Todd Phillips Really is Banging Paris Hilton

When I first heard the rumors that Paris Hilton was hooking up with The Hangover director Todd Phillips, I just assumed it was her people trying to drum up publicity (Pregnancy rumors, anyone?) for her reality show that no one wants to watch. So, imagine my surprise to see them together over the holiday weekend because I always figured a.) Todd Phillips is an intelligent human being who uses promises of acting work on chicks who aren’t the equivalent of jamming a needle full of hepatitis in your eye, and b.) Paris Hilton is a superficial whore-bag. I guess she’s finally maturing as a woman and realizing 24-year-old trust fund babies don’t fire movie roles out of their cocks. On that note, if you’re a scientist who believes chlamydia has the capacity to learn, I’m listening.

Photos: GSI Media, Splash News, TMZ