Tobey Maguire is an asshole

April 27th, 2007 // 171 Comments

Tobey Maguire smacked a camera out of the hand of a fan who tried to get his picture while he was headed back to his hotel in Paris. The guy wasn’t even paparazzi. It’s like the cast of Spider-Man is having a competition to see who can make me hate them the most. Tobey Maguire is being a dick and Kirsten Dunst is, well, just being herself. Which, ironically, puts her in the lead for the fifth straight year in a row. And also in a never ending battle against werewolves.



  1. At least he didn’t shoot up Virginia Tech.

  2. Looked like he turned his face into the camera and it hit him, i’d be pissed too.

  3. Ruby

    I have to agree with 98. TMLTC.

  4. woodhorse

    #94 LMAO

    #100 could be (didn’t read that one) but I was talking about WISEMAN aka TheLegends68 who was the same person and truly nasty sick hating and Fish kicked him off twice, once under each name and Liverpool FC has the same flavor, albeit blander, as the above mentioned psycho….

  5. anothershityear

    isn’t that the kind of picture a girl takes with a dude when she trusts him after the first night they make out?
    guess T.M. might takes pics like that with guys just not strangers off the street

    speakingofwhich, is it “verified” he’s a CH? what are the sources or is it just the-obvious, like his manner

    reading the article i agreed that he must’ve been an asshole, then watching the vid i think breaking the guy’s camera is the least of what he could/should have done

    T.Maguire is a minor celeb just like that X action-guy, millions in box-office is one thing, a real following and talent is something else – R.DeNiro was a MAJOR celeb after the 70′s and he prob had $15000 total in the bank (he’s sold-out since, who can blame him)

    can’t say he’s the worst movie action-hero ever haven’t seen DD yet but at best he’s 2nd – PParker was not such a nerd-loser after his strength-boost in the comics his comments fighting even while doubting himself was unique T.M. simply can’t portray that doesn’t have the skills

    #15 agree
    #59 agree
    #27 i thought he was a pro ice skater or something?
    #31 agree
    #42 agree & lol at “inanimate husk”

    any real celeb would have politely taken the camera, seeming to want to take the picture for the guy, then started repeatedly punching the dude in the face and taking a new picture each time to chart the progress of blood over the asswipe’s face
    but after all it was only T.Maguire

    #85 have to kind of sort of agree a little, pasty-white is okay she has a cuteness the teeth are definitely mangled and rough but she’s kindofalright NGHAS but dated a chick once who wore those solid gold vampire fangs to parties kind of freaked me out at first but it got cool sometimes ifyouknowwhatimean

    fucking weekend work SUCKS SHIT if you’ll let me fucking state the obvious just another hour of this SHIT FUCK


    id mebbe liketa show im that bucket of deer blood i keep around for special occasions. than Spiderboi can be baptized properlike roflmao.

  7. gooeyooo

    What an ugly little bitchboy. Why did this pick this moron to play Spiderman? He smacks like a little girl. WOW! Follow him and expose him for the homo he is. I know he secretly sucks a mean one. Keep following him and find his homosexual lover!

  8. Anonymous V

    Plain and simple, the kid should have asked for a picture instead of trying to shove his camera in Tobey’s face. He’s lucky those bodyguards didn’t knock him out for getting that close. I know I wouldn’t like it if somebody shoved a camera in my face trying to take my picture without permission.

  9. alaskanchicsickle

    Who really cares if Tobey Maguire is gay?

  10. NotTheMomma

    I agree with #108. The story reads like Toby just walked up to someone and knocked his camera out of his hand.
    This turd “fan” ran up next to Toby and was like, being a real idiot, trying to get a picture with Toby, shoving the camera at Toby and stuff. I think he invaded Toby’s space in a big way. There are limits. This fan was acting like Toby actually had to stand there and get this posed shot. I think Toby did what any normal thinking person would do: knock the camera out of the guy’s hand so he gets away from you. Yeah, this idiot is lucky the body guards didn’t get rough. They had every right to.

  11. Carsten5577

    I would’ve punched that loser in the face myself. What kind of a “no-life” nerd needs to have his picture taken with Tobey? And I hate being touched by total strangers for no fucking reason.

  12. gooeyooo

    Oh BS the guy was walking side by side not from behind and the faggy Tobey saw the camera he is a jackass. He coulda smiled and kept on walking. Lil fag thinks hes god cuz he landed one large role in a movie. He’s to gay to get other roles when this is over, so is he.

  13. iamsosmrt

    You know I think this might have been a team effort. Like when one person distracts a guy and the other steals his wallet. How conveniant that it was caught on tape. It looks to me like this guys plan was to get in Tobey’s face provoke him and get him to react and then get the pictures and tape of him behaving badly. I really think the paparazzo are pretty schemey.

    But celebs deserve every bit of it. The Pap is KARMA for being greedy assholes living in mansions making millions while the world is going to shit and so many have so little.

    In this situation both guys were acting like lame little douchy bitches. I find life is so much easier when you just hate and mock everyone, don’t take sides, just hate ‘em all. They’re both sissy little turds.

  14. Lal

    Tobey is taking the role of moody, emo and petulant Spiderman even to his personal life. OR HE REALLY *IS* SPIDERMAN!

  15. I do the same thing everytime someone tries to take a picture with me. What’s the issue?

  16. My boyfriend figured it out!
    Tobey has just never had a fan before, and he didn’t know how to react.
    Cut him some slack.

