Tom Cruise Dance Battled at a Wedding

October 6th, 2011 // 36 Comments

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Tom Cruise attended the wedding of billionaire and Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol producer David Ellison over the weekend where he was called out on the dance floor by some other probably fantastically rich person. Now, I’m not going to sit here and act shocked since this type of thing happens at every wedding where the guest list is almost all white people. I do, however, find it strange that this crowd didn’t have a bunch of people dancing like minions for their amusement while they threw table scraps at them and punched their mothers in the mouth. It’s almost like Tom and other powerful white men have something lurking just below the surface. Consider the evidence: a penchant for designer clothes, carefully coiffed hair, and now an unsuppressed urge shake that ass. What could it be?

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  1. Stuperficial

    Is dance battle code for had anonymous gay sex?

  2. wth this is like 1983 again in washington square park, lmao “u got serrrved yo!”
    well they both sucked.. :P

    • 1983? I thought dance offs were what they did during the height of the disco era which would have been around 1977 or 1978. The only actual time I saw a dance off was on “Soul Train”.

  3. Smapdi

    What is a “Protocal”?

  4. your mom

    Whoa. This is what passes for dancing these days??

  5. required

    You Got Served 3: Xenus vs Voltron…Coming next summer!

  6. DeucePickle

    A Few Good Moves

  7. Tom Cruise Dance Battle
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    Bigfoot ?

  8. i’m absolutely saddened and embarrassed for myself for having just watched that.

  9. RoboZombie


  10. Did he come sliding by in his underwear and Raybans, or did he just gay up the place?

  11. Schmidtler

    Give TC a break here – he was just getting in character for his next role in ‘Electric Boogaloo 3, Ass Masters of Dance’, co starring Chris Brown.

  12. Governor Scott Walker

    Me likey. When rich white people can’t dance off while the economy burns we’ll no for sure the terrorists have won.

  13. Tom Cruise Dance Battle
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    “Put on some Kenny Loggins, cause I’m about to put this parking cone up my danger zone.”

  14. He’s like the Dick Clark of our generation, only gayer.

  15. Alex

    Say what you want, but Les Grossman is the best character ever.

  16. Oh nice Tom cruise is my best ever actor, he a versatile action and dramatic actor. Today’s fashion trends is the jewelry watches .

  17. Tom Cruise Dance Battle
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    I can’t believe you found pictures of him walking and pointing. Amazing!

  18. Tom Cruise Dance Battle
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    He’s waiting for the school bus

  19. me

    is it me (well sure I am), or was somebody holding down his hairpiece???

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  21. forrest gump

    his ego is the opposite of his lenght.

    ……………he is still the same sick dwarf as usual, folks!!

    • browny

      Short, thick, old man, with big nose and brush hair. Too old now. Go away. Please, please. You peaked on Top Gun (and even then, meh) and downhill all the way since then. Accept it, you’re over the hill.

  22. UncleDenial

    After fan outrage that the character Tom is playing is a 6’5″ and 250lbs and this new video evidence, the studio is changing the character’s name to Jack Reacher-Round. This should satisfy parties all around.

  23. Qaroliine

    This made m happy and it made med smile. Peace out.

  24. Rupert Giles

    This tells me Tom is just like everyone else…kind of a dork…and I think this does way more for improving his PR situation than any fan website or talk show circuit could provide. Pretty cool.

  25. Tom Cruise Dance Battle
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    “Don’t you worry Tom…they’re getting the smaller cones right now.” “No way we’re using normal sized cones.” “No way.”

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