Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan fight, Gisele eats

February 20th, 2007 // 72 Comments

Friends of Tom Brady are saying Bridget Moynahan didn’t even bother to tell him she was announcing her pregnancy on The Post and suspect she got pregnant on purpose. A friend of Brady says:

“[Bridget] may have gotten pregnant on purpose. She is 36, wanted a baby, and Tom was dumping her. It’s a little suspicious.”

A friend of Moynahan shoots back:

“Please. They dated for three years and they broke up in December – right around the time he found out she was pregnant and he immediately started dating Gisele Bundchen. Who’s the gross one here?”

And since nobody cares about Tom Brady or Bridget Moynahan here’s the most interesting part of the article: Gisele Bundchen is set to walk in the Dolce & Gabbana show in Milan next week and had to gain 14 pounds to weigh enough to be able to walk in the show. 14 pounds! That’s like eating a large baby. I know they want to set some health standards, but it’s still a runway show, not the Fat Olympics.



  1. minniememe

    So much for their supposed “break up”.

  2. itspat

    maybe bridget’s fetus was the appetizer.

  3. misanthrope

    What are they gonna do about Gisele’s face?

  4. deez bananas

    nothing wrong with hitting and quitting…and keeping a baby in the process.

  5. NipsyHustle

    Reason why Tom Brady is as smart as a squirrel:

    He leaves Bridget because she wanted to settle down and he takes up with Gisele, who dumped her longterm boyfriend because he wouldn’t settledown. Sounds like Brady made the wrong choice. He should be banging Leo.

  6. Ramblebrook

    “And since nobody cares about Tom Brady or Bridget Moynahan”…

    Are you serious? You’re one of those guys who was never good at sports and tries to downplay its relevance in american culture (especially male, american culture). So go put on some more flavored lip gloss a practice your “Hit me baby on more time” dance routine and write another article on Brittainy’s new hemoroid, with a snappy comment at the end. Pussy.

  7. minniememe

    She could eat Bridget’s baby. If she were a dingo, of course.

  8. Ramblebrook

    This is the first post about a celebrity I give two shits about. Put down the Late’ and pick up a baseball glove once in a while. Pussy. So dismissive of people’s interest in Tom Brady, one of the best ever at what he does.

  9. misanthrope

    @5… Tee hee!

    Tom and Gisele have big… head.. face… things.

  10. BarbadoSlim

    Nope, still don’t know who this people are and still don’t give a rat’s ass.

  11. kingnormandy

    Three years together and their birth control method fails the month they break up? Whatever the sequence of events, sounds like her attempt to get a commitment/ring failed.

  12. woodhorse

    These are boring people. And unattractive.

  13. John Madden's gay bus driver

    #6/8 – Ramblebrook, do you have Tom as your “fantasy” quarterback by any chance? Or do you play center for the Patriots and have developed a certain…closeness? (btw teh ghey name, why not just go by Rumblebutt?)

  14. NipsyHustle


    women aren’t so much concerned with the ring like they use to be back when having a bastard was a “bad” thing. now it’s only bad if the father is poor. today a woman can have a “trap” baby and can live the good life without having to deal with “marriage” crap like washing your laundry, laughing at your stale jokes, and pretending you’re the best lover EVER. hell, mick jagger pays $35k a month on the last bastard he fathered.

  15. Binky

    Brady never could call his own plays, and he obviously didn’t expect the ‘Hail Mary’ cumming.

  16. BarbadoSlim

    @8 I wasted many years playing baseball and basketball for the reason most american youths do, to please their pieces of shit “sportsfreak” dads.
    In my experience the biggest fans are the fattest loudest douchebags who’ve never played a game in their lives. So cram it up your ass sporto.

  17. RichPort

    Ramblebrook waved his limited edition genuine game quality football at Tom Brady for an autograph and got snubbed. He has now become Stan.

  18. whitegold

    Who is that in the pic, Bridget or Gisele? Whoever it is, she’s pretty hot!

  19. Ramblebrook

    #13- Good name sugestion coming from “Madden’s Gay Busdriver”. I’m not really even a Brady fan, just don’t understand the man’s dismissal of his celebrity because he doesn’t care about sports. The guys still famous.
    But if some hollywood whore (not even the Holy Trinity of Brittany/Lindsey/Paris) so much as leans forward and shows a roll outside a Starbucks, its front page fucking news. (btw, very gay name, why not just go by John Madden’s gay butt driver)?

  20. fame is funny

    #6, no the fish is right, nobody really cares. just a tip, you’re not supposed to apply the steroid cream directly to your forehead.