  17. evian_baby

    How much better looking is that fan than Toby Maguire? i know who i’d rather see in a spiderman suit… that bodyguard xx

  18. ImaCracka

    I agree with almost everyone on here that

    A) Toby was ok in smacking that turds little camera…

    B) that Toby is a fucking asshole just for using the name Toby

  19. Lowlands

    It does remind me a bit on ‘Will and Grace’ the way he knocks away the camera…I would probably throw my fist in the face of the photographer.Which could have the same impact on his face as the meteor which hit the earth and killed all the dinosaurs long ago.Is this the proof that i’m really the last straight guy left on this planet??

  20. Lowlands

    Or is this the proof that i’m really one of the last ones of an high developed ancient race from Atlantis??

  21. woodhorse

    No you are not the last straight guy: all of my brothers are straight even if all of my nephews are not. That means you’re from Atlantis. Took you long enough to admit it.

  22. Lowlands

    119,120)I know you better and to be modest i think you’re both.Thanks for you 30% raise!Sincerely,your assistant.

  23. evian_baby

    @111 and i’m guessing that doesnt happen very much to you!! The poster on top of me should check out the link @115 xx

  24. CP

    Tobey is not an asshole, I wouldn’t want that camera queer in my face either. But if I were Tobey I wouldnt give a sissy bitch slap.

  25. ginettissima

    Yeah, minor celeb or not, people with cameras in my face would cause me to go aggro, too. And to honeycombs_big_yeahyeahyeah!, I love it, I had a cat named Tobey and I agree that that name should be reserved for animals and humans no older than say 6. :)

  26. Lal

    120: Kudos on the reference. Stargate FTW.

  27. castanza

    I don’t blame him. That would be annoying as f-ck. And I’m almost as famous as Toby.

  28. BarbadoSlim

    @127 I know exactly what you mean.

  29. Blog Lurker Guy Man Dude

    Toby should have smacked the guy in the nuts, then everyone could have went home with a funny story. The french guy could probably have won $10,000 from America’s Funniest Home Videos as a bonus.

    A punch in the nuts is always worth a few replays.

  30. woodhorse

    123 – No editing! We love Lowlands just like he is! He can point and counterpoint all on his own. Not many people can do that. It could even be dangerous. Do not edit Lowlands – or else!

  31. BarbadoSlim

    Was there editing?!?!?! Explain yourself immediately Horse!

  32. Bambella

    seriously did you really need a headline that told us this piece of information. Like we didn’t already know.

  33. sharpei dude

    #88 sounds like Toby’s colon inspector. You’re a fag in a big kinda way ain’t ya boy?

  34. FG

    Tobey doesn’t mean “douchebag” in french, it doesn’t mean nothing actually.

    The guy with the camera is so rude, but Tobey had quite a violent gesture… Not sure about who’s fault it is, both maybe.

  35. Woodhorse has joined chicken and DrPlowShit in their gay reunion,,,happy dick-ing!!

  36. the Camera Guy was trying to get a group pic without asking. how would you like it if some random fool off the street did that to you?

    more than that camera would be on the ground.

  37. woodhorse

    #131 Just who said #135 could watch? That wasn’t in the contract, Slim!

  38. U wish..some bitch, called .. sillness is trashing dirtchicken, wedgeone, babidildoslim, and me on the EVE site..what a jealous whore….

  39. MrSemprini

    I wish I could take a long vacation like the Fish!

  40. fergernauster

    It’s not even “Toby”.

    It’s “TobEy”.

    I’ve said enough.

  41. DrPhowstus

    @135 — Quit looking for attention, sir. No one cares about your insipid rantings anymore. You became irrelevat about five minutes after your first post. Shouldn’t you be in AOL teen chat rooms pretending you’re not a 49 year old dude? Time’s a wastin’… they’re headed to school now…

  42. #141—your just angry…mygoodsir…coz everyone knows your girlass is gay…so your out of your closet,about time,bitch…need my bra, probably would fit your big gay fat tits!!!

  43. DrPhowstus

    @142 — (crickets)

  44. QUESTION: Is everyone in here a 49 yr. old gay DUDE? yea,right,,your so F’n stupid.

  45. Ruby

    What gets me, Dr.P, is where the fuck does kellie with an “i” get the money for an internet connection? Oooh ya! She pimps her little sister out on Myspace.

  46. DrPhowstus

    Ruby, despite the fact that we can all be pretty fucking crass here, I must admit, that was one of the more disturbing things I had seen posted on the Fish here in sometime. “Oh I’m a virgin, but I have over 300 boob shots of my younger sister…” Really fucking classless. If he is an 18 yr old girl, he absolutely blows his teachers for C’s. No 18 yr old can give an A+ bj… sorry ladies…

  47. #147–yea..u should know all about A+ BJ’s..I’m sure of that…by the way,,shouldn’t u be working,assole?
    My younger sister is not in those pics and its not the whole boob, asshole. U must wish U could view them,since that’s all the shit u talk.
    #146- don’t talk about my sister, bitch, at least her name isn’t RuffusRottonRuby.
    With a name like that, u must be ONE UGLY BITCH……Of course U R, your friends with PlowShitt..

  48. DrPhowstus

    @148 — Dude, the Fsh doesn’t charge by the letter. Feel free to live a little and (gasp) spell.

  49. I like to type this way…who the F’k died and made U my teacher…Got enough of them here..yea..most of them R purves like U.

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