Tom Brady will be seeing a whole lot of Gisele Bundchen

September 9th, 2008 // 60 Comments

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady suffered a season-ending injury Sunday playing against the Kansas City Chiefs, the AP reports:

The 2007 NFL Most Valuable Player will miss the entire ’08 season with a left knee injury that needs surgery, the team said Monday. That leaves the Patriots without one of the game’s great quarterbacks and severely damages their hopes of a return trip to the Super Bowl.
Coach Bill Belichick would not say what the injury is, but the play, Brady’s reaction and the prognosis all point toward a torn anterior cruciate ligament.

Yeah, what that guy said: torn crouton licorice. Anyway, I have absolutely no sympathy for Tom Brady. You don’t get to make millions of dollars banging Gisele Bundchen and have me feeling sorry for you. What I will do, however, is sub in for you whenever that knee’s acting up. I’m serious; put me in the game, coach. I’ll run the clock, pump fake, Blue 22 and whatever other football euphemisms you can come up with for premature ejaculation. Ready…. BREAK!

Photos: Splash News

  1. Desmoot

    Not a bad way to spend a year..

  2. yeah yeah.. i have to agree its hard to work up any bit of sympathy for him. the fucker has a billion dollars and has fucked some pretty damn hot chicks. now he has a paid vacation and he doesnt even have to work at sex any more. gisele will have to rid him and he can sit back in his lazy boy and watch his team lose over her shoulder while she work his tool.

    yeah, i’m not too bitter.

  3. bleh

    Gods above I hate this man. Overrated worthless and less than a man. If you knock up a chick be MAN and take care of your kid and its mother…

    Second, seriously you’re in a tux and could find the razor? Dude you make 7 kagillion dollars a year…hire a little Panamian with a razor and put him in your pocket. You don’t even have to do it yourself.

    third…I’d hit her…HARD! Brazilian nazi style!


  4. dude

    Tom Brady always has that vacant serial killer stare.

    IF it weren’t for football, he’d be collecting women’s kidneys and kneecaps in a dilapidated basement somewhere.

  5. deadbeater

    maybe in some of spare time he could see his kid once in a while

  6. Bleh

    DAMNIT…toook to long to type. Damn 2400 baud modem

  7. Bleh

    DAMNIT…to took to long to type. Damn 2400 baud modem

  8. Spanky

    I bet he eats that thing until his tongue cramps up. Those long legs wrapped around his head with her toes cramping up. What a way to spend his time on the injured list. Don’t hate him. Just jealous.

  9. noneyobeezwax

    we all know that TCLTC, and i’m pretty sure that TBLTC. so if i put two and two together, i’m guessing that TBLTCC and probably TCLTBC. but that’s all speculation on my part

  10. Nique

    Boobs missing

  11. Onyx Blackman

    Fuck Michigan.

  12. I’m pretty sure he actually fucked up his knee because he spent so much time on it thanking God for her. Wow – she’s stunning.

  13. meh

    12- I guess anorexics with big noses aren’t my style, I’d have stuck with his baby mama

  14. Deacon Jones

    Brady looks high as a kite in pics 4 and 6.

    Fuck Boston!!! Yayyyyyyy!

  15. DizzyRascal


  16. Duke Nukem

    Smoking hot.

    And just to get it over with: “OMG She looks like a 12 yr old boy because she isn’t fat like me!”

  17. maeby

    im sure he’ll continue to see her as long as shes not pregnant.

    in other news: YOUR VOTE MIGHT NOT COUNT THIS ELECTION (especially if you’re going to vote for obama)

  18. Anonymous

    The worst thing about this is ESPN is going to be giving hourly updates around the clock on his recovery for the next several months. They ride his jock like no other player. The Cheatriots season is in severe jeopardy and I’m going to love seeing Bellicheat go down.

  19. torn crouton licorice……… Thank you. …… I just soiled myself

  20. NY sux

    Guess he’s going to be spending a lot of time on the bottom and no doggy for a while.

  21. Deacon Jones


    He’s used to being a total bottom

  22. Deechronic

    he’s just gana knock her up… then kick her to the curb…

  23. Kate

    Losta bitterness here. Wow.

  24. Spanky

    Everyone keeps giving him grief for breaking up with his ex. He did it BEFORE she told him she was pregnant. I am quite sure he is paying support. He was supposed to get back with her after they had already broken up becasue she was pregnant, or he is supposed to request a trade to Oakland so he can be closer to his son. He is buying a hose up the street so he can be near him in the offseason. At least he is not like other footbal players and having several kids knowingly out of wedlock or trying to kill the baby momma rather than paying child support. I think his ex is worse for getting pregnant to just try and keep him around.

  25. X

    Am I the only one who thinks he looks like a rejected version
    of Leonardo DiCaprio (her ex) ?

