Tobey Maguire is an asshole

April 27th, 2007 // 171 Comments

Tobey Maguire smacked a camera out of the hand of a fan who tried to get his picture while he was headed back to his hotel in Paris. The guy wasn’t even paparazzi. It’s like the cast of Spider-Man is having a competition to see who can make me hate them the most. Tobey Maguire is being a dick and Kirsten Dunst is, well, just being herself. Which, ironically, puts her in the lead for the fifth straight year in a row. And also in a never ending battle against werewolves.



  1. minniememe

    that little camera prolly was bought off a rack. and yeah i can’t blame the guy for smacking it either. still, a poor reaction. guess those spidey senses weren’t working.

  2. Plastic Sturgeon

    Richard in ’08!

  3. Donkey

    So if I was to get into an argument with Tobey/Spiderman, and I kick the ever-lovin-shit out of him…. Does that make me a villain?
    I get to be in a comic book for that?

  4. chaunceygardner


    No, because that would mean that Tobey is conversely a hero, and heroes don’t smack cameras out of French fools’ hands.

  5. rmeno

    who was that laughing hysterically at the end of the video?

  6. FRIST!!!

    # 3 My first stepdad’s name was Toby, so there ya go. He was kind of childish though-hey JUST LKE THIS GUY!!
    I can’t believe he freaking DID that!!! That was just pain mean. I will never do him now NEVER!!!!
    And it’s his loss, because I’m fantastic
    What a jerk.

  7. Ok, after reading your comments I went ahead and watched it again, and I guess he was kind of invasive, still doesn’t give Tobey the right to break the guy’s camera though. I still won’t do him. Well….maybe I will.

  8. sharpei dude

    French photog guy got owned by a guy named Toby? It amounted to nothing more than a bitch slap between fags. An American probably would’ve come back and punched a hole in the back of Toby’s head.

  9. iamsosmrt

    HAHA,I just saw an interview where he was all high and mighty saying that he tries to be humble and respectful because he doesn’t want to bring negativity into his daughters life. Are all celebrities pathetic ridiculous HYPOCRITES?

    Tobey is butt-ug and I never thought he deserved to play Spiderman, even though comics are gay and spiders are gross he’s still not worthy.
    However on the plus side his wifey baby mama is good an ugly and he dated the vile Dunst, so the only thing I like about Mr. Maguire is that he knows how to stay in his own league which is more than I can say for James Blunt, Leonardo Dicaprio and Fergie (to name a few on the endless naughty list of ugos who insist on dating people who are way better looking than they are).

    So I give him an F- (minus) as a celebrity score. Paris Hilton gets a Z-(minus) or a negative infinity on a scale of 1 to 10, so an F- is not bad, bearing in mind EVERY celebrity gets a shit score because they are a celebrity which makes them ALL worthless, losers (every last one of them).

  10. Red_head

    Tobey was well within his rights to do what he did. The guy is lucky it was Tobey and not me. A guy got that close to me and did that crap, I’d turn around and beat the pulp out of him and THEN break his camera too!

  11. LilRach

    Nah the guy shoving the camera in his face is the ASSHOLE!

  12. Manistoned

    Spider-Man may have actually been good if it had been cast properly. Tobey and Dunst are hideous.

    Tobey was lucky he didn’t do that to someone like me. He’d have his own star on the sidewalk and he’d be embedded in it.

  13. djfredflintstone

    If I looked like Tobey McGuire I wouldn’t like being photographed either. Get it? I’m implying that Tobey McGuire is ugly.

  14. burningsensation

    Camera boy’s an ass-clown, he deserved to get clocked. Nice going Tobey!

  15. StoneRose

    Fuckin’ A, #13, ‘Tobey’ does in fact translate to ‘douchebag’. He has the face of a pale, backwoods possum. Who the hell’d wanna photograph that?

  16. ElJefe

    LOL! 4DPants, that was great! I see you too know the Shaolin style of Sarchasm.

    23. Posted by 4DPants on April 27, 2007 2:04 PM

    I know how he feels. I always get sooooo cranky when I have to be in Paris. The drab scenery, the lack of things to do, and the food is so lousy!

