Tom Clancy Died (1947 – 2013)

Depending on what age you are, you know the name Tom Clancy from either his expansive library of meticulously detailed military/espionage novels or the several video games series bearing his name. I fall squarely in the former category (Ask me to name some of my all time favorite books and/or movies, and you’ll hear the words Clear and Present Danger.) though I did dabble with the latter after plunking my after-school paycheck on the very first Rainbow Six for our old family Compaq. The man was an icon if you were a bookish kid like myself who when given a choice between KB Toys or Waldenbooks during a trip to the mall chose Waldenbooks almost every time. Granted, our politics completely differ, and this site is a testament to my inability to not spout off, but for Tom Clancy who died yesterday in Baltimore, I’ll let nostalgia win because the man wrote some great American novels. He captured a time and a history and even a mindset of this country, for better or worse, in dense stacks of pulp that Americans today would rather be spoonfed NCIS than pick up and read.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Clancy