Tobey Maguire has a baby boy

May 9th, 2009 // 32 Comments

Today’s award for most boring story goes to Tobey Maguire and his wife, Jennifer Meyer, who welcomed their second child today. Us reports:

“I can confirm the Maguires had a baby boy today and the family is healthy and happy,” the rep adds.

No name was released.

Why can’t celebrity births be more exciting? It’s always, “They welcomed home a healthy baby boy today” or some other boring crap. Just once I’d like to see a rep go, “My God. I…I don’t even know what it was. I’m pretty sure I saw a tail and some horns. The doctors were screaming. And blood. There was blood everywhere. I think they’ve got it cornered in the hospital basement but we won’t know for sure until SWAT gets here.”

Photo: Getty

  1. telly


  2. jessie

    That can’t be a very attractive baby.

  3. Susie


  4. Joana

    She looks like Steffi Graf… but worst

  5. She is so tall and hot.I know a place you can date with such girls.
    *** *** which I have joined.­ I think it is interesting and you will like it.

  6. Hey spidey seems you are continuing to spin your web. After a lovely daughter who we all adore heartiest congratulations on a son.

  7. alfalfa

    Did he punch her in the nose?

  8. second time daddy Tobey is so do we also have an announcement regarding the 4th installment of the SpiderMan series. I think he is a very committed father so he’ll be juggling time between actor and being a father.

  9. Apparently Tobey have chemistry with a great girl! congrats~~

  10. Randal

    Congratulations Toby and Jennifer! May your little guy grow up healthy and strong! He’ll be a heart breaker for sure based on the looks of the both of you. All the best and may happiness continue to surround you.


  11. David

    That chick is hideous.

  12. Sport

    Steffie Graf?
    Damn someone beat the shit out of her with an ugly stick.

  13. To each his own, there’s a lot of what you would consider Beauties that are just so exasperatingly stupid and dull, you cant conduct a descent conversation with them. If you find connection with someone why let it pass…

  14. plus this chic is loaded which helps…

  15. Dave!

    I feel sorry for their kid. You know it’s going to have a huge forehead and be ugly as fuck.

  16. GkGl

    Don’t worry SupeFish – You will get that exciting story when the other Speidi reproduces.


  17. like2bcold

    forget forehead that poor kids gonna have a twelvehead

  18. neccoistasty

    I think they’re both cute; you people must be freaking gorgeous. Seriously I would love to just bask in your collective hotness. Oh, what a glorious day that would be!

  19. Joana

    @18 LoL.. That was actually pretty funny, I surrender.

  20. Joe

    She is fugly beyond belief. I can only hope he gives great head. Tobey is with her because her daddy runs Universal, which means Tobey will have movie roles and big cash for the rest of his days.

    He could have had it without her, but he is a secret chubby who is insecure, so he went that route. C’est la vie. Good for him marrying rich(er).

  21. Sean

    OMG. She got slapped the yamika!!! Sad.

  22. cash4king

    I guess personality do count….either that or she poke holes in his condoms….

  23. Galtacticus

    You wouldn’t think of him he’s somewhere in his mid thirties because he’s playing a teenager/adolescent in Spiderman.Congrats to both of them!

  24. Unkle joe

    Who the fuk are these two motherfukers

  25. A

    i nearly pissed my pants after i read this post… LMFAOOO

  26. Holemothrovgod

    When did Tobey Maguire marry Barbra Streisand?

    At least the kid will have a nice Irish name.

  27. You want hollywood to be freed from FAGGOTS?
    …………sorry, BUT DROWN IT THEN, folks!!

  28. mikeock

    Why does he strike me as a sanctimonious douche?

  29. mikeock

    His wife is pretty. Kind of like the Mona Lisa is pretty.

  30. @16 *snicker* “Speidi”

    @20 he does look bloated in recent years. Spider-Tub.

  31. mamamiasweetpeaches

    I dont know why but I have dreams about Tobey Maguire all the time. I think its because he looks like he’s “obtainable” where most celebs are so super gorgeous they wouldnt look at me twice. He looks like the kinda guy – I could get him drunk and take advantage of him REAL easy!

  32. There you beauties exasperatingly just stupid and so dull, you can not conduct negotiations with them on an original idea must have a lot of. Why do you anyone to pass it on to find …

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