Tom Sizemore’s Girlfriend Found

Meant to get to this yesterday, but more important things happened up to and including Gary Shirley dancing like this. Anyway, Tom Sizemore’s missing girlfriend was found in a Los Angeles meth-house over the weekend paving the way for his manager to make up all kinds of stories about barely even knowing the girl and Tom Sizemore being a drug counselor. People reports:

“I am relived and happy Megan is safe and sound. It is unfortunate that she did not come forward immediately as this has caused me a lot of concern,” says Sizemore. “However, I am pleased no harm has come to Megan and I wish her and her family the best and I am putting this matter behind me.”
The actor’s manager Charles Lago tells PEOPLE that Wren was never Sizemore’s girlfriend nor his assistant, as was rumored. Lago also denied she lived with Sizemore.
The woman had been dealing with personal problems and Sizemore “had been trying to help her,” says Lago.

Obviously, I was wrong to suggest he murdered her, but in my defense, the story involved Tom Sizemore and a woman. The evidence was all there.

Photo: Splash News