeah, Tom Cruise loves the cock.

  9. Grphdesi23

    Tom Cruise is so predictable about what he’s going to be angry at, it’s as if he’s reading a script……

  10. Jacq

    The reporter said, so Tom I hear you love the cock. Before he could finish the sentence, Tom whipped it out and said YESSSSS! Then the reporter asked where Tom had hidden Katie’s body. He told them it was in a Tupperware container in his closet. It was all down hill after that.

    Herndy skerndy derndy, Mamacita, snorken blaffin. I love the Muppets.

  11. TonyAlmeida


  12. mamacita


    I prefer to be called only gender specific expletives, such as bitch, cunt, whore, etc. Please and thank you.

  13. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Remember when that reporter sqirted Tom Cruise in the face with the gag-mic? I bet he wouldn’t be so mad if it was a penis. (“You know what you are? You’re a jerk!”)
    I’m just sayin’.

  14. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    *squirted* Whoa, dude. Gnarly.

  15. Jacq

    Land-man, where DID you get that snazzy name? Is it because you want something the size/shape of Florida shoved up your rectum?

    Papa knows I take a Dirty Sanchez like a champ. If you tell them where the evidence is, I’ll go all Kim on you. I’ll eat your kittens.

  16. It just gets worse. At what point is he going to hole up and let things blow over? He probably can’t do it, secretly loving even negative press.

  17. I love K-fed's Corn Rolls

    I hope he chokes to death on the placenta.

    And the reporter is not the “madman” in this combo… that would be Cock Lovin’ Cruise.


    Wasn’t Tom in a movie called “Losin’ It”?. Interesting….

  19. BarbadoSlim

    I did some research, and *cough* *cough* and the phrase: “whatever, I need to move on”, actually transalates to: “cock is cool and I love it” in swedish.

    So Mr. Cruise was being polite and forthcoming.

  20. Jacq

    Oshkosh, everyone knows that a penis loves a jerk every now and then.

    I saw the actual footage, but it should have gone…
    Reporter: Tom, you know how I know (you’re gay?/ TCLTC?)
    Tom: Uh..
    Reporter: *blammo!*
    I love me a good cheap shot.

  21. PapaHotNuts

    It’s true, Jacq is a dirty sanchez pro- I’ve seen the pics.

    And if I’m a reporter, and Tom Cruise get all pissed at me like he’s going to fight, I’m going to beat him like a Cabbage Patch Doll. They’re the same size, but only one of them can fight, and the other is Tom Cruise.

  22. caddachrome


  23. Land-Man

    Jacq-off. The only thing that’s the size and shape of Florida is my unit, which is currently in your wife/girlfriend.

  24. juicyju

    I can’t believe no one has noted that his bodyguard is actually Cameo of “Word Up” fame.

    Seriously, bad stache on the dude in the background. Word up

  25. Trotter

    …one of Cruise

  26. mamadough

    what’s does it take to get this assbag locked up? and why the fuck is he in sweden? im hoping he does something horrible while he’s in another country, because they don’t tolerate shit like they do here. when americans go elsewhere and fuck up, they’re punished.
    usa: tom cruise says,” i lick donkey dick and plan to eat “my” baby. you oppose me, i’ll suck your dick and then kill you.” it’s ok, he’s a celebrity and can do whatever the fuck he wants.
    anywhere else: “tom, you threatened a dude and to eat “your own” spawn, your ass in sitting in prison and when you’ve been denied a thorough pounding in the ass from big bubba, you’ll have learned your lesson. we don’t give a shit who you are.”
    God, i am waiting for that day.


  27. Land-Man

    The guy in the background is Wesley Snipes’s retarded brother, Lou Snipes. I don’t know why Carlos Mencia is in the picture though.

  28. mamacita

    Silly Land-Man. Jacq is a girl, you fucking idiot. And she likes the hot beef injection, not a clam sandwich.

  29. The real reason for the interview coming to an abrupt end is actually a miscommunication. In Swedish, “How are Nicole and the kids,” sounds like “Is it true you love the cock?” To which Cruise haughtily declared before walking out, “I don’t love it, I absolutely adore it!”

  30. this ‘bodyguard’ is actually a representative of the church of scientology…he’s there to enforce the groups ‘silent interviewing’ policy…it’s easy…step one…place hand on interviewers shoulder….step two…insert pacifier…

  31. bigponie

    I have discovered a new family genus that tom and wacko jacko both belongs too…


  32. shell

    Will he not put on the freakin’ Nikes already and drink the damn Kool Aid?

  33. Celetina

    This is the funniest thing I’ve read all day. A journalist mentions that dyslexia might not, in fact, be curable by fake religion, and Tom Cruise responds by commending his courage about “daring” to make such an audacious remark to His Highness the Duke of Dicklickin’. The man is a raging egomaniac; nobody else would interpret an innocent question as a personal attack. But no, it’s all about him. Disgusting.

  34. civilwarsoldier

    Keep in mind that Tom Cruise never finished High School. He is an idiot and anything he says or does is immature, since he never grew up. Poor Katie, since she was offered a chance at college. Cruise, would never get the chance, since he probably couldn’t attend any college unless he gave big bucks. I used to like the guy, but I will NEVER pay for another movie of his. He is just CREEPY.

  35. Wow. This says a lot about his weird little world. Those weren’t even offensive questions! they were facts!

  36. krisdylee

    Oh, Tom. You try too hard.

  37. Giggles

    #5 I love you :-)

  38. Giggles

    #33 I love you too :-)

  39. I’m not sure that these Tom Cruise stories are real. I think you’re all making them up.

    Did you see Cocktail? That was a pretty normal Tom Cruise.

    Otherwise, it just gives me shivers…

  40. Jacq

    #27 – Carlos Mencia? You are an asswipe. You are the new Kim and we haven’t seen her since the day that we feasted on her self-esteem and dignity.


  41. beadkween

    Someone needs to knock this little prick off his elevator shoes. He talks down to people like he is some kind of God. I say we boycott MI3 and hit this guy where it will hurt the most – in his ass…. oops, I mean in his wallet. His ass is used to getting reemed. He likes cock cuz he doesn’t have one of his own…Nicole knows I bet….

  42. Italian Stallion

    Coming this summer “K-PAX 2, The Scientology Story”.

    Kevin Spacey’s role will be played by a heterosexual Tom Cruise in a bizarro world because we all know……..

  43. Land-Man

    Jacq, from now on, when I say “suck my dick” you say “do you want me to lick your balls too daddy”.

  44. colormeskanky

    The courage of a MADMAN? don’t flatter yourself, Tom. It doesn’t take that much courage to say, “You’re wrong,” to a mentally challenged midget.

    This is the first time I’ve seen the words “madman” and “tom cruise” not refering to each other.

  45. colormeskanky

    #31 hahahaha good one

  46. vigilex

    It could’ve been worse you know..he could’ve got the poor reporter pregnant with the frozen semen of L. Ron Hubbard like he did with Katie

  47. Italian Stallion

    #43 Land Mine, I go by Italian Stallion, not daddy……that would be to weird….and I don’t share…..

  48. bunnyhugger

    tom cruise needs to do a little driving without his seatbelt.
    wishful thinking.

  49. seaglass

    Looks like more swift roundhouse kicks to the face for another hapless journalist.

  50. ESQ

    Was that interviewer from the “Howard Stern show” GOD I loved it when they would do mock-interviews.

    That’s right Tom, move on, move on.

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