  17. woodhorse

    #47 No! I grew up on Star Wars. Barbado was right. I just forgot Mark Hammill. That’s really odd. Barbado is so Hollywood savvy… I forgot the name of the psychopath that trashed the site and Fish threw him off (twice) who reminds me of Liverpool FC but we all know charismatic Richard (fabulous)….

  18. BaldingSuperhero

    I agree that the fan had it coming, but he didn’t need to smack it out of his hands. He could’ve just shoved it away? Or maybe I’m just too nice.

  19. Wow. there are a lot of really insightful, interesting comments here. Oh wait. I was thinking of something else.

  20. captaincool01

    he’s so not cool, man.

    All of the cool guys go to

    Keep it real Kip

  21. Conky

    He’s a big celebrity so people need to stop saying that he’s not… how many celeb’s make 10+ mill a pic? OK, not a lot so he’s big.

    But he’s still a dick. Although, after looking at that dork trying to film himself with Toby, I can’t really blame him… I woulda punched the fag in the face instead of just slapping his camera.

    Being a celebrity must become really annoying at some point… unless your name is Britney, Paris, or you are a complete attention whore named Lindsay. Otherwise, it’s gotta suck.

  22. arden

    Wow, I feel really embarrassed for that guy.

  23. NicotineEyePatch

    Yeah, if anyone on the street rolled up to me like that with a camera, I think my first instinct might be just to swat at it and make it stop with punches.
    Doesn’t make Tobey Maguire any less of a wang wrangler, though.

  24. Seriously. A camera in his face? That’s just rude.

  25. cainusrising

    I love how people will come on here and defend Maguire over pulling some stupid shit like this but Alec Baldwin is considered king asshole for losing his temper with his bratty kid. I met Alec Baldwin and he was extremely nice to me. I cannot imagine him doing anything like this to a fan. This is why I hate young Hollywood.

  26. KingSpicer

    It sounded like he said “Don’t touch me dude”

  27. kfm

    Like #57 I too went back and watched the video again after you all said “fair enough”, but you know, I’m not convinced. Part of earning all those megabucks for those “highest grossing movies” means fans are gonna wanna take your picture and stuff.

    And besides, Toby is on a promotional tour – that means, do interviews, promote the movie, sign autographs, pose for photos. It would have taken him far less effort to just pose for the damn photo. Yep, he’s a douchebag.
    PS #39 – lighten up!


    urhhmmm. it is nice to see Tobey express himself in such a way. i figured that theres a fire in that boys eyes. I could see it in his face in “WONDER BOYS”. in a way its best when they fight back like that. it makes you work for the thrill. and deep down some hidden part of me would like to see Tobeys fiery eyes looking at me from inside my bamboo cage out back.


    of course if i were that pretty boi with the smashed camera i would have gotten to know Tobeys routine, made a study of his day2day habits.

    after that its not much work to meet little Spiderboi all alone in the dark, maybe keep tabs on him from underneth the shadows in a shady discotheque. introduce him to mr pleasure.
    urhhmmm. not much work at all.

  30. kittiesarecute

    If you look on TMZ, Angelina Jolie had a fan ask to sign his baseball or something, and she did it. Sure the guy didn’t ask to take the picture, but you don’t just slap it out of his hand. Anybody can be more polite than Tobey was, I don’t care how often you deal with stuff like that. It comes with being a celebrity and making millions of dollars for doing not much.

  31. iburl

    Some dude shouldnt just walk next to you and try to take a photo that makes it look like you are buds because you are standing together, when he didn’t even ask, I’d smack it down too if I was in a pissed mood and had bodyguards.

  32. tbarceiling

    Yeah, you can hear him say “don’t touch me, dude” just before the smackdown.

    Regardless of the fact that the invasion of his personal space must be immensely irritating, how is Tobey supposed to know that the guy is only putting a camera in his face. With dozens of people in his face all the time, he was perfectly justified in doing what he did. Why should he take a chance?

    Anyway, this kind of thing happens all the time, it’s just usually the celebrity’s bodyguard who does it for them.

  33. killeristic

    OHMYGOD! I seriously hope green goblin killes him!!