  21. misanthrope

    @16… AND the fans wear those dorky jerseys and whatnot. I mean, I’ve seen a lot of tubby guys claiming to be ‘Brady’ or whoever the hell. I didn’t realize how much those athletes let themselves go in the off season.

    “Support the team” – Putty.

  22. Stace

    #8…not sure how you equate a baseball glove with football, or are you thinking of more of a gerbil catching mitt

  23. kingnormandy

    What women? I was talking about the failed actress from the story above, go dust off your ERA crap somewhere else. As for the stale jokes, didn’t see any, but here’s one.

    Knock, knock…Piss off

    PS – in your senario, your HERO is having a baby to increase her income. Ring or not, Bravo

  24. Clete

    Bridgette, so much for that pathetic ploy to trap a man. Join the Mary Louise Parker, Liz Hurley and Scary Spice club.
    Tom is a cad… all those steroids destroyed his pea brain.
    Gawky Gisele… 14 lbs…wow what a blimp; now she needs to work on her face so she looks like the feminine one of the new loving couple. That face is harsh.

  25. Ramblebrook

    #16, #21 – You don’t find it ironic that a bunch of shallow people that follow ever step of some celebrity (whose usually a fuck up) and then put their two cents in on a daily basis, can completely shit on the idea of being a sports fan or following a team and its players?
    To the women, I know you guys live on gossip, so I get it. To the men, let go of your highschool years and the grudge you have against the Jocks that picked on you for wearing tight shirts and black nail polish. Not every sportsfan is that guy.

    #22- not equating the two, just deviating from football to bring in sports as a whole. I have nothing to say to you, your comment was actually funny.

  26. Brady’s a PIMP.


  27. misanthrope

    @25… You’re right, sports players are just as retarded as any other celebrity and deserve to be treated the same.

  28. NipsyHustle


    you said:
    “As for the stale jokes, didn’t see any, but here’s one. Knock, knock…Piss off”

    i have to agree with you that was indeed lame and stale. you should really be proud. BRAVO.

    i didn’t say i condoned these women’s behavior. i made fun of their perspective. you ASSumed you knew my intention and therefore you now look like an ASS.

    stop taking things on this board so personally. it’s not about YOU.
    BUT, WAIT…..let me guess. some bronze-digger hit you up for child support cause you skeeted in her raw so now you have to pick up extra shifts at walmart to make ends meet. use your discount wisely. buy condoms then you won’t have these problems anymore.

  29. grape

    #17, wonderful. I don’t care about these 2 people either. However I am a young vain female so the thought of Gisele morphing into The Blob holds immense satisfaction for me.

  30. mrs.t

    Who is Tom Brady? Seriously.

    And, Ramblebrook, if his appearance on this site marks the first time you’ve been interested, why are you here? I just mention it because I wouldn’t go to the Thinly Veiled Homosexuality Sports Blog and then be surprised when the regulars didn’t give a shit about Britney’s shaved head.

  31. It looks like Moynahan tried the good ole ‘keep a playa’ baby and it didn’t work. At least the cheques will be rolling in soon.

  32. kingnormandy


    skeeted in her raw – nice, back off fellas she’s probably taken.

    Must have hit the old “20 year old girl stepping out on her own” nerve cause you’ve got your A game standup comedy working now. Don’t let Chappelle know you rip him off.

    Anonimity is a wonderful thing, sure makes it easy to be brave. You are woman, hear you roar!

    As for the – Lame in bed, poor, stale jokes, dirty laundry, walmart..

    Your right, nothing personal there. Why would anyone take that personally? Especially when it is directed at them? Crazy stuff.

    Big question would be, do you have a point? Or just another jab about the failed life and the poor job of a man you have never met? Have you ever thought of a morning radio show, add a horn to your shtick and you may have something.

    Either way, why don’t you get back to first year womens studies class at Akron State community college, oh yeah and piss off.

  33. woodhorse

    14 pounds is a lot of hamburger. She doesn’t look emaciated so it must be true that the camera “adds 10 pounds”. DEAR GOD!! that means Nicole Richie looks like Skeletor.

  34. lustpockets

    The only place Tom fucked up was staying with any of these fake ass bitches for more than one night.

    Bang that ass, squirt it in her eye, and leave on the next thing moving.

  35. maribel

    They calculate BMI by weight and height, and to be “ideal” you have to score between 18.5-22.5. If she’s 5’10, she’d have to weigh 130 just to hit 18.5, which means if they told her to gain 14 pounds she only weighs 116! Yikes.

