Tom Brady knocks up Bridget Moynahan

February 19th, 2007 // 77 Comments

Bridget Moynahan is three months pregnant with Tom Brady’s baby, even though they’re not together anymore and he’s currently with Gisele Bundchen. Moynahan and Brady were going out for two years before breaking up in December, and lately Brady has been spotted with Gisele, coming and going from her SoHo apartment. Which is bad news, because apparently his super sperm gets women pregnant he’s not even seeing anymore. God knows how pregnant Gisele is. She’s probably sitting in bed right now with sperm shooting out of her nostrils. And yeah, maybe I crossed the line with that last sentence, but maybe I didn’t. The only thing we know for sure is I could beat up a tiger with my bare hands. And that’s a fact.


  1. RichPort

    Britney looks a lot better in this picture.

  2. nicole

    yay! im finally the first comment. wow thats, wow loll. so hes with gisele, BUT another woman is pregenant with his baby.. wow he does have super sperm

  3. nicole

    awwww >=[ i got second. and where the heck do you see a britney> ?

  4. Sheva

    Chick looks like a fine piece but the guy has long moved on.
    She is of course thrilled to be now permanently tied to his millions and the payments he’ll be making for years.

    You gotta love how these women in their late 20s and 30s manage to get magically pregnant to millionaires.

    Poor Tom, he’s going to be stuck dealing with this woman now.

    And I say that as a Jet fan.

  5. -Stormy.

    nicole, not only were you not first, your second post (#3) shows that you have no sense of humor.

  6. misanthrope

    Her nipple is in a weird place.

  7. Monday

    Gisele got pregnant the first time she had sex that didn’t consist of ramming a dildo up the guy’s ass (so, right after she broke up with Leo).

  8. leeks

    that’s to be expected, her nipple just went through a bad breakup

  9. jesseeca

    not implying that she’s a whore, but Tom better get a paternity test before he shells out a cent.

    i still don’t get why he’s with man face gisele. someone better talk some sense into this man. then maybe he could continue to win superbowls.

  10. whitegold

    How much would that suck to find out you got your gf pregnant AFTER you had already broke up with her and moved on to a new girl. I mean, damn that has gotta suck for everyone involved, who try to move on with there lives after a breakup, only to then learn this news.

  11. Josh_Lavarn

    What a classy broad. She now needs to sign up for WIC like all the other single mother skanks.

  12. lambman

    Wait, she’s 3 months pregnant? Didn’t they breakup over Christmas New/Years? Meaning she was like 6 weeks pregnant when they broke up?

  13. lambman


    look at those two, that kid is going to be smoking hot!

  14. Binky

    I guess he’s going to have to learn how to scramble.
    He’s never been sacked so hard in the off season.
    I guess he shouldn’t have gambled and ‘punted’.
    Ok. I’m done.

  15. misanthrope

    Well, it’s better than if Gisele had gotten pregnant.

  16. how cool is that? finding out you’re pregnant AFTER you break up with the guy. so like…are giselle and tom gonna break up and him and bridgette get togetther? like for the KID???

  17. GooniesNeverSayDie

    I only know 2 things for sure:

    1. By looking at this pic, Tom Brady is obviously going to suffer from male pattern baldness, probably in the next few years.
    2. #17 feels pretty strongly about his/her opinion.

  18. Josh_Lavarn

    The most ethical thing she can do is abort her baby, collect the body parts out of the Planned Parenthood dumpster in a sandwich bag, and then mail it to him like in that movie Se7en. He’ll get the point.

  19. biatcho

    If his forehead wasn’t so goddamn huge he could get away with just shaving his head instead of revealing the thinning hairline. But either way he’s fucking ugly as shit.

  20. JungleRed

    Maybe he’s the father of Anna Nicole’s baby, too.

    #17 is just plain creepy. I think he heads his own terrorist splinter cell.

  21. karifarrell

    #17 & 19, you two should get together and go on a murderous rampage….sounds like you’re dying to!!!
    Fucking freaks…..
    BTW, who the hell is Tom Brady???

  22. Are these people famous? I know Giselle is a model, but what do these two people do?

  23. heisthejuan

    I really do think she is hotter than Gissum.

