Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen party next to Leo

January 22nd, 2008 // 72 Comments

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen probably had an awkward time last night. The two were celebrating the Patriots win over San Diego and hit up Butter in New York City. However, Gisele’s ex Leonardo DiCaprio also happened to be there. I hate running into my ex. Like in my living room. Or in the bathroom. That’s what I get for dating my Batman slippers. I thought we had a connection, but then the peyote wore off. You know how it goes.

NOTE: That’s seriously Leonardo DiCaprio in the last pic doing what I assume is his impression of a giant penis with arms. The man is our generation’s Brando.


  1. Snarf


  2. Superfish reader

    I’m sorry, being gay, I don’t know who Tom Brady is?

  3. The Moat

    If Brady’s partying in NYC, I hope that Leo’s presence was the least awkward moment as he found himself in a sea of rabid Giants fans.

  4. guidebook for all the sissies out there

    This explains all sports fans:

    Puddy: You’re dead, Messier! We’re gonna get you, Messier!

    Fan #1: Will you sit down?

    Puddy: Hey man, I’m just trying to support the team.

    Elaine: Will you sit down? You’re disturbing everybody. Sit down!

    Puddy: Oh yeah, because you’re a Ranger fan and you know I’m messing with their heads.

  5. At least his foot is better.

  6. gotmilk?

    yeah right, the sea of rabid Giants fans that just became fans when they beat the packers. give me a break!

  7. whatever

    #2 – Not sure that living under a rock (as you clearly do) necessarily makes you “gay”.

    Also, I’m pretty convinced that Tom Brady has a raging case of gonorrhea.

  8. Now this is something we can talk about. Look at Gisele boots. Can someone plase call Britney and tell her to check them out and while Britney is at it, just dress like Gisele. She will look a 100 times better. .

    And what is with these super model. Do they all date men with littler dick than themselves? ?

  9. #2 he was the unmentioned homosexual son on the Brady Bunch cast out after the first season..

  10. PunkA

    Why would Leo care? As I recall, he dumped horse face Giselle on her massive snozzer and is now banging a hotter chick. If anything, Tom Brady ought to be the embarrassed one for being seen with a girl that closely resembles the last Kentucky Derby winner.

  11. I always thought that the dad and Alice had a thing going

  12. Hey Dip Shit Fish dude. The last picture is not Leo. The dude in the last picture is wear black and white shoes and Leo is wearing only white shoes. Loe is also not wearing a hat of a jacket.

  13. helen

    heath ledger is dead!

  14. whatever

    Let’s see how long it will take Fish to realize this

  15. hnnssy25

    who cares about them! Keith Ledger is dead he was found by his maid in his nyc apt.

  16. @15 Holly shit is true. I am glad to see the Fish is on top of it..

  17. Matthew

    Serves him right. God struck down Heath Ledger for promoting homosexuality.

  18. Bigheadmike

    LONG LIVE HEATH!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. @15 Holly shit it is true. I am glad to see the Fish is on top of it..

  20. @15 Holly shit it is true. I am glad to see the Fish is on top of it..

  21. des

    I just wish he would dump that ugly woman! I’m a huge fan and he could do sooo much better! Ummmm, Me for instance!

  22. Who’s Kieth Ledger?

  23. Cartman

    He was smothered by a gay cowboy eating pudding.

  24. Baccus

    TMZ is a celeb news site. This is a celeb stories-to-make-fun-of site. Sometimes breaking news is the best to make fun of, sometimes not.

    The current Fish writer is talentless, but you complainers are brainless.

  25. @25 FRIST, Keith is dead

  26. Come on fish….where’s the Heath Ledger news??

  27. nipolian

    That’s a sign of obedience when the woman is always a step or two behind the man.

  28. Joe

    Heath Ledger is Dead

  29. STFU Baccus

    @ 26 – Fish also posts stories that are tragic, so shut the fuck up.

  30. STFU STFU Baccus

    @31 – And it’s always a mistake because people make fun of the tragedy, retard. That was the point. Next time I’ll keep it to single-syllable words.

  31. @25 FRIST, Keith is dead

  32. PunkA

    Tragic is what it is. Left behind a 2 year old daughter. Damn. I feel for the girl.

    I am totally psyched to see the new Batman movie too, but this will make the hype for it even more since it will be his last film.

    Why couldn’t this have bee Britney? Where is the justice?

  33. Jennie

    Heath has (oops…had) a young daughter, so I’m glad he’s dead. These self-centered actors are TERRIBLE parents. Her chances of having a normal healthy life just went up by 50% (her mom is an actress, still living, unfortunately on both counts).

  34. Giselle=boring

    Giselle is the perfect example of how supermodels aren’t really much to gawk at: long curveless sticks with not the best faces.
    Give me porn stars, hot porn stars anyday, not supermodels!! porn stars are the hottest thing on Earth.

  35. STFU Baccus

    @ 32, obviously – If you’re so offended by stuff like that then don’t read it. Sounds like you’re the “retard” for not understanding that simple fact. Also, this site is useful people to make fun of dumbasses like you. So, let me break it down into single syllables for you: GO. FUCK. YOUR. SELF.

  36. on_a_rampage

    Did anyone but me hear that Heath Ledger is dead???

  37. on_a_rampage

    Did anyone but me hear that Heath Ledger is dead???

  38. swananine

    go pats! gonna go 19-0 baby!

  39. maz

    does gisele always wear EXACTLY the same clothes when shes not on shoots???
    i mean seriously, WTF??

  40. my comment

    Love her boots.

  41. Abi

    Dammit. It’s my birthday and my wish didn’t come true.

    Gisele is not in a coma and Tom is not in my basement chained to my wall crying for help.

    Ugh. I never get anything I want.

  42. Abi

    Number 11, I love you totally :-D It’s funny because I was just thinking the same thing.

  43. Redmonkey

    What the hell… That’s not even Leonardo DiCaprio! And he guy in the picture doesn’t even look as close to him as my ass!

    No matter how much I love you, Superficial, please get your facts right this time!

  44. GG1000

    Geez people, I’m not going to argue whether that is or isn’t LDC, but who the hell can tell? Whoever it is looks like a giant weenie, that’s for sure. And I woudn’t blame him for hiding his face; in the Quien es mas Macho? contest, I’m afraid the NFL MVP undefeated blah blah blah beats pretty boy has been like a gong.

    #43, he’s not in my basement either if it makes you feel any better, and that’s a cryin’ shame as far as I’m concerned!

  45. James

    Punk A — I agree with you. Leo’s girlfriend Bar Refaeli is absolutely beautiful. Now if she was with Tom Brady, that I could understand.

  46. James

    Punk A — I agree with you. Leo’s girlfriend Bar Refaeli is absolutely beautiful. Now if she was with Tom Brady, that I could understand.

  47. makemepuke

    Who gives a flyin fuck!!!

  48. El Sueno

    I need to become an NFL quarterback.

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