Tom Cruise Sprayed Jimmy Fallon With His Gun, His Big Powerful Gun. Dudes Do That.

December 19th, 2012 // 18 Comments

Tom Cruise Jimmy Fallon

Since we’ve seen Miley Cyrus get exactly what she wanted for her birthday, here’s Tom Cruise getting an item from his Christmas list: A playful water fight with Jimmy Fallon in a faux military bunker that’s really a fully-functioning butt sex planetarium complete with a bird’s eye view of Xenu’s Seven Planetary Orbs of Power. Or this is just a sketch from Late Night but, c’mon, what are the odds of that happening? It was that other stuff.

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  1. The Royal Penis

    Yep, nothing gay about this, move along.

  2. Now we know for sure that Tom Cruise is probably hung like a grape.

  3. JC

    You know it’s not a sketch form Late Night because that show features no comedy whatsoever, slapstick or otherwise.

  4. USDA Prime McBeef

    butt sex plane-arium

  5. USDA Prime McBeef

    A water fight is no more gay than a sweaty game of beach volleyball


  6. Mohawk Disco

    Repressing one’s sexual desires is not healthy. Tom – maybe for the first time – seems happy and relaxed in public.

  7. M'enh

    I dunno guys… I’m kinda getting sick of the Cruise bashing. By all accounts he’s a really nice guy (when he’s not bat-shit insanely pushing scientology), a ridiculously dedicated actor, and clearly not a gay midget that sleeps under cabbage leaves. This post seems a little weak. Thumbs-down away everyone…

  8. Seeing the expression on Tom’s face and taking into consideration the trajectory of the “discharge,” which they claim is only water, leads me to believe there is something seriously Freudian going on here…

  9. This Jackoff Reacharound movie’s gonna be great! Tom Cruise is all fun and games now and he knows how to express himself! There won’t be any robot acting at all in this movie, chalk another one up for the Cruise in the win column.

  10. All Tom Cruise needs to do now is smack Jimmy Fallon in the ass with flowers and rub him with a warm fluffy towel.

  11. anonymous

    I see TC is still auditioning people to be his next girlfriend.

  12. judgingyou

    That’s only an average sized gun, Cruise is just that tiny.

  13. I love Tom Cruise. He’s one the best actors of all time. He’s nutty as squirrel shit, but whatever.

  14. oldfool

    TCLTC…..and water sports.

  15. “Hey Jimmy, come to my house. There will be see thru shirts and water sports.”

  16. Tom, he be the fucking man but that shit is gay!
    Now give me a super soaker and Coco wearing a dry white, wife beater. NO WE TALKING!!!

  17. Jerube

    Who does this shit? I think that is super hilarious, gay you say. Gayness is in the eye of the .. well you know how the fuck that goes.

    I thought this was hilarious! Thumbs up ! to Fallon for getting Tom C to do this.

  18. metal_gear

    Didn’t Cruise get pissed at someone doing this to him with a joke microphone once?

    Fucking hyprocrite.

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