Tom Cruise Is Pissed Katie Holmes Apologized To Leah Remini

Out of all the things that came out of Leah Remini’s 20/20 interview to promote her book on leaving Scientology, the most surprising was Katie Holmes actually issuing a statement to apologize for all of the stupid shit she did while being brainwashed in a re-education trailer built by slaves. (Yup.) Which is remarkable if you’re at all familiar with Scientology’s history of never, ever admitting its mistakes and harassing the ever-living fuck out of anyone who does. So naturally it’s Levitating Space Messiah isn’t exactly thrilled. Via Radar:

Now, Holmes ex-husband is furious over the public apology, reports In Touch. “It speaks volumes,” a source tells the magazine. “That one sentence makes it clear how regretful and remorseful Katie feels about her time with Tom and Scientology.”
“Katie is clearly getting back at Tom,” the Scientology insider said. “This is the most aggressive she’s been since she blindsided him with divorce papers three years ago. She’s humiliating Tom again.”
Tom is furious with Katie because he knows, and the church knows, that she has a nondisclosure agreement,” continued the Scientology insider. “Katie agreed not to spill any secrets.”

As for the strength of that nondisclosure agreement, I’m pretty sure it’s hard to enforce a legal document that’s written in Klingon and cites the galactic authority of L. Ron Hubbard, Martian race car driver.

“Your honor, when Ms. Holmes signed the agreement, she knew fell well that our spiritual leader would bomb this world into the sun should she ever violate the conditions set forth wherein.”
“Sir, one more statement like that, and I’ll instruct the bailiff to shoot you.”
“Ha! Our tech makes us impervious to human weapons.”
“Tech this, space cracker!”

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