  34. TurdFerguson

    good, Woodhorse. Glad to see you aren’t the next assmunch. Tha title belongs to Danyell.
    Forgive me, drunk.

  35. purplefairy

    sorry…but i cant restrain myself any longer.

    WHATS WITH THE KIRSTEN DUNST HATRED??! i LIKE the fact that she’s not another bright orange vagina flashing retard with perfect teeth! its REFRESHING. she’s PRETTY.


  36. evian_baby

    i don’t hear him say ‘dont touch me dude’? after he knocks out the camera with a sissy girl swipe all i can hear is a kinda ‘yeow’… he’s catwomen stuck in spiderman’s body xx

  37. KingSpicer

    He says it just before he hits the camera

  38. Jason_Larsen

    The real ASSHOLE is the guy who wrote this piece of shit non-story and called Tobey Maguire ans asshole! The only think wrong with what Tobey did was that he didn’t bust that goofy DICKWAD in the face! If some cocksucking looking prick came up to me and did something so annoying and disrespectful I would have smashed that camera and snapped his neck!

    Fuck all you pricks who actually have the nerve to dump on Tobey for what he did. Suck on it you fucken morons!

  39. DanTheMan

    I completely understand Tobey’s reaction here — this is an invasion of personal space. Dude deserved to have more than his camera slapped.

  40. alaskanchicsickle

    Spiderman beats up some photographer in the new movie, maybe he just got caught up in his role.
    Seriously though, the annoyed expression on his face cracks me up.

  41. I like #88′s post…..Tobey…what a freakboy…..

  42. woodhorse

    #88 Avril Lavigne!! You should have the nerve to sign your own name now that you are a celebrity (just not as famous as BritBrit).

  43. Proteon

    Maybe we could train celebrities to do stuff to make you love them most not hate them. Ah who are you kiding – Tobey is laughing all the way to the bank with the millions you pigs are just about to give him for Spidey. Realy hate him? Don’t go see it. Yeah you have that much conviction.

  44. BarbadoSlim

    @88, you’re wearing Spiderman underoos aren’t ya?

  45. chiris

    Yeah, he says it with that boyish voice of his. It’s not very loud but you can actually hear it if you pay attention.

    I wonder who is laughing at the end! LOL

  46. Juliabella

    Jeez #88, relax fuck. Who he hell are you? His playing doll??? Chill out.He thinks he’s all that and smacks the cam of a dude. There’s nothing good and normal in this shit!
    You’re a retard.

  47. evian_baby

    Lord so many people on this site need to learn how to chill the fuck out! i’d be startled to begin with aswell but after seeing it’s jus some skinny french guy id take the damn photo… jeez!the laughing at the end is funny tho xx

  48. agtdonut

    He needs to take a damn midol. What a fucken cuntrag. That was just uncalled for. The man didn’t touch him, and he made the physical contact – hitting the man. In America thats assault, but it’s France so who knows. I don’t know where these celeb-freaks get off thinking it’s cool to throw shit at people and hit them because they are simply annoyed. If he doesn’t like it maybe he should not be a MOVIE STAR?!?!?!?!? Why is it every celebrity wants fame, fortune, adoration, and privacy, AND expect to there not to be any sacrifice for it. They want it all, and the right to hit people who invade their “privacy” in public.

    #97 – Wouldn’t you be used to photographers popping out randomly sometimes as a celebrity living in LA? Just a thought. Annoyed – yes, startled – no.

    I’ve had bums do way worse to me walking in downtown SF on a regular basis and I don’t hit them! I watched the video a couple times and it seems he should have pushed past him, ignored it, or got better security if he’s such a friggin shrimp he can’t even walk down the street by himself. He could never survive in the city by himself, what a friggin pussy – this would not have happened to Christian Bale. Tobey is the most pathetic action hero ever, only after Ben Affleck in Daredevil. Also he looked stoned all through Spiderman 2.

  49. pinkleopard

    Give the guy a fucken break!

  50. Ruby

    @ 67 woodhorse: wasn’t that RocknRoll Takeover that went mental and got kicked off the site twice? threatening to call jrz’s employer and shit?

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