Tom Brady may have impregnated Gisele Bundchen

March 8th, 2007 // 84 Comments

A Brazilian site reported yesterday that Gisele Bundchen might be pregnant with Tom Brady’s baby. She would be no more than two months pregnant, but the report says she may have already told friends and family. The news comes just weeks after Brady’s ex, Bridget Moynahan, said she was pregnant with his child.

I always knew I hated Tom Brady I just wasn’t sure why. I mean yeah, he ran over my dog with his car and punched my mom in the stomach, but knocking up Gisele? It just got personal, man.


  1. MrSemprini

    Hey Ramble, when you finally get your learners permit, drive to a library and READ A BOOK.

    I don’t watch award shows of any kind. Stupid idea. I find my own adventure without living vicariously through others.

    All the big sports organizations are going to have to start a baby clause in their contracts so that the new mothers can get paid for their time with getting the “Baby’s Daddy” involved. He’s too busy training. And, getting other women pregnant.

    Hey, Tom! Convert to Mormonism. Maybe the girls could be roomies.

  2. Joshingya31

    I wonder if the Patriots center is pregnant too???

  3. 86

    TAKE THAT BRIDGET!! yee-uhh.

  4. There goes her modeling career.

    He must have super sperm…

  5. 7costanza

    This could very well explain her “weight gain” that allowed her to walk to runway in Spain for Fashion Week.

  6. scienceguy

    Move over K-Fed, there’s a new sperm donor in town

  7. elf

    i wish i had her butt!

  8. jesseeca

    49, i think your statement She already lost her man to the hotter girl” is incorrect in 3 ways.

    1. i think bridget dumped him
    2. gisele is not a girl
    3. gisele is not hotter, just compare faces

  9. MrSemprini

    #58 I gotta check my glasses. I thought you said “compare feces”.

    Come to think of it, it just might work!

  10. It looks like Tom Brady’s balls have as much potency off the field as they do on. Tom needs to get back to basics and think football if he is to stop knocking up every chick he dates. Afterall, scoring by splitting the uprights is all good, but the big points are when you toss it into the ‘end zone’.

  11. It looks like Tom Brady’s balls have as much potency off the field as they do on. Tom needs to get back to basics and think football if he is to stop knocking up every chick he dates. Afterall, scoring by splitting the uprights is all good, but the big points are when you toss it into the ‘end zone’.

  12. Clete

    The most ignorant people are always the best breeders. At least both the mom-to-be’s have money to support themselves when they are single moms.
    Gisele is one ugly hermaphrodite. I remember when models needed a pretty face and shapely body, she has neither.

  13. jrzmommy

    Big fucking deal…..entertain me.

  14. p911gt10c

    Someone tell Brady he’s not in the NBA. He doesn’t need to have 8 kids.

  15. PunjabPete

    I got impregnated by Tom Brady just by reading his name on The Fish… Oh, shit. Now I wrote it… Guess I’m having twins…

  16. #1, Bro, he’s Tom Brady! He doesn’t need condoms. He should be a bangin’ broad whenever and wherever he wants. Condoms? Fohget about it!

    -East Coast Guy

  17. PunjabPete

    That sonofabitch needs a beating just for getting to bang these two women much less ruining those bods with his evil spawn….

  18. inspector11

    i like his other baby better:

  19. biatcho

    who is the confused, hypocritical nutsack above who claimed he didn’t know who Tom Brady was & then proceeded to rant about football? And then who also calims to be high & mighty and doesn’t watch sports or awards shows but spends most of his time on here?? I read all of that correctly, right? Just checking.

  20. shameshame

    she looks like a fucking man, her face is ugly by my standards, but how the hell is her ass fat or saggy you stupid dipshits. her ass is perfect, it’s muscle. not fat.

  21. PunjabPete

    #70 – I am witchu…

    I submit that she could in fact hold herself up on the monkey bars by the shear power of those ass cheeks… Look ma, no hands!!

  22. PunjabPete

    What a fucking day… Salma, Bridget M, Giselle…. If Scarlet Johansen gets knocked up next, I am gonna have to go postal on someone….

    Just say no to pregnancy….

  23. NipsyHustle

    now if tome brady was cletus early III working down at the coal mine and knocking up women left and right, people would condemn him for acting like white trash. but instead people are “impressed” that women get pregnant when you have unprotected sex with them and leave a dick snot wad in their cunt.

    sounds like alot of people missed sex education. people are making babies all day long all around the world by the same irresponsible tactics that these three (tom, gizz, and bridget) used. i feel sorry for young girls growing up today thinking that this is what life is about. getting knocked up by rich guys so you will be taken care of. and how sad for these boys that think making babies out of wedlock is “cool” cause the chick is “hot”? this sounds like an episode of maury povich. all this money and zero class.

  24. NipsyHustle

    this sounds like an episode of maury povich except the cast is rich and white.

  25. jesseeca

    70, her ass is in no way fat, i agree, but that’s not muscular either. there’s no tone. if it was, you’d see the gluteus maximus & minimus.

  26. JaeMae

    i really do think her face is busted.

    but that ass is PHENOMENAL.

  27. stinkers

    Wait a minute… I thought that ostriches lay eggs, not give birth??!!

  28. stinkers

    To #17. Posted by Flip Rogers on March 8, 2007 5:31 PM

    “I wish I was Tom Brady’s cock!!!!!”

    Only because you would get to hang out next to his sweaty balls all day.

  29. HollyJ


  30. love seeing celebs make fools of themselves

    Sorry for all you Bundchen fans but today is the first time I noticed that her face is not that cute. She got a face like a Russian mail-order hooker. Amazing what a little sperm will do to a girl.

  31. k naz

    she better start on 50 squats a day cause her ass is slackin

  32. wow – i’m sure they’re gonna love receiving those big fat checks from him….maybe he’s been getting hit in the head too much lately

  33. GlassAssForTheMasses

    This is the funniest forum commentary on a regular topic I’ve ever read – I feel guilty for not contributing a joke! But, ya gotta luv the guy for slammin’ those asses unprotected on a regular basis and knockin’ ‘em uppers! Plus, the pregnancies give the best rewards of them all…lifelong proof of which bitches you’ve porked! Schwing!!! 8-D

  34. barbara

    go ahead gisele!!!!! you hated tom brady. i love tom brady! :D

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