TLC sues the pants off Jon Gosselin

After essentially drowning their Asian cash cows, TLC has filed a lawsuit against Jon Gosselin for breach of contract and they literally plan on suing him into the poor house, according to RadarOnline. The network wants all the money he’s made off unauthorized interviews, paparazzi deals, etc. and plans to nail Jon with all their attorney fees as well:

A investigation has uncovered shocking facts behind the lawsuit TLC filed against Jon Friday for breach of contract. TLC already knows Jon has been paid for media appearances and every penny will come out in the lawsuit. The paydays are in violation of his contract with the network, which has a clearly defined exclusivity clause.
That contract is valid until February 2010, even though the show is no longer filming. In addition, has learned exclusively that TLC has an option to renew Jon’s contract once it expires, thereby keeping him from doing projects on any other network.
Jon’s negative public comments also violate his contact and the network is seeking damages against him and Jon will also be on the hook for TLC’s attorney’s fees if the network wins in court. TLC is represented by Williams and Connolly, out of Washington D.C. They are widely regarded as one of the top firms in the country and have a reputation for digging up every damaging fact about their opponents.
Jon also has a morals clause in his contract has learned exclusively. His boozing and behavior could also be dragged into the lawsuit. TLC’s contract with Jon prohibits him from revealing details from his contract, badmouthing the network, and making money from other outlets.

Anyone else feel like a small child being read a soothing bedtime story and all is right in the world or is that just me?