Tom Cruise Is Auditioning, Mind-Beaming, Courting, Whatever You Want To Call It, Cameron Diaz Now

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz have pretended to be romantic interests in two movies now, so why not carry that charade into reality which I’m assuming was the thought process here. Via The Herald Sun:

“Tom and Cameron get on really well. Tom thinks Cameron is beautiful, intelligent and a lot of fun. He’d love for them to be more than friends,” an insider claimed to the British edition of Grazia.
“Tom’s felt so low since his divorce and Cameron’s company has really cheered him up.”

Before everyone gets into convoluted theories about Cameron Diaz’s face repelling other men which makes her a prime candidate for getting eMetered into a relationship built on slavery, I already proved she has a penis back in January by using A-Rod’s Method For Having Sex With Dudes. I believe you’ll find my calculations as handsome as they are accurate. Hail Science!

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