  36. whackjob



  37. BarbadoSlim

    I don’t….?!?!?are you the jock or the guy wearing the nail polish. Or maybe you are both? Who’s the one who came here with a hard-on for some doode?

    Oh, wait, I know who you were in HS, you were the one smelling our jockstraps and trying to “sneek a peek” in the shower.

    Take it outside homo.

  38. BarbadoSlim

    post #37 was in for #25, Ramblebrook our resident, ahem…..sportsperson.

  39. Ramblebrook

    #30 Good point Mrs. T. For one, I enjoy the nude/semi-nude pics of celebs, and I like the train wreck that is low self-esteem, judgemental women talking shit about people (especially about their weight) who look better than they ever will on the Thinly Veiled I Eat To Make Myself Feel Better Because I hate My Mom gossip blog.

  40. Ramblebrook

    #37- Be easy Buddy. Turn off the Depeche Mode and stop crying. i hit the nail on the head didn’t I? I’m sorry, but I didn’t have a hard on for some “doode”, just surprised that no one gave him the same interest they would a no talent whore. I would say the same about Anthony Hopkins or Stephen Hawkings, or someone else at the pinacle of their field. Stop judging and get past the hate you’ve developed from the years of ridicule from the male community as a whole.

  41. misanthrope

    Ramblebrook… Ok, so Tom Brady is a great football player. Great. Well he’s also a dick. He either a)knocked up his girlfriend of 3 years and broke up with her or b)found out after the fact and called her a whore. Either way, he’s not exactly charming. I’d say the same thing about Stephen Hawkings or Anthony Hopkins.

  42. lovescontroversy1

    she does NOT need to gain 14 pounds. that’s ridiculous. that is why these people are famous. because they are not average– which in our society equates bring obese. if you want to look at average people… watch tyra banks or browse through lane bryant ads. don’t watch runway shows.

    cheers to the skinny people.

  43. NipsyHustle


    oooh, you are fun to play with. i see why all the ladies just love your two shiny pennies.

  44. NipsyHustle


    p.s. in 2003 chappelle did s “skeet” skit but that was a YEAR after lil jon and the east side boys released the song “get low” which first introduced the term so TECHNICALLY, chappelle borrowed it from someone else so i really doubt he’ll mind me using it now.

  45. Ramblebrook

    #41- Your arguement is actually rational and based on a valid personal opinion. You don’t deserve an imature rebuttal.
    Unfortunately, I think she did try the old have-his-baby-to-keep-him trick. And is therefore a selfish bitch (check #11). Way to set that child up for lifelong daddy issues and then spend the next 18 years telling the him/her how bad of a father he is.
    If he left her before he knew she was pregnant, you can’t hold anything against him unless he bails on the kid.
    If he knew she was pregnant and then dumped her, he’s a dick and I have to agree with Lustpockets at #34.

  46. BarbadoSlim

    #40…You are still the one who came here with a hard-on for some doooooooode. It’s right there, you are the one who brought up nail polish, and now you are the one who brings up depeche mode.

    Come on, keep it coming, what else?

  47. Lizzle

    Ugh, Gisele. So played out. How about that commercial that her and all the Vicki’s Secret Angels were doing for Valentine’s Day, when they were describing things like the “Perfect Man” and their “First Kiss”?

    And Gisele’s talking about her first kiss and says in that ridiculously annoying accent of hers ” … and den, his teeth, dey hit with my teeth … hehehehe”. Yeah, really cute. They hit teeth. I’d love to present her with a brick wall and have her teeth hit that instead. Bitch.

  48. Tom Brady is the starting quarterback for the NE Patriots. He came in for Drew Bledsoe as kind of a fluke when Bledsoe was injured, and they happened to win the Super Bowl that year. Oddly enough, that was the year Britney Spears went batshit for him and publically said so, and she was still even hot enough to hit then. He used to be pretty hot, so I don’t know what’s up with the Geico Caveman pics.

    I personally think she got pissed when he hooked up with Gisele instead of weeping into his celibacy when she dropped him. Pretty convenient that she got pregnant about the same time he hooks up with someone hotter than her. Add to the fact that she announces it to the post and I smell attention whore.

    Get a paternity test, man.

  49. BarbadoSlim

    You know what, nevermind, my mistake, you don’t have a gay crush on Tom Brady at all…

  50. meee

    14 pounds?! she had to GAIN that to reach the 5’9/123lb thing? are you kidding me? i’m 5’3 and i weigh 110 and people still think i’m too skinny.

    models are fucking gross man.

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