    He probably got injured always do errands for that bitch- Everytime the paparrazzi films him he is always doing something for her. She is not a big deal. Shes not ugly, but I have seen hags that blew her out of water.

  26. theyre going to get sick of each other

  27. coffeebean

    Go Broncos!!! The Raiders looked really good last night, $230,000,000 really well spent. Oh yeah and fuck the Pats.

  28. RJ

    wow..there are some bitter losers on here. most guys want to be him and most girls want to be with him.

  29. Bob Loblaw

    Wow, BREAKING NEWS about 2 days late.

    Great job as usual, Superficial!

  30. fauxsleuth

    @ 25 – Tom does look a little like Leo…

    Actually, Tom and Gisele kinda look like they’re brother and sister in pic 1… maybe it’s just their eye and hair color.

  31. pickleshmickle

    KANSAS CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Jenn

    Bastard flushed my entire fantasy football season down the toilet 5 minutes into the first game of the season.

  33. Spanky

    @32 – word. Now I have to rely on Jay Cutler (I guess it could be worse). Also has Wes as a receiver. With Brady out, Wes is not going ot be worth near as much either. I think he needs to let me have a run at Gisele to make up for hosing my fantasy team.

  34. stizzef

    Tom Brady is fuckin hot. It’s about time we got some good looking guys on here instead of a bunch of broads in bikinis. Post some more hot men!

  35. RJ

    #33 – you should probably put a hit on the KC Chief that went for his knee. Hard to blame Brady on that one. Tough break.

  36. RJ

    But then again, let it be for degenerate fantasy players to get pissed off. Isn’t the community softball league up again?

  37. Bridge

    Her face is looking a little greasy and pinched these days. I guess all the tanning oil and sun is taking its toll. Nice body, though.

  38. TOOL

    @ 15 put down the pipe man
    @27 x2

  39. missywissy

    Go Chiefs!!!

    They look really great, but the stubble is really super-cheese.

  40. DUR

    18, stop your whining. If Brady was on whatever team your root for, you’d ride him I’m sure. When an NFL quarterback (and a good one at that) tears his ACL, ESPN is going to cover it . They’d do the same for McNabb, Romo, Manning, all of them. Throw on top that he’s a league MVP, this happened in the opening minutes of game one, and after the way the post season ended for them last year.

  41. blah

    I just can’t stand these two. I don’t know what it is, but they just seem so full of themselves. And body language says that they won’t last as a couple. So haha, revenge is yours, Bridget Monahan !

  42. alexandra

    I love the sad, pathetic fans who keep clinging to this “Cheatriots” thing. As if all the other teams are so angelic that none of them have EVER cheated. GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK – ALL THE TEAMS CHEAT. Get over yourselves. Calling them Cheatriots just makes you sound like whiny bitch because your team sucks. The Pats happened to be the team that got caught. Don’t even try to pretend like they were the only ones. But hey, after they got caught..I forget…didn’t they go undefeated in the regular season? Oh yeah, they did. Suck on that. And Brady’s one of the best players in the game, so of course ESPN and all the sports people are going to cover it. It’d be the same if it were one of the Mannings or anyone else.

    Oh and get over the Bridget Moynahan story. She seems to be doing okay. And besides, okay, Brady has a (as in ONE) son out of wedlock. At least he ain’t beating people up, running dog fights or doing anything nasty and illegal that half the retards in football are doing. You’re just jealous.

  43. j-sin


  44. woah?

    OK what is up with Gisele’s back? The way she stands drives me insane, like she thinks scoliosis is sexy or something. What the hell?

  45. Joe

    Overrated? Tom Brady is many things, but overrated is not one of them. The man is one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL and is a first-ballot lock for the Hall of Fame. That’s pretty much a non-debate.

  46. Fernando Valenzuela

    I’m surprised she doesn’t have him carrying her purse…..and he looks like a cheese maitre’d…..”may I show you the wine list?”

  47. RainMan

    These two r hot but they look like brother and sister it’s freaky!!!!!

  48. Illkarate

    Could he be any more ridiculous? WTF? Douchbag!

  49. TMZ

    Maybe she chose a guy that looks like a male version of herself is because …
    she is in LOVE WITH HERSELF!

    Its so fucking obvious.

  50. cdawg

    it’s probably going to be a lonnnnnnnng year for tom because he’s actually going to have to TALK to giselle instead of just fuck her.

    TOM: oh, hey giselle.
    GISELLE: hi tom! oh my god the funniest thing happened today! i was jogging out in the outside place and i saw a puppy and i got really excited because i love puppies and i went up to him and he peed on my shoes and i was like “hahaha gross, puppy! that is not clean that you’re peeing on the sidewalk, but i can’t be mad at you because you’re such a cute puppy!” oh tom, isn’t that soooo funny!
    TOM: Oh my GOD. You are SO fucking STUPID. but so am i. wanna fuck?

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