Tobey Maguire is an asshole

April 27th, 2007 // 171 Comments

Tobey Maguire smacked a camera out of the hand of a fan who tried to get his picture while he was headed back to his hotel in Paris. The guy wasn’t even paparazzi. It’s like the cast of Spider-Man is having a competition to see who can make me hate them the most. Tobey Maguire is being a dick and Kirsten Dunst is, well, just being herself. Which, ironically, puts her in the lead for the fifth straight year in a row. And also in a never ending battle against werewolves.



  1. Tell your friend #146…I still live at home,,I don’t have to afford anything,RuffessassRuby..yea,,I like my new Emachines..Windows Vista…nice being young, too bad,U old bitches forgot how it feels…JEALOUS…

  2. Ruby

    It almost isn’t worth the effort to rebut against some lowlife skank like this. But I just can’t help myself, ya know?

    KelLIE, go play with a razorblade, bitch.

  3. BlacKats

    He smacked that camera out of the guys hand like A-Rod did to Arroyo in the 2004 ALCS:

  4. visi0nX

    Thing is you guys aren’t taking into perspective that he’s an ACTOR. You and they can think/say what you want but when your a popular actor or actress you dont have a normal life. Thus when you become an actor or actress and you make ALOT of money and get popular and you sign on to more movies that will keep the fame and money you better fucking expect people like this. So all in all Tobey needs to Cry the fuck more because he has a fan and thats what ya get when you become an actor.

  5. Oh Parker, that symbiote has really brought out the worst in you.

  6. NCDave

    If you had to make out with Kirsten Dunst for the 3rd time you’d probably be slapping people around too. I’d be like “Damn I’m Spiderman, couldn’t you get me Jessica Alba or Kate Winslet”.

  7. svenhoek

    #154 that guy blindsided Toby, got close enough that his balls were rubbing Toby’s thigh, and then put a camera roughly 6 inches from his face. Maybe if he had the common sense to walk around to Toby’s front side and maybe even say, “Hey can i get your picture” Toby might have reacted a little different.

  8. visi0nX

    #157 Think It was a little impossible for him to goto the front seeing as he had about 10 body guards there. notice they didn’t do anything to the guy when he got close, he was no threat. Just a fan but Tobey is a fag.


    K, first of all who does he think he is? Well, I guess shit happens. Now let me tell you something about Tobey.

    Tobey used to live or work or something in Vancouver, Canada… My GOODFRIEND, who will remain nameless… has a BEST GAY FRIEND.. Well this guy used to date this other gay guy who was from Vancouver, who used to date Tobey. If you can’t follow what I just said, Tobey used to be a FAG. This is all of course before he was in Spiderman, but when he was starting to get his career in gear. I am no way making this up because, I’m sorry, I don’t give two shits about this one-time movie star Tobey Maguire… I am stating this because it just sickens me he has a wife and a kid, when he used to be a fudgepacker… We are trying to convince his ex-lover to come out with it publicly, but he doesn’t want to hurt his career. The reason they broke up is because Tobey refused to come out of the closet. this is a TRUE STORY.

  10. beer

    Who cares if he’s gay and went straight?

    No one cares if someone is straight and goes gay, right?

    Is Tobey an asshole?


  11. The only asshole on these sites would be”ASSHOLE OF THE YEAR” (DRPLOWSHITUPGUYSASS)!!! FEED ME , MY ASS, U SUCK DONKEY DICK…

  12. DrPhowstus

    ^^^^ And such is the state of the American educational system folks. That’s right, start teaching your kids Chinese or Hindi… with scholars like this, we have no fucking hope.

  13. #l62–your fuckin generation already ruine it for us…we’re just gonna finish it the way we want..old people really F’d up there any country who likes up,..maybe England, coz we kiss their assholes.

  14. DrPhowstus

    Naaaaah, you’re just a bunch of self absorbed crumbsnatchers with no desire to work, while daddy and mommy spend their fucking retirement funds making sure you can dress like a whore to the fucking mall. I weep for our country.

  15. LeeLee

    Obviously none of you have ever worked as a Mascot or at Disneyland character dept.

    One moment you’re walking along, greeting with people and signing autographs and the next there’s a bunch of inconsiderate jerks who charge up to you and throw a camera in your face, or try to grab your ass or something. There’s only so long in the day or week that you can continue to be polite about something like that before you hear that Belle and the Beauty threw some guy into the moat around Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

  16. #164–start weeping, coz u old bastards r not gonna live forever….we will rule, u will die.. If parents don’t want to spend their hard earned cash on their kids,,then they should learn how to control their dickz..guys think they can squirt that shit anywhere…it’s the fault of the man.


  18. Rachel

    wow. though we don’t know the whole story i’m sure, there are better ways of handling things like that in my opinion, but in the immortal words of brittney spears, you’ll never see it his way because you’re not him.

  19. What sort of man older than 3 goes by ‘Tobey’? Well I suppose he must of have to change his name than by default…lol. He will be nothing after Spider-Man? What kind of backward logic is that… Like him or not, he’ll always be cinematic history as the first one known to play Peter Parker/Spider-Man in a live-action film.

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