Tom Cruise’s Religion ‘Imprisoned’ A Woman On A Cruise Ship For 12 Years

Earlier in the year, Scientology, a.k.a. Tom Cruise’s Space Magic, has been plagued by reports of using its members for slave labor, and now comes a report from a woman who claims she was imprisoned on a cruise ship by head Thetan-sucker David Miscaviage for 12 years after her parents tried to leave the church. Via Yahoo! News:

“I was basically hauled in and told that my mum had attacked the church and that I needed to disconnect from her because she was suppressive,” she said. “He decided the ship, and I found out two hours before my plane left, I was woken up in the morning and I was sent to the ship for ‘two weeks.’ “
Paris was born into a Scientology family, but her mother quit the group after her husband committed suicide, blaming Scientology for coercing him out of a self-made personal fortune of more than a million dollars.
Instead of the promised two week stay, Paris found herself unable to leave the ship without an official Scientology escort and was often forced into hard labor on the lower levels of the ship for stretches as long as two full days. “It’s hot, it’s extremely loud, it’s smelly, it’s not nice. I was sent down there at first for 48 hours straight on almost no sleep and I had to work by myself,” she said.
So, why didn’t Paris simply escape from the ship when it would take port? The Freewinds has a relatively small sailing route, traveling throughout the Caribbean and occasionally docking at small islands.
“I did not want to be there, I made it clear I did not want to be there and that was considered bad ethics, meaning it was considered not right,” she said. “They take your passport when you go on the ship and you’re in the middle of an island. So it’s a bit hard [to escape] and by that time I was 18, I’d been in Scientology my whole life, it’s not like I knew how to escape,” she said.

When reached for comment, Tom Cruise simply muttered, “Swimming lessons for Suri, huh?,” before angrily hopping a bee to Smurf Village.

Photos: Splash News