Tom Brady may have impregnated Gisele Bundchen

March 8th, 2007 // 84 Comments

A Brazilian site reported yesterday that Gisele Bundchen might be pregnant with Tom Brady’s baby. She would be no more than two months pregnant, but the report says she may have already told friends and family. The news comes just weeks after Brady’s ex, Bridget Moynahan, said she was pregnant with his child.

I always knew I hated Tom Brady I just wasn’t sure why. I mean yeah, he ran over my dog with his car and punched my mom in the stomach, but knocking up Gisele? It just got personal, man.


  1. ElatedPornStar

    Does this fuckface not know what a condom is?

  2. Tracy

    Fast forward 6 months… Brady won’t be dating either of these dingbats… and they’ll still be knocked up!

  3. The-Guslet

    He’s becoming better known for being fertile than… what does he do again?

  4. TashaVin`

    I’m ready for bathing suit weather, screw these knocked up fools. I just want sunshine!!

  5. LL

    Dudes who go around putting a baby up inside as many bitches as possible are SO COOL. Everybody knows that having as many baby mamas as possible makes you a REAL MAN. Anyone who says any different is just a hater. See, Tom Brady is a professional football player, so he spends a lot of time gazing at other men’s asses and genitals and grabbing them from behind while “playing football.” So he has to make it clear that he’s NOT a homo by impregnating as many fine bitches as he possibly can. OK, we get it, Tom, you’re “straight.” Good for you. Watch out, Anna Kournikova. You’re next. If you’re lucky.

  6. greeneyedcat

    She’d make for a funny-looking pregnant person

  7. shameshame

    i didn’t know men could get pregnant…

  8. shameshame

    i didn’t know men could get pregnant…

  9. mrs.t

    “May Have” impregnated Gisele? She’e obviously pregnant-look at that huge baby bump.

    God, Gisele, just because your pregnant doesn’t give you permission to eat dounghnuts all day-take it easy, you fat cow.

  10. lookma_nohans

    Shameshame –> good work on correcting your typo. Now try being funny.

  11. mrs.t

    *doughnuts (or donuts, if you prefer)

  12. flauccinaucinihilipilifcation

    Are you sure it wasn’t the OTHER way around??? get it…Gisele impregnated Tom Brady…get it????

  13. cap077


    and by the way no i don’t get it

  14. fearsarewishes

    Why is her butt eating her swimsuit?

  15. Fifth Stooge

    When is the Superficials funeral?

  16. WTF?

    How DARE Mr. Brady dispose of Ms. Moynahan in such a lowly fashion in order to traipse about with this young trollop? I’m sorry, but Mr. Brady you sir, are just…well, you are a CAD!!! (sob)

    -Oh ya, Gisele? I’d hit it.

  17. Flip Rogers

    I wish I was Tom Brady’s cock!!!!!

  18. imrankarim

    super sperm

    imran karim

  19. LilRach

    you can’t just blame him – it takes two to tango – if she has gotten herself pregnant that’s her stupid fucking fault! – Unless she wanted to.
    The guy always gets blamed!

  20. xeurohottiex

    Why does Brady only date shemales, he must be gay deep down

  21. licklick

    ASS = saggy + cellulite
    FACE = man + boy

  22. sea

    He learns more from K-fed every day.

  23. SeeFood

    @ Lilrach
    You’re right – it takes two to tango – it’s BOTH of their faults, not just HERS. These two women and man are presumably adults and should deal with their responsibilities accordingly.

    And Tom Brady is in fact getting very little “blame” for anything; he’s getting more ENVY and admiration from every mammal with a penis out there. Its backward thinkers like you accusing girls of “getting themselves pregnant” throwing around insults and profanities acting so pretentiously righteous. I’d also like to point out that these women sound rather happy about being pregnant and appear to have no intention of aborting their babies because they don’t want them anymore and it was a foolish mistake. As for Mr. Brady, his ego just got a boost from propagating with two rich women and hardly any baggage to go with it.

    I can’t believe there are still people who say girls “get themselves pregnant” as if they were forcing a flaccid penis to ejaculate and impregnate her. The street runs both ways and you, Lilrach, are just as idiotic for failing to apply equal responsibility to both parties and choosing to fall back onto backward Victorian notions that a woman can “choose” to get pregnant as if rape pregnancies happened because the women actually “enjoyed it” and wanted their rapist’s baby.

    Watch your own words before you criticize another’s.

  24. Apparently Tom Brady’s boy’s can swim. And by swim, I mean through gale force winds and against currents strong enough to keep bitches skinny

  25. Tigger of the Patriot

    Hey before criticizing remeber this stuff is typically untrue gossip.