    Break up probably went something like this:

    “Tom, I’m pregnant.”
    “Well, are you going to get rid of it or be a total bitch about this?”

    Go Pats!

  24. kate

    Gisele is a stupid man-faced whore who is nowhere near good enough for Tom. Lets just get that straight.

    Second, if you think Tom Brady is ugly you are clearly retarded.

    Third, if you don’t know who either of these two are, you are even more retarded. Read a goddamned paper once in a while.

  25. kathleen170

    Tom Brady is an ugly fuck and this chick is better looking than Gisele.

  26. BarbadoSlim

    Who the fuck is Bridget Moynawhawhohan?

    Is she in porn?

  27. Ted...From LA

    I have a confession. I think #17 might be the father.

  28. tweetyeyes

    lucky fucking bitch

  29. WiseMan


  30. donkeypunch

    man, he’s got a big fuckin’head

  31. karifarrell

    #34, LOOK AT ME! MY CAPSLOCK IS STUCK…oh wait, I’m just a dipshit!
    14 year olds shouldn’t be allowed to post. Go whack off inn the bathroom or something!

  32. fearsarewishes

    Brady goes deeeeeeeeeep!

  33. JungleRed


    Hey genius! What the fuck kind of bullshit tabloid “paper” do you read where these two nimrods make headlines. Oh, and by the way, he IS ugly, and looks like a low-brow neanderthal.

  34. nicole

    can i just say something to “STORMY” i made a “>=[” as a joke you dumb jerk, i hope u come back and check this. and second off, i DO have a sense of humor, who the hell do you think you are? and BTW in case you forgot, this is for commenting about THE STARS, not trashing eachother so go to hell, and YOU get a sense of humor cause I was just kidding. dumb BIT**, you dont even know me

  35. fearsarewishes


    nicole, it’s going to like totally suck going back to school tomorrow.

    Like, right?

  36. Josh_Lavarn

    They’re both ghetto. This is what happens when you listen to too much rap music.

  37. Gray

    I’ve never been much of a Brady fan. Have you ever heard him speak? He has a slight case of mushmouth. And yet the thought of his super sperm made my pants move a little.

  38. 86

    For some reason this thread is making me laugh alot.

  39. 86

    Isnt she the bitchy bartender from coyote ugly?

  40. jrzmommy

    Who are these assholes?

  41. tweetyeyes

    He told me he couldnt get anyone pregnant. Lying fucking bastard. I will have his forehead shortened for this!

  42. Clete

    Congratulations to the happy single mom – her family must be so proud.
    I am glad two knuckleheads like Tom Brady and Gisele Buncheon (sp?) found each other.
    Gisele is a shapeless horse face and Tom Brady is a jackass. Horse for horse.

  43. Jnicole28

    #17/24/25/30/32/34 you need some mental help, and how bout a bigger vocab other than “horse face slut”

    btw…shes hot, hes pretty ugly…so lets hope the baby gets her looks

  44. lambman

    Wait, why don’t people know who she is? THIS SITE showed her MAKING OUT WITH HEATHER GRAHAM like on Friday, how do you forget somebody like that?

  45. BarbadoSlim

    @50….this girl was with two girls kissing?!?!, I see thousands upon thousands each week I just can’t keep track of every skank that comes along, sorry.

  46. newt

    The assholes are a guy with an asshole on his chin and a girl who should have taken it in the asshole to avoid having chin-asshole’s bunghole of a baby.

  47. Lambency

    1. He’s ugly, I don’t care what you say. If he had more hair he might be better…but Seriously, he looks like Bill Murray with a nose job.

    2. She’s not that hot, but she’s not half bad. So I’m not going to call her a horse faced skank.

    3. Who the hell cares? Are these people famous in America? Because I’ve never seen them.

  48. 86

    It must be awesome to be pregnant with a guy’s kid when he’s banging a supermodel.

  49. wedgeone

    #16 – No, Gisele & Bridget are going to get together for the kids sake. They can handle it. Tom is a permanent wingman now.
    Or maybe he’ll hook up with Heather Graham.

  50. penisenvy

    This is a man who leads a group of warriors. He was boning that woman on the right, who’s old enough to be his mom, so I think he may have killed his dad. I only read the Cliff Notes version and there wasn’t any mention of a supermodel on the side; schack…little help?

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