What Is Tom Hanks On ‘Black Jeopardy’ Trying To Say Here?

If you somehow haven’t had it squealed in your face yet, Tom Hanks hosted Saturday Night Live over the weekend and was apparently fantastic. Or your dad. I honestly don’t know what half the Internet’s talking about anymore. Anyway, in one of the more notable sketches, he plays a Trump voter who manages to find himself on Black Jeopardy, which is hilarious because get it? Trump voters are racist as fuck! It’s true. Google it.

And while the sketch is pretty great, I couldn’t help but wonder what the underlying message is because, of course, I’m the kind of asshole who can’t just sit here and go, “Haha, it’s funny because you think he’s going to be racist.” (Invite me to your parties. You’ll love it.) Because it really seems like the theme here is that Trump voters and blacks have something in common, and that something in common is being poor and stupid as hell? Tee-hee? Tiddle-lee-hee-hoo?

I’m gonna walk away now.

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Photo: NBC/YouTube