    Cehck out the website link below. Looks like Tom Brady of the Patriots team filed criminal charges with the US Federal Trade Commission and FBI against Gisele Bundchen, Bridget Moynahan, and at least 20 tv & radio networks, newspapers and magazines, and websites like this one.


  26. sid

    From a distance, I thought “Tom Brady” was really the spelling of “Thora Birch.”

    No, I don’t want to talk about it.

    And this story is boring.

  27. gatorgirl

    There’s no way he sperminated Giselle. She’s the world’s highest paid model, there is just no way she would be stupid enough to get knocked up after dating this dork for just a few months, especially after he just broke up from a serious long term relationship that always has the potential of getting back together! she would lose millions of dollars in modeling fees and contracts if she was incapacitated for that many months of big bellyness. No way. Plus she dated Leo all those years and he’s a way better catch than tom – she wouldn’t have wanted his baby more?

  28. RichPort

    You know it’s the real RichPort because I’m FUNNY!!!

  29. swananine

    I hope this isn’t true. I wanted her and leo to get back together.

  30. Dave Barnes

    Let’s hear it for high-quality camera lenses.

  31. lilygirl

    I cannot believe how hot she is… … …
    What the fuck?!

  32. I ? Chick Fights

    Daniel Boone wore a coon skin cap.

  33. CruisingForCock

    Seriously, I am also pregnant with Tom’s baby. We had so much anal sex it has to be his.

  34. Sheva

    What’s the big deal with millions in work to earning a share of millions more by merely getting pregnant in an “accident” so beneficial?

    It may take two to tango, but timing is a girl’s best friend.

    As I said to one buddy about another. How does this girl he hung with all of sudden get pregnant by him at 29.

    Some call it beat the clock. Others beat your wallet.

    Let’s wait to see if girlfriend joined the club.

  35. Adri

    I wonder if Gisele has ever actually ingested cheese. I’m pretty sure that is the most perfect ass we have ever produced as a species.

  36. Dan


  37. PongGod

    I think Brady must just be trying to fit in with all his NFL brothas.

  38. Stink

    Her hiney must be sad because it’s all droopy.

  39. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    Wait, wait, don’t tell me–he is ANS’s baby daddy too :(

  40. flauccinaucinihilipilifcation

    Oh, don’t get this nonsense. Still wishing and hoping for something good to be posted…

  41. anotheruselesscomment

    what a flat, saggy, doughy ass she has. Oh yeah, she “might” be pregnant so it’s natural and she’s glowing…

  42. Fuzz Martin

    She has the ass of a goddess, but the face of a salamander. ICK!

  43. DaveK

    I have no idea what Tom Brady looks like, but the semi-bald dude in that photo of her arse looks like Kelly Slater. Does Mr Brady know about this?

  44. MrSemprini

    First, I don’t know who Tom Brady is. I do not find any pleasure in watching sports. To me, its just a bunch of grown men playing a kids game while other arrested adolescents watch and get their thrills without leaving the comfort of their LazyBoy (why do ya think they call it that?).

    Second, Tom Brady, whoever, better stay rich because at the rate he’s going, he’s going to have a real Brady bunch. And, something tells me that he won’t have a lasting relationship with any woman.

    I could be wrong.

    But, I’m not.

  45. Truthseeker013

    Well, now we know why the Pats didn’t do that well this season. Man clearly didn’t have his head in the game.

  46. Ramblebrook

    @44- Very pretentious, blanket statement.

    “To me, its just a bunch of grown men playing a kids game while other arrested adolescents watch and get their thrills without leaving the comfort of their LazyBoy.”

    Isn’t this what people like you do with The Grammy Awards (You can’t sing), American Idol, Gossip magazines, etc…

    I don’t find any pleasure in a Country Music Concert, But I wouldn’t say it’s a bunch of Tobacky chewin’ hillbillies hootin’ and hollerin’, because I don’t understand it or like it, you judgemental fuck. You’re a dusche (sp).

    Nice Brady Bunch reference. You’re about as funny as my grandmother.

  47. Jenster

    this can’t be true

  48. whitegold

    I hope it’s true, I think this is the cutest story ever. Brady’s two illegitimate bastard children with two different women will basically be the same age, so they can go on play dates and hang out and stuff. How cute would that be. Awwww.

  49. whitegold

    And talk about adding insult to injury for Bridget. She already lost her man to the hotter girl, and just when she thinks she grabs the attention back for herself by being pregs, the other girl has to go and get knocked up also to steal her thunder. Poor Bridget.

  50. doogleberg

    Good job, Tom. You’re just nine more bastards away from your own